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Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 32Ω bass reduction mod

  1. sejsel
    I am starting this thread in hope that someone (anyone) could answer this query - question.

    I find these cans to have some really nice qualities. Clear, excellent separation, speed, detail and natural sounding, apart from one thing that kills them completely to my ears, and that is the overwhelming bass response with EDM - Electronica, Dance, house and similar types of music. I am used to more flat, neutral bass response, as well as more layered and detailed, and tighter bass.

    As I have said, these headphones would be actually my favorite for the budget closed alternative, to be used indoors while not at home.

    I would now kindly ask anyone not to give the recommendations for other headphones (I happen to be familiar with some of them in the same - similar price range) and for the sake of all of us to keep matters simple and perhaps solve this particular problem for a number of users who feel the same (there are a lot of them expressing the same regarding the bass response on these).

    So if we could concentrate on simple and easy way (or any way ) to reduce the bass on these and make it flatter and more uniform in response and sound, I would be really grateful for that .

    I have also started the thread without any intention whatsoever to have it divert into discussion of the type "I don't think these are bassy headphones, they do not have exaggerated bass response" - in other words, debate about subjective perception of the sound.

    To keep it simple, is it possible to reduce significantly the bass response on these, and how ?

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  1. Jim Hagerman
    How about putting some series resistance in the amplifier output (or in cable)? I would start with 32 ohms. That should drop the bottom end a bit.
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    2. Joe Bloggs
      i.e. it's probably counterproductive towards dropping the bass in relation to the treble.
    3. Jim Hagerman
      Impedance and SPL are two different things. With a resistive drive (OTL), the first thing to go is bass.
    4. Joe Bloggs
      I can't verify your claim, but why would you assume the OP is using an OTL tube amp in the first place?
  2. Joe Bloggs
    Try blocking the bass ports on the earcups (next to the hinges)
  3. Voxata
    Easy to fix. You'll need to be comfortable with your headphone though. First, You'll need tape and paper towel. Also toilet paper.
    Remove the earpad from the headphone, then use a knife on the insert area (smaller groove biggest gap) to remove the retention ring. Remove the ring and the felt pad. Tap the cup flat side down on your hand to dislodge the driver. There is a plastic ring with felt around it that may slip from the housing, simply replace it. Around the inside of the plastic cup you'll find a hole. Place paper towel over this hole. You'll need to be smart about tape and positioning. Don't allow the tape to completely seal off the hole. I recommend doubling over the paper towel and taping a rectangular piece over it. Make sure the tape doesn't overhang. It'll need to be cut and sized right to fit between the curvature and the lip where the driver sits. Complete this for both sides. You can try different materials to diffuse the hole (I used the material MrSpeakers uses for the Ether Flow 1.1 Upgrade, also tried cloth bandaids). Additionally, to help tame that treble you can cut a circle of toilet paper or other like material and place it above the driver and below the cloth circle that goes below the retention ring. Happy modding!
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  4. Charlie Norwood
    It's easy to run any EQ you want on mac os using soundflower and hosting au (both free apps and there is built in eq - but the best eq plugins won't be free). This is going to be your best option to tune the sound to your specific liking.
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    1. sejsel
      Yeah, well, I have soundflower installed, (did that long ago, so long ago that I have to refresh my memory on using that). I have already used one eq app (eq2mac) to a very good effect, getting to the sound signature that I have preferred very easily.
      I wish there was a way of skipping the eq altogether, but I do hear what you say regarding the best option to tuning the sound, and I agree fully, from my experience.
  5. vipervick
    Never have I ever wanted to reduce bass.....
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  6. Asim lau
    I would recommend getting an audio equalizer like PC Equalizer
    1. sejsel
      Thanks, as stated earlier, I am running MaC OS as an OS since long ago.
  7. Jacob ISR
    Change the pads to velour , this will reduce the bass.

    Second - USE EQ, this is the best solution.
    you dont describe what is your source but im assuming it is mobile. Download Onkyo HF player App - they have the BEST parametric EQ. I use it on the Sony XZ1, Meizu 6PRO, DX200 and on Jriver Fabfilter Q3. I EQ all my HP and IEM - it is not a shame to do it, just trial and error.

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    1. sejsel
      My sources are: MacBook Pro Retina 2015 & Audioengine D3 DAC&Amp; alternating in between Iphone SE & Dragofly Red (via camera adapter) - both sources with or without these two respective DACs.
      I guess the Onkyo would have this app even for iOs;
      After testing the modding the bass ports - vents (really simple and completely non-intrusive, using cloths or sheets of porouse paper) on this headphones, parametric EQ-ing feels like the best and most precise and flexible solution.
  8. dhruvmeena96
    Plus this is not thread, but article you have posted.

    1. sejsel
      Yes, fully aware of that... but I did start the thread afterwards, if you look for it, here at headfi
  9. dhruvmeena96
    Which pads you are using

    1. Use velour beyer pads
    2. Search for Bill-p beyerdynamic dt770 mods
    1. Nick-s-f
      Was just about to recommend the Bill-p mod, too. He seems to have had alot of experience with modifying the DT770 (probably more than anyone).
    2. sejsel
      Thank you, both! :)
      32 ohm version comes (unfortunately for the bass amount, in my case) with pleather pads, which I happen to like physically, apart from this thump-thump-thump sound....
      I will search for the Bill-p mods, but If I remember it correctly, there was some confusion on which dampening rings have to be removed (added?) in order to reduce the bass on this headphone.
      Thanks again ! :)