FiiO FH5 Review by ezekiel77
"The FH5 has enough charm to win me, and possibly many others, over. It stands toe to toe with any and all hybrids in its price range, and in my opinion is among the best-tuned." Read the full review.
64 Audio U18 Tzar Review by toaster22
Head-Fi'er @toaster22 calls the U18 Tzar "a monitor clearly in pursuit of the sonic ideals of 'detail,' 'balance,' and 'neutrality' at every step" with "one of most exciting and fun sound signatures."
Shanling Showcases MTouch 2.0 for the Upcoming M5s
Shanling recently posted a video showcasing their newest firmware, MTouch 2.0. This firmware will be available on the new Shanling M5s DAP when it's released later this year. Watch it first here.
Come Join Head-Fi at CanJam @ RMAF 2018 (October 5-7, 2018)
Join us this fall when Head-Fi returns to Denver, CO for CanJam @ RMAF 2018. Visit the CanJam thread for tickets, hotel information, and to see all of the brands that will be exhibiting.
Rhapsodio Eden Review by SLC1966
Head-Fi'er @SLC1966 writes, "having [the Rhapsodio] Eden in your life is a sign of a very healthy relationship: you end up longing for more the longer you are with it." Read the full review for more.
Meet Impressions: Phoenix, AZ (September 15, 2018)
The Arizona Head-Fi'ers got together recently for a meet, and if you weren't able to attend you should stop by the thread to read impressions from @balderon, @koover, @VRacer-111, and others.
Effect Audio Offering Upgrade Path for Select Cables
Own one of Effect Audio's 4 wire cables, like the Ares II cable? You'll want to check this out. For a limited time, Effect Audio is offering upgrades to their "bespoke" 8 wire cables. Details here.
ZMFheadphones Auteur Impressions by macdonjh
@macdonjh says "I found Auteur to be balanced and even, easy to immerse myself in. They would make outstanding 'daily drivers' for a head-fi-phile." Click for more ZMFheapdhones Auteur impressions.
Head-Fi Meets