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Focal Elegia Impressions by gc335
@gc335 joined TTVJ Audio's Elegia loaner program, and after spending time with Focal's closed-back headphone wrote, "the more time I spent with them the more I liked them." Read his impressions here.
Audition the Questyle CMA Twelve Courtesy of TTVJ Audio
TTVJ Audio is looking for reviews of the new Questyle CMA Twelve Headphone DAC/amp combo, and they've opened up their loaner program for curious Head-Fi'ers to give it a listen. Get the details here.
Mackie MC-250 Review by Dsnuts
If you're looking for a headphone with "solid sound, a good mix of technicalities and musicality," check out @Dsnuts's Mackie MC-250 review. "The Mackie MC-250 has a well thought out sound design."
Join Us in New York for CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)
Join Head-Fi as we return to the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square for CanJam NYC 2019. We're kicking off the 2019 CanJam season February 16-17, 2019, and you can get all of the details here.
FLC 8N Review by ustinj
Head-Fi'er @ustinj says the FLC 8N's "custom-tuning sound system does one thing very well that few other IEMs can, which is excel in versatility." Check out his 8N review for the rest of his thoughts.
Simgot EN700 Pro Review by ngoshawk
Describing it as a "tasteful, decent offering from Simgot," @ngoshawk says the EN700 Pro possess "a well-rounded sound [...] but with that attitude necessary to keep up with EDM and Hip Hop."
CanJam Returns to Singapore For CanJam Singapore 2019 (March 30-31, 2019)
Head-Fi is returning to the Pan Pacific Singapore in Marina Square for CanJam Singapore March 30-31, 2019, and you're invited to join us. Pre-order passes, get details, and join the discussion here.
Meze 99 Classics Review by Zelda
If a headphone that's "mostly balanced from lows, mids to highs, but not in a neutral, reference type of tuning" is more your speed, check out Head-Fi'er @Zelda's Meze 99 Classics review.
Asustor AS-6404T Review by project86
For those thinking about adding a NAS to their rig, @project86's Asustor AS-6404T review shouldn't be missed. "I feel that I still haven't scratched the surface of what the 6404T can do."
AKG K1000 Review by bosiemoncrieff
The AKG K1000 is an icon, and @bosiemoncrieff recently reviewed his pair, calling it "an incisive, revealing, poetic, perhaps opinionated interpreter of classical music." Read his full review here.
Upcoming Meet: Phoenix, AZ (March 23, 2019)
The Arizona Head-Fi'ers are getting together for a meet in Avondale, near Phoenix, AZ this spring. If you're interested in attending, you'll find all of the info in this thread, and be sure to RSVP.
Massdrop x NuForce Stride Blueooth IEMs: First Impressions & Measurements
The first "Massdrop Made" Bluetooth IEM is an AAC- and aptX-enabled 75-buck surprise. Jude had a chance to listen to the Stride, and he also had a chance to measure it in our audio measurement lab.
CTM Da Vinci X Review by Grimbles
Check out this review to see why @Grimbles says CTM "[created] something truly amazing" with the Da Vinci X. "Not just the best IEM I have ever heard, but the best earphone. A joy."
TTVJ Audio Is Sending the Mojo/Poly on Tour
If you missed it the first time around, TTVJ Audio is sending a Chord Electronics Mojo/Poly stack to Head-Fi'ers for review and slots are open. Those interested should stop by this thread for details.
FiiO M9 Review by DrKraut
Head-Fi'er @DrKraut joined the FiiO M9 tour and spent time with the DAP before sharing his thoughts. Learn why he says "the FiiO M9 covers all the bases for an excellent portable setup" in his review.
Schiit Happened: Zeroth Things Zeroth
In this chapter of Schiit Happened, Jason Stoddard talks about the “zeroth thing” premise, and how it impacts Schiit Audio as a “more balanced approach that keeps you happy and motivated.” Click here.
Kennerton Thror Review by earfonia
Those looking for a "smooth, refined, neutral, and polite" headphone should stop by @earfonia's Kennerton Thror review. "Thror with its relatively uncolored sonic signature is a good all-rounder."
InEarz Announces New Cables for 2019
InEarz is teasing an upcoming change for their lineup with the introduction of a new cable. While InEarz hasn't shared many details yet, you can subscribe to this thread to follow their announcement.