Audio-GD R2R 7 Review by Currawong
@Currawong is back with a new review, and in it he says the Audio-GD R2R 7 "can be an incredibly rewarding DAC to listen with." "It rewards with incredibly pleasurable listening." Read it here.
Effect Audio Announces EA Bonanza Giveaway
As thanks for the support they've received from the community, Effect Audio is kicking off a giveaway for two of their Ares II 8 wire cables. Stop by their announcement thread to learn how to enter.
Upcoming Meet: Houston, TX (October 20, 2018)
The Houston Head-Fi'ers are getting together on October 20th, and if you'll be around that weekend, make plans to stop by. To get all of the details for the meet, visit the thread here.
Niimbus Audio US4+ Review by project86
"The high points of the Niimbus amp are plentiful: strikingly silent background, robust power output, and a wonderfully balanced signature with excellent detail retrieval and superb tonal accuracy."
Final E4000 Review by Zelda
@Zelda says "the E4000 has a slightly warm, yet full and rich presentation that keeps a very enjoyable balance from bass to treble." "It's a good example that mixes quantity and quality all together."
InEarz IE-P450 on sale now!
If you've been in the market for a new IEM for your collection, InEarz is running a sale on their IE-P450. Click here for more information on the IE-450 and the sale.
Massdrop x Focal Elex Review by IkSak
IkSak got his hands on the Massdrop x Focal Elex and posted his review. Click here to see why he says he would "absolutely recommend this headphone as a solid alternative in the sub-1k range."
Check out the RHA Summer Sale!
RHA is offering 20% off their collection of in-ear monitors through their web site, so if you're looking for a cool new addition to your IEM collection, click here for more info.
Empire Ears Bravado Review by rhester
Read here why rhester says the Empire Ears Bravado is "checking off all the boxes for me - bass heaven, very life like and accurate mids with a good top end all with a convincingly real,soundstage."
iFi Audio Pro iCAN Review by B9scrambler
Head-Fi'er B9scrambler recently sat down with the iFi Audio Pro iCAN. Check out his review to see how it paired with his HiFiMAN SUSVARA and why he thinks you need to give the Pro iCAN an audition.
Custom Art Ei.3 and Pro330 Clearance Going On Now
CustomArt is saying goodbye to their Ei.3 and Pro330v2 IEM models, but you can still get your hands on them during their clearance sale. Learn more about these IEMs and CustomArt's sale here.
AKG K1000 Review by Takeanidea
Join @Takeanidea as he tells the tale of his quest to not only get his hands on an AkG K1000, but also how he was able to get this rare headphone restored by one of its developers, Heinz Renner.
Unique Melody Mason V3 Impressions by negura
Head-Fi'er @negura posted his thoughts on the Unique Melody Mason V3 in-ear monitor. See why he says "The sound is technical enough, while have a certain euphonic quality and some added bass fun" here.
FLC Technology FLC 8N Review by Moonstar
See why @Moonstar calls the FLC 8N "a Chameleon with its great sound tuning ability", and "The detail level is the best I have heard from any In-Ear Monitor in this price" by reading his review here.
Audeze LCD-3 Pre-fazor Impressions by zellous
@zellous shared impressions on the classic Audeze LCD-3 Pre-fazor, calling them "a different kind of animal, with audio qualities rarely found in other high end headphones." Read his impressions here.
Noble Audio Katana Review by prismstorm
"If I had to describe Katana in one word, it would be ‘pristine’," writes @prismstorm. He says it's more neutral "whilst maintaining the classic house sound the company is known for." Find it here.
Lear Kaleido Review by Zelda
@Zelda says "the Kaleido takes an interesting but not so unusual sound tuning, yet with good technical characteristics, mixing detail, resolution and a very solid fun factor." Click for more.
Reviewers Wanted: TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner
Todd the Vinyl Junkie is looking for Head-Fi'ers interested in reviewing the TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner. If you're a vinyl listener, stop by the thread to get more details.