I am starting this thread in hope that someone (anyone) could answer this query - question.

I find these cans to have some really nice qualities. Clear, excellent separation, speed, detail and natural sounding, apart from one thing that kills them completely to my ears, and that is the overwhelming bass response with EDM - Electronica, Dance, house and similar types of music. I am used to more flat, neutral bass response, as well as more layered and detailed, and tighter bass.

As I have said, these headphones would be actually my favorite for the budget closed alternative, to be used indoors while not at home.

I would now kindly ask anyone not to give the recommendations for other headphones (I happen to be familiar with some of them in the same - similar price range) and for the sake of all of us to keep matters simple and perhaps solve this particular problem for a number of users who feel the same (there are a lot of them expressing the same regarding the bass response on these).

So if we could concentrate on simple and easy way (or any way ) to reduce the bass on these and make it flatter and more uniform in response and sound, I would be really grateful for that .

I have also started the thread without any intention whatsoever to have it divert into discussion of the type "I don't think these are bassy headphones, they do not have exaggerated bass response" - in other words, debate about subjective perception of the sound.

To keep it simple, is it possible to reduce significantly the bass response on these, and how ?