HiFiMAN RE2000 Review by twister6
@twister6 describes the HiFiMAN RE2000 as having "a mildy v-shaped sound signature with a neutral-revealing tonality" and says "HiFiMAN definitely nailed it with this release." Continue reading here.
ZMFheadphones Announces The ZMF Auteur Wood Contest
Attention Head-Fi'ers! ZMFheadphones is giving a pair of their new Auteur headphones to one lucky community member. For details on how to enter, check out the announcement here. Best of luck to all!
Brainwavz B400 Review by Brooko
Those looking for a new IEM that won't break the bank shouldn't miss @Brooko's review of the Brainwavz B200. "It is unfathomable that you can buy this sort of quality at sub $200." Continue reading.
Thinksound TS03+Mic Review by B9Scrambler
@B9Scrambler describes the Thinksound TS03 + Mic as "...natural, detailed and clear through through the entire frequency range with a good soundstage and imaging qualities." Click for his full review.
Ampsandsound Kenzie Encore Review by mithrandir38
Head-Fi'er @mithrandir38 got ahold of the Ampsandsound Kenzie Encore and posted his review. If you're been thinking about tube amps, check out the review here and see if the Kenzie Encore is for you.
ROSE BR5 MKII Review by HiFiChris
If you've been hunting for "the multi-BA in-ear dedicated to those who like a balanced sound that is leaning a bit more towards the brighter side," check out @HiFiChris's review of the ROSE BR5 MKII.
CanJam @ RMAF 2017 Impressions by Effusion
Head-Fi'er @Effusion is back with more thoughts from CanJam @ RMAF 2017. In his latest post, he shares his thoughts on gear from Chord, Audio-Technica, E-MU, and more. Click here for his impressions.
BGVP BKYT MRY6 Review by crabdog
"The [BGVP BKYT] MRY6 is a solid offering for a budget IEM" writes @crabdog. "It has a warm sound with a boosted low end, slightly recessed midrange and boosted treble." Click here to read his review.
Audirect Whistle Impressions by Zelda
If you're in the market for a compact DAC/amp that offers "...a fuller sound from lows to mids with a smoother yet detailed upper end," click here to read @Zelda's impressions of the Audirect Whistle.
moedawg140 Needs Our Help
moedawg140 is one of the most dedicated Head-Fi'ers in our community. He's overseas with a brain bleed and aneurysm and needs surgery. Let's help our friend out. Click here to find out how.
Empire Ears Zeus XR Review by Jackpot77
Head-Fi'er @Jackpot77 says the Empire Ears Zeus XR delivers music "without sounding forced or artificial, squeezing every last drop of resolution out of both the source and the music itself." Read on.
Announcing 2018 CanJams All Around the World
It's wise to plan ahead, so check out the 2018 CanJam schedule. We're returning to NYC, Singapore, LA, London, Denver and introducing the Shanghai Headphone Festival. Click here for more details.
TY Hi-Z F300M Review by Moonstar
If you're in the market for an earbud with "a small amount of coloration that comes from the bottom," click here to read @Moonstar's TY Hi-Z F300 M review. He says this earbud is "worth every penny!"
Upcoming Meet: Orlando, FL (October 28, 2017)
If you're going to be in Central Florida later this month, stop by the Head-Fi meet in East Orlando. Click here for times and location and be sure to post in the thread to let them know you're coming.
EARNiNE EN120 Review by Cinder
@Cinder writes "instead of the typical consumerist V-shaped sound signature I was expecting I got an incredibly refined, wonderfully tuned one" about the EARNiNE EN120. Click here to continue reading.
Sennheiser HD660S Measurements (Preliminary) & Early Impressions
We've had some time with the new Sennheiser HD660S and posted early impressions and preliminary frequency response measurements. (A more full set of measurements will be posted in the next few days.)
CanJam @ RMAF 2017 Impressions by Miceblue
Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair for @Miceblue's CanJam @ RMAF 2017 multi-post writeup. Photos, impressions, binaural recordings, there's something for everyone. Click here to see the first post.
MEE audio Pinnacle P2 Review by ryanjsoo
Looking for an IEM with "excellent ergonomics and a sound that well balances its slightly fuller low-end with a crystal clear treble response"? Click here for @ryanjsoo's MEE audio Pinnacle P2 review.