CanJam Singapore 2018 Preview - Head-Fi TV
Schiit Audio's new Lyr 3 and Jotunheim Multibit (launching today), with many more new products to follow by FiiO, Alpha & Delta, 64 Audio, Vision Ears, Sennheiser, Effect Audio, Empire Ears, and more.
Unique Melody Mason V3 Review by jbr1971
Head-Fi'er @jbr1971 says the Unique Melody Mason V3's low end is "clear and articulate without being overpowering or muddy," "mids are very well balanced," and "the highs extend very nicely." Read on.
Penon BS1 Official Review by Moonstar
"The Penon BS1 Official is one of the best or maybe the best earbud available in this price range," writes @Moonstar. "The Penon BS1 Official has a quite balanced sound signature." Continue reading.
Sennheiser IE 800 S Review by subguy812
"The IE800S has a wonderful smooth tone with an organic presentation that at times has a warmish cast because of the DD bass." Sound like your kind of IEM? Read @subguy812's review for more thoughts.
Don't Miss These Seminars at CanJam Singapore 2018
The seminar sessions for CanJam Singapore have been announced and this year looks to be another incredible lineup. Don't miss these talks from Axel Grell, Rob Watts, Nicolas Debard, and Dan Clark.
SOUNDAWARE Announces Their New P1 Amplifier
SOUNDAWARE introduced their new flagship desktop amplifier, the SOUNDAWARE P1. The P1 is a fully discrete balanced design that can output up to 14W. To read more details, click here.
Upcoming Meet: Washington, DC Area (April 7, 2018)
The DC Area Head-Fi'ers are having a meet in nearby Gaithersburg, MD on April 7th. If you're going to be in the area that weekend, make plans to stop by. Get the full time and location details here.
Nexium AQUA+ Review by Cinder
Head-Fi'er @Cinder calls the Nexum Aqua+ "one of the most advanced and convenient Bluetooth DAC’s I’ve seen to date." "You get a ton of technology in a very tiny package." Read his full review here.
CanJam Singapore 2018 Show Specials
A number of exhibitors will be running show specials at CanJam Singapore, and we've posted an early peek. If you're joining us in Singapore, check out the list to see where you can score some savings.
Shanling Announces New M0 Nano-sized Player
Shanling announced the new M0 portable audio player and you'll be able to hear it at CanJam Singapore. If you can't attend CanJam, follow the M0 and CanJam Impressions threads for early thoughts.
Moon Audio Announces Their New Bronze Dragon IEM Cables
Moon Audio has introduced the Bronze Dragon IEM cable, which they say "helps create a warmer presentation with bigger and fuller body adding bottom end strength and muscle." Get more details here.
DUNU Falcon-C Review by Zelda
Looking for an IEM that's "well balanced and full in detail"? Check out this review of the DUNU Falcon-C to find out why @Zelda says "the new Dunu Falcon-C definitely deserves the ‘flagship’ tag."
Bottlehead S.E.X. Review by slankoe
"Overall, I praise SEX for its low harmonic distortion, wonderfully balanced tone, dynamism, versatility, and the ample power it provides," writes @slankoe. "It is a superb all-rounder at this price."
Sign up for the Unique Melody Mason V3 and Mentor V3 European Tour
Unique Melody is ready to launch the European leg of their Mason V3 and Mentor V3 tours, and they're looking for Head-Fi'ers interested in reviewing these new IEMs. If you're interested, click here.
Schiit Happened: Where Do I Start?
The Lyr 3 is introduced in Jason's latest chapter of Schiit Happened. It's an all new design with Schiit's new Coherence™ and Continuity™ technologies, and can be had with a multibit DAC module!
Acoustune HS1503 AL Review by audio123
@audio123 describes the Acoustune HS1503 AL as "a v-shaped sounding iem that has good agility and boasts an airy presentation." Check out his review for more thoughts and IEM comparisons.
FiiO Spring Sale on Amazon!
From March 20th to April 2nd, FiiO is offering special sales on bundles with their F1 IEM, F5 IEM, Q1MKII DSD DAC/Amp, and the i1 DAC/Amp with Lightning. Click here for more details on this sale.
MrSpeaker VOCE Impressions by bearwarrior
Head-Fi'er @bearwarrior has shared his impressions of the new MrSpeakers VOCE and compared them with the iconic STAX SR-009 and SR-007 Mk2 headphones. How do they compare? Click here to find out.