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    [ This is the original work by our beloved rickcr42, whom we'll always remember for his dedication to the Head-fi community and the DIY forum ]
    * Please refrain from modifying this wiki in any significant way without first consulting one of the mod or admin​
    Broken links are indicated with "[ X ]", updated links are indicated with "[ √ ]"​
    Links checked 5/8/2010​
    This sticky will be for links to DIY parts , plans and general DIY project aids , both foreign and domestic.

    Unfortunately only I or another mod can add to the "database" or it may become too disorganized for use by those needing such information .

    Feel free to PM me with any recomendations or to report broken links



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    Antique Electronic Supply

    Angela Instruments


    Audio Grade-presently down will leave this link until I know the details ! [ X ]

    Triode Electronics

    Audio Express - printed circut boards for Audio Amatuer/Glass Audio articles

    Mouser Electronics

    Digi-Key Electronics

    Michael Percy Audio


    Allied Electronics

    Handmade Electronics

    Wellborne Labs - Audiophile Parts, Nice Selection

    Cardas Audio OEM/DIY page

    DAC Parts [ X ]

    Small Bear LLC , many unique parts at very good prices.Geared towards "stompbox" guitar effects but definately of interest to any DIYer. Thanks Erix

    BD Enterprises

    The Parts connection

    Parts Express

    AES-Audio Electronic Supply

    JAMECO Electronics

    Newark Electronics

    The Tube Store

    Moon Audio-really nice connectors at a fair price

    Westlake Electronics-another nice source for connectors and wire

    Madisound-mainly speaker oriented but other parts available such as coils , capacitors , damping , hardware


    Cricklewood : UK Parts Supplier-thanks pinkfloyyd

    Maplin : UK parts


    WASP-Wilder's Amp Special Parts : Italian parts supplier mainly geared to the guitarist/guitar amp builder but also fills a need for more European suppliers.Many useful parts available. [ X ]

    AudioKit : Another Italian page with a large selection of audio grade parts


    Qables DIY parts: Netherlands parts supplier mainly geared to the LOD and headphone recable builder. Many useful parts and wire available.


    Hammond Enclosures: Very large selection

    Design,build,Listen-off the shelf and custom work

    Active Plastics

    On-Line Metals

    Front Panels Made to Order

    PacTec Enclosures

    Beautiful Wood! Perfect for that Tube Amp.

    Yeager Audio-A really nice chassis at a fair price that is perfectly sized for a stereo tube amplifier.Is finished in s oft gloss black,c\Comes with the IEC jack,Fuse holder and rubber feet so all that is left is the actual tube socket hole cutouts.


    BUD Industries

    SESCOM - good selection , custom chassis punching available [ X ]

    Lansing Enclosures

    PAR metal

    AudioKits-small but nice selection of audio specific chassis/enclosures at a fair price

    IAG (International Audio Group) : These are very nice aluminum chassis with hardwood caps.Not cheap but very nice just the same.

    Enclosures And Cases Dot com :Nice selection of quality chassis-cast tube,rack style,desktop,flanged

    AmpboxAudio : So far only two offering but those two are really nice.One is a drop in for the Tripath amp,the other is a "Eurobox" and accepts standard Euro-cards-


    Fischer Elektronik

    Zero Cases : Unusual but very nice deep drawn metal enclosures (custom work available)- [ X ]


    BrownDog Adapters: IC adapter boards

    Just a really nice knob
    The knob is no longer listed on the website !.Will update link if it re-appears.

    Wood Knobs [ X ]

    DIY Wood Knobs


    Lundahl - High Quality Tube Oriented Audio Transformers

    Hammond Transformers - transformers for power supplies and tube audio [ √ ]

    Jensen Transformers - High quality audio matching step up and isolation transformers [ X ]

    SESCOM - audio matching step up and splitting transformers [ X ]

    Avel-Lindberg Toroid Transformers - custom design also

    Plitron toroid transformers

    Toroid.Com - toroid transformers

    Victoria Magnetics [ X ]

    Heyboer Audio Transformers :Vintage guitar/Amp transformers [ X ]

