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Better Audio Quality for Crossfade M-100

  1. Vinyl Scratch
    Hear is an audio fix to get cleaner audio for M-100:
    55Hz -1
    77Hz 1
    110Hz 0
    156Hz -1
    220Hz -2
    311Hz 0
    440Hz 2
    622Hz 3
    880Hz 3
    1.2kHz 2
    1.8kHz 1
    2.5kHz 0
    3.5kHz 1
    5kHz 3
    7kHz 4
    10kHz 3
    14kHz 2
    20kHz 1

    Frequency file - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1h9rzzhe4siSHhfX0NNOGRXTDg/view?usp=sharing

    This works with foobar200 default equalizer. I recommend keeping the volume low and a break every 30-40 minutes so you don't hurt yourself.
    Please let me know what you think and enjoy.

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  1. rets34
    where these two made for certain situations each? Or is each just done by ear.
  2. Vinyl Scratch
  3. PianoMichael
    That is quite some EQ! What are you EQ'ing towards?
    1. Vinyl Scratch
      Cleaner audio, the headphones sounds like your listening through a wall or a door. Trying to get the most out of the headphones.