Knowledge Zenith AS10 Review by B9Scrambler
While reviewing the Knowledge Zenith AS10, @B9Scrambler states "It looks great, sounds amazing, and is more than enough earphone for most while retaining an affordable price." Read his review here.
FLC Technology FLC 8N Review by Moonstar
See why @Moonstar calls the FLC 8N "a Chameleon with its great sound tuning ability", and "The detail level is the best I have heard from any In-Ear Monitor in this price" by reading his review here.
Unique Melody Mason V3 Impressions by negura
Head-Fi'er @negura posted his thoughts on the Unique Melody Mason V3 in-ear monitor. See why he says "The sound is technical enough, while have a certain euphonic quality and some added bass fun" here.
Audeze LCD-3 Pre-fazor Impressions by zellous
@zellous shared impressions on the classic Audeze LCD-3 Pre-fazor, calling them "a different kind of animal, with audio qualities rarely found in other high end headphones." Read his impressions here.
Upcoming Meet: Washington DC (August 18, 2018)
The DC area Head-Fi'ers are getting together on August 18th, and if you're going to be in the area you should make plans to attend. Visit the thread to see which Head-Fier's and gear will be there.
Noble Audio Katana Review by prismstorm
"If I had to describe Katana in one word, it would be ‘pristine’," writes @prismstorm. He says it's more neutral "whilst maintaining the classic house sound the company is known for." Find it here.
Lear Kaleido Review by Zelda
@Zelda says "the Kaleido takes an interesting but not so unusual sound tuning, yet with good technical characteristics, mixing detail, resolution and a very solid fun factor." Click for more.
Reviewers Wanted: TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner
Todd the Vinyl Junkie is looking for Head-Fi'ers interested in reviewing the TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner. If you're a vinyl listener, stop by the thread to get more details.
Shanling M0 Review by ustinj
@ustinj calls the Shanling M0 "a DAP that manages to blur the once solid lines between quality, value, convenience, and style." He says it offers "excellent sound and a multitude of features."
Empire Ears Bravado Review by Army-Firedawg
"The Empire Ears Bravado is the first iem that I’ve listened to that combines the punch of an an actual subwoofer and the finesse control of a well tuned balanced armature." Read the review here.
Sennheiser GSX 1200 PRO Review - Head-Fi TV
The GSX 1200 PRO is Sennheiser's first gaming-focused DAC/amp combo, and we've been putting it to the test. Is the GSX 1200 PRO a worthy addition to your PC? Find out in this episode of Head-Fi TV.
Linsoul BLD 150ohm Review by BloodyPenguin
@BloodyPenguin's new review, the Linsoul BLD 150ohm, describes an earbud with "a very close to neutral signature." Earbud lovers should check out his review. "They seem to play well with all genres."
Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Review by zellous
"They are unusual as they are pretty neutral in tonality but have some warmth, they are not analytical or boring but captivating and engaging," writes @zellous. Read his ATH-R70x review for more.
HiFiMAN SUSVARA Review by Currawong
"Tonally the Susvara is fairly neutral, [...] which I find makes them better with a wider variety of music. The headphones present a cohesive image," writes @Currawong. Check out his SUSVARA review.
Save Big on MrSpeakers Ether and Ether C Headphones
MrSpeakers is closing out their Ether and Ether C headphones, and the limited remaining inventory is available at a big discount. If you've been thinking about getting a pair, this is last call.
Flare Audio Flares GOLD Review by holden4th
Head-Fi'er @holden4th says, "these don’t sound like iems. It feels as if I’ve got a top pair of headphones on my ears." Read why he said "my first thought was ‘OMG these are amazing’" in his review.
Singapore National Day Sale Starts Soon at Effect Audio
Singapore-grown Effect Audio is running a sale for Singapore's National Day starting August 9th. Check out their announcement thread to get the details.
iFi Audio xDSD Review by Bansaku
"I was blow away with the performance and features offered by such a compact and extremely sexy device" says @Bansaku. Read his iFi Audio xDSD review to learn all about this compact, wireless DAC/amp.