    Edcor U.S.A. - dirt cheap but good quality and custom work available for a very easy price : [ √ ]

    James Transformers


    Cinemag-High Quality audio Transformers :

    Antrim Transformers U.K.-Toroid Mains Power And Tube Output Transformers.custom work available :

    Sowter U.K.-High quality Audio transformers including Headphone Cupling,DAC Coupling and Vintage Pro Gear direct replacements (API,RCA,Fairchild,Etc.) :

    Stevens & Billington,U.K.-

    Hashimoto Electric-Japan : Former maker of the "Sansui" brand audio output transformers.Not only are the products very high in high quality but there is a wealth of information on vintage Sansui Tube Amps plus a nice selection of modern amp schematics.If your interests run to the Pentode or Tetrode amp this is a must visit web site :

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    PCB Resources

    Express PCB

    CadSoft Eagle Lite


    Texas Instruments/Burr-Brown

    Analog Devices

    Linear Technology

    Holtek [ √ ]

    National Semiconductor

    International Rectifier: MOFETS, HEXFREDS, Class D Amps


    Crystal Semiconductr



    Zetex Semiconductor

    Japan Radio Corp (JRC)


    Data Sheet Archive : Punch in the number and get the datasheet,even obsolete devices-

    Jensen Transformer schematics archive [ X ]

    Tube Data sheet index

    Tube manuals RCA , Telefunken , Western Electric - even if the manuals are not your interest visit this site . It is just too cool for humans

    Rane, data, app notes mainly relating to pro sound but usable, if you look hard enough there are pdf files of some headphone amps but I didn't say it .

    Frank's Electron Tube Page ; a HUGE resource for tube datasheets . HUGE ! [ X ]

    Welcome to tube data ; the real deal ,check it out [ X ]

    InterFet Application Notes : JFET Applications


    Tube Tech [ X ]

    Tube Basics / Theory

    Tube For Newbies-pretty extensive yet understandable resource that describes basic tube operation and theory

    Rane Professional Audio Reference - not just for the pros , good solid information on sound and hearing,audio terms explained , a HUGE resource

    Understanding Headphone Power Requirements [ X ]

    John Conover Spatial Distortion page - discusses crossfeed and offers a new solution

    Three Dimensional Sound links - enough to keep you busy for months ! [ X ]

    Basic Electrical Theory explained - a good read [ √ ]

    Introduction To Capacitors

    Basics Of Vacuum Tubes

    Navy Electrical Engineering Training Series

    Scots Guide To Electronics

    Technical information on recording via computer [ √ ]

    DC Circuit Analysis [ X ]

    Anatomy of a Vacuum Tube [ X ]

    Anatomy Of A Vacuum Tube Amp [ X ]

    audioXpress Audio Classroom Series :Circuit Design Series For Tube Amp Design

    Electrical Engineering Training Series :Well this Is Almost Too Much Information But If You Are Looking To Really Learn Electronics This Is The Joint ! Link provided by erix

    This almost falls under The "Way Too Much Information" Category but if you want to know,and if you did not you would not have scrolled this far-look here ,thanks Erix

    Amplifier design E-book : discusses in detail amplifier design by stage.A good read-thanks PPL

    The Hawksford Papers : Wide ranging topics from amplifier design and theory ,acoustics,speaker design,soundspace manipulation and to digital from the very beginning until now .A must read for those into the more theoretical and technical end of audio.

    Eric Barbour Tube Basics-Very easy to undersatand yet very informative.Highly recommended reading if you are new to tube DIY because it covers all the basics in an easy to understand style : [ X ]


    Mostly pro audio links but if anyone knows how to make things work it is those who's livelyhood depends on good results and not on the job training or "theory" :

    Belden Cable-"Cable College" : [ √ ]

    Jensen Transformer Application notes :

    Whirlwind Tech : [ √ ]

    RANE Notes Specific To System-Interconnection :

    Grounding and Shielding Audio Devices-

    Sound System Interconnection-

    Why Not "Y" ?-

    Interfacing AES3 and S/PDIF-

    Unity Gain and Impedance Matching-

    Practical Line Driving-

    Grounding and Shielding Computer Audio Devices-

    System Problems A.K.A Pin-1 Problems-

    Douglas Self on Balanced Lines- [ √ ]

