This is a compendium of K1000 knowledge that was sitting unused in the catacombs of head-fi.  It was originally posted by krmathis and I thought I'd ressurect it here for everyone's benefit.
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Here you find information, links to reviews, impressions, recommendations, and more for the AKG K1000 headphone.
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Thanks to 'Richter Di' for his 'Everything about the K-1000 (K1000)' thread, which got me thinking about creating this thread.
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The K1000 were introduced in 1989/1990, and were in production until late 2005. Apparently they were discontinued because the machines used to produce them were worn out.
A total number of around 11,000 units were produced.

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[size=xx-small]Quoted from AKG[/size]

  1. Top-of-the-line, fully professional monitor headphones
  2. Totally open design
  3. Adjustable speakers for optimized personal sound
The K1000 are a unique design that is the equivalent of wearing a pair of loudspeakers on the head. The speaker capsule uses a unique, freely vibrating multilayer diaphragm driven by a newly developed, radially magnetized VLD (Ventilated Linear Dynamic) magnet system. Sitting in front of the ear, this dynamic transducer provides the best acoustic coverage factor. The earphones using no acoustically hard parts, the sound is absolutely free to develop in all its splendor. The speakers are acoustically finetuned in a computer-optimized process including time-energy distribution (Wigner distribution) measurements and made with advanced manufacturing techniques. The result is an unobstructed plane sound field in front of the ear that provides a personalized listening experience.

Technical specifications:


[left] Type:Dynamic transducer w/VLD magnet Sensitivity:74 dB SPL/mW (free field) Frequency range:30 to 25,000 Hz Rated impedance:120 ohms THD: K2<=0.5% (200 Hz to 2 kHz) K2<=1% (100 to 200 Hz) Max. input power:1000 mW, equivalent to approx. 100 dB Cable:2.5 m (8 ft.) Connector:4-pin XLR Adapter:4-pin XLR to unterminated leads [/left]

Brochure (PDF, 234 KB)
User Manual (PDF, 1,16 MB)
Service documentation (PDF, 494 KB)

K1000 at the AKG website:
K1000 (Discontinued)



Reviews, impressions, recommendations, and more:
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Major thanks to all those who have created/contributed to the threads above, and to those linking me towards threads I had missed out of. 

AKG K1000 Selector
Optional switch box, allowing you to toggle between the K1000 and a pair of stereo speakers.

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[size=xx-small]Quoted from AKG[/size]

The K1000 Selector has been designed specifically for connecting the K1000 to high quality hi-fi amplifiers with only one set of speaker terminals. The front panel provides a selector switch and dedicated output jack for the K1000. Two sets of four hard gold plated screw terminals on the rear panel allow you to connect your amplifier and a pair of speakers.

User Manual (PDF, 178 KB)

K1000 Selector at the AKG website:
K1000 Selector (Discontinued)


AKG BAP1000 Audiosphere
Optional audio processor and amplifier for the K1000.

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[size=xx-small]Quoted from AKG[/size]

The BAP1000 Audiosphere is a highly innovative product which for the first time provide a realistic auditory perspective when listening through headphones. The music no longer plays inside your head but seems to come from the room, as if you were listening to a real orchestra

Brochure (PDF 1.75 MB)
User Manual (PDF, 740 KB)

BAP1000 Audiosphere Selector at the AKG website:
BAP1000 Audiosphere (Discontinued)