    Ian Gregoey : Balanced vs Unbalanced Lines-

    EDCOR U.S.A. - [ X ] [ X ]

    SOWTER : More on Grounding and connections-


    Analog Devices : Philbrick Applications Manual for Computing Amplifiers - for Modeling, Measuring, Manipulating & Much Else
    75 MB PDF File but downloadable by chapters or the full 75 MB
    A very comprehensive book with a lot of valuable information
    A MUST READ for the more technical minded DIYers.

    Analog Devices "A Designer's Guide To Instrumentation Amplifiers (2nd edition)".Very detailed and a must read if you want to implement balanced inputs . [ √ ] note: 3rd edition

    Texas instruments "Op Amps For Everyone Design Guide" rev B-Ray Mancini---2 meg pdf file

    Full Tube Manuals-RCA Radiotron Tube Manual 1929-huge ! , Western Electric Tube Manual 1933, Telefunken Valve Manual 1930

    Audio Handbook No. 1 - Norman H. Crowhurst : Tube Audio Fundamentals

    Electro Voice P.A. Bible-if you contemplate live sound for any reason either for a band or to address a small gathering this is an essential read [ √ ]

    Western Electric AMPLIFIERS : This is THE definitive WECO Amplifier Handbook and they are all there in pdf files for download until you have the entire book.
    don't let the age ot the technology fool you,these are serious amps and way before their time in the design area-


    Analog Devices Design Seminars-very inclusive and covers a lot of ground [ √ ]

    Texas Instruments E-Lab Webcasts : [ √ ]

    Texas Instruments Audio Classes-online classes


    Texas Instruments Development Tools & Software :

    Analog Devices Interactive Design tools : [ √ ]

    National Semiconductor Power Supply Designer :

    National Semiconductor Active Filter Designer "

    National Semiconductor Amplifier design Tool :

    National Semiconductor Chip Amp Selector :

    Audio Scientific Calculators Links List-HUGE LISTING !

    FREE SOFTWARE Marchand frequency generator . A truly useful device for audio testing and setup.
    BUT ! Be aware that pure tones at high levels can destroy a headphone or loudspeaker transducer ! Turn the volume DOWN totally and bring it up slowly. Mic pads and other small gadgets . While geared towards microphones has an application in any audio situation .
    Tough to categorize this but since there is also a nifty free calculator to go with the designs I put it here . See page bottom . Only a 26 K download . Way cool .
    Audio Test signals to download-really complete set , recommended advanced software , very complete ; thanks to John Cheadle [ X ]

    nice set of audio test files , includes 24 biut and 96 khz [ X ]

    Duncan Amps-essential software if you design with tubes-Power Supply Designer ll , Anode load Calculator , Speaker Impedance Calculator , Tone Stack Calculator and the Tube Data Sheet Locator-Highly recommended

    Genelec (Mnitor Speaker Manufacturer)-more audio test tones including a sweep tone from 10 to 150 hz and pink noise [ √ ]


    Capacitor Conversion

    Four Band Resistor Color Coide

    Five Band Resistor Color Code

    stepped Attenuator [ X ]

    stepped attenuator 2

    LM317 VR Resistor Calculator-AMZ

    Convert Decibels To Gain-AMZ

    Convert Voltage Gain To Decibels-AMZ

    LED Resistor Value Calculator-AMZ

    Simple RC Filter Cutoff-AMZ

    Op-Amp Noise Calculator-AMZ

    Calculators Online software -Engineering A-Z [ √ ]

    Hagerman-Phono Cartridge Loading

    Headphone Amplifier Power Calculator-Determines how much power you will need for your headphone amp to deliver to your headphones.Simple to use :

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Non-profit links only

    HeadWize - The Most Extensive DIY Headphone Amp Library On The Planet [ √ ]

    Audiologica-Head-Fi Member Tangent's web page covering all aspects of headphone amp design and building-"A Must Visit" that picks up where HeadWize stops and fills in the blanks

    Pete Millett's Website . He is/was Wheatfield Audio . Some really cool Tube And Hybrid Designs

    TNT HODA ( high dynamics op-amp )

    The Fi Primer , no headphone amps but a must read

    Prof . W. Marshal Leach Jr. , Articles have apeared in Audio Magazine (defunct , a pity it broke me in along with Popular Electronics) loads of great info and DIY plans

    MicDiyers home page , plans to make a micset for your MD or other recorder , binaural baby !  [ √ ]

    SoundStage Synergizing - archived DIY cheap tweeks , racks , interconnects , etc.

    Shavano Music Online - mucho information for the audio DIT enthusiast , check it out

    RJM Audio Cable - Richard Murdey's website with many cable designs , plus his version of the Szekeres Amp as published at HeadWise in the Project Library . Mucho good stuff [ √ ]

    My First Tube Amp-Very informative,especially the section on biasing

    Steve Bench's Tube Pages-many innovative designs including portable amps using DC converters [ √ ]

    Extensive set of worldwide tube links

    DIY Mania - A Korean Site (use babel fish )

    Walt Jung's web page with the original audio op-amp serie of articles from EDN magazine , plus the original Audio Electronics Magazine article on the super regulator-these are a must read for any person interrested in DIY audio . Download them and enjoy [ √ ]

    Bonavolta-large scheamatic library,mostly tube amps but a couple of headphone amps and some classic phono stages . Be sure to check out the section on tube design theory

    The Class-A Amplifier Site : Mostly concerned with building the classic John Lindsey hood JLH Class-A Amplifier but includes a couple of JLH discrete transistor headphone amps plus other class A amplifier schematics

    Stax ES Headphone Transformer interface : Using Lundahl Transformers-Andrea Ciuffoli 2001

    Stax ES Headphone 4300B Tube Amp - Andrea Cuiffoli

    Stax ES headphone 4300B Tube Amp 2 - Andrea Cuiffoli 2002

    Svetlana Construction Articles and Technical notes Using Svetlana tubes-no true headphone amps but many nice amp designs and enough information to whip up your own designs : [ X ]

    DIY Tube Audio Resource Guide : This is a PDF file that has clickable links to other files directly from the resource guide.Pretty cool and damn convenient [ X ]


    GEO circuit layout tutorial - thanks budgie

    Curcio Audio DIY resource -soldering tutorial , troubleshooting overview, DIY bible , recomended tools ,construction guidelines

    Some nice projects for recording-

    NASA Soldering video thanks to ofb [ √ ] note: section 3.

    Replacing Capacitors In Old Radios-but applies to vintage electronics of all types

    Connector Wiring Diagrams @ Van Den Hul : All there and if it isn't you don't need it [ X ]

    Switch Training Manual from Eaton Electrical-Very easy to understand manual on the how and why of switching :

    Jung and Kester onaudio Op-amps :
    [/URL Computer Audio article f...ositive Feedback Magazine Ar...nugent.htm</a>


    Tube CAD Journal

    TNT Internet Magazine

    Zero Distortion Internet Magazine [ X ]

    Valve Magazine , geared towards tube audio with many great construction articles , including a 6GM8 headphone amp. Read online or download the pdf [ X ]


    Audio Basics newsletter from Audio By Van Alstine - 1984 to 1984 - tips , techniques , plans , including a couple of headphone amps , Dyna mods , lotsa good stuf here boys and girls [ √ ]

    Sound Practices - selected articles in pdf format for download : mostly tube amp related but good reading [ X ]

    Analog Devices "Analog Dialog" Magazine Archive


    AudioTweaks : Entire site dedicated to audio tweaking

    The Audio Analyst (Greg Weaver) Tweakfest-nicely done


    Curcio Audio Troubleshooting Guide : This is a pdf file and is specific to the individual audio device rather than a "system" troubleshooting guide but is very useful for getting that project working when there is a problem.

    Troubleshooting Flow Chart-By Frank Van Alstine : system flow chart for weeding out system interconnection troubles.Print it out and keep it near your sound system for reference : [ √ ]

    Tweak Shop Troubleshooting Flow Chart: This one is online and links to individual "problem" pages unlike the above which you can download.Very intuitive and maybe a better way to go for some.

    Troubleshooting And Repair Of Consumer Electronics -EVERYTHING you need to know and then some !


    AREA 51
    __________________________________________________ _______________


    anything that does not quite fit above

    Soldering Learning/Practice Kit : Inexpensive kit for learning how to solder that will save you $$$ in the long run.Learning to solder is 90% of what you need for DIY audio and better to learn right than to destroy expenive parts or ruin ciruit board if you are not adept-

    Annoyances Dot Org - windows fixes and programs

    Circuit Exchange International - lot of stuff here [ X ]

    Electrostatic Headphone circuit-serious database on past and present electrostat headphones , including repair info and specs [ X ]
    also check out the dynamic headphone circuit while there for info on just about every can ever made : [ X ]
    not sure what is going on with this site and will keep the link for now

    this is just soooo cooool ! [ X ]

    ANALOG X - Very useful Active X related software for Windows and Music,tiny,fast and best of all FREE !

    History Of american Broadcasting-very cool,even has .wav files of historical radio and television moments [ √ ]

    THE RECORDING FAQ-plenty of useful information even if you do not record

    The American Widescreen Museum-a MUST visit ! Just too cool for humans . Extremely high recommendation


    Cool desktop virtual theremin
    No longer available at the BBC website-alternate source here-

    Mousing Virtual Theremin :

    Play A Piano - interactive java piano with oscilloscope display - see the waveform as you play !

    Audio Related Humor - We could all use a good laugh once in a while-good for the heart ! (also some truly useful information here)


    Western Electric AMPLIFIERS : This is THE definitive WECO Amplifier Handbook and they are all there in pdf files for download until you have the entire book.
    don't let the age ot the technology fool you,these are serious amps and way before their time in the design area-

    Vintage Electro-Voice : Vintage Tube amps ,Vintage Microphones,Speaker Driver Specs ,Enclosure Plans,Vintage 50s-60s-70s Catalogs

    Lansing Heritage :JBL/Altec Lansing Info ,Brochures ,Driver Specs ,Enclosure Diagrams,Electronics Brochures and Amp Schematics

    Hi-Fi Literature :Vintage Catalogs/Information From Many Companies with More Added All The Time
    Vintage H.H.Scott Hi-Fi Stereo]

    Nostalgic Kit Central : Heathkit ,Eico ,Allied Radio/Knight-listing of most model numbers with pictures for most plus some unique "in the box" kit photos [ √ ]

    Heathkit Virtual Museum : Name Says It All

    H.J. Leak : [ X ]

    The Eico Homepage :Eico Information And Schematics [ X ]

    McIntosh History Page-interesting reading ,great pictures and history

    One electron-consumer Audio Schematics-vintage schematics

    One Electron-pro audio equipment-vintage schematics

    One Electron-Misc. Documents Page-Extremely unique resource of old mazine article and corporate papers dealing with tube gear.Old yet still valid content

    Electro Voice P.A. bible : PDF files for download and a MUST read if you are into live sound no mater the venue-large or small.Also on the site are the plans for the classic EV Century iV Horns.all in all a pretty cool site [ X ]

    The "Unofficial" Altec Page-Vintage speaker plans and electronics schematics,Pro-Sound info and much more :

    Voice Of The Theater-More vintage Altec content

    Tannoy-Cabinet plans and specifications for vintage Tannoy loudspeakers : [ X ]

    AmpsLab-Not in the above sites ? Then look here.Many "unique" and less common schematics including some vintage receivers not seen elsewhere :

    The Vinyl Playback System

    This area will be for all things vinly disc related

    Turntable Set-Up

    Cartridge Set-Up

    Record Care

    A nice easy to understand tutorial : [ X ]

    Galen Carol : "Caring For Your Records" [ X ]

    Watts Record Care Booklet [ X ]

    LoriCraft Bi-Directional Record Cleaning Article [ X ]

    more to come..............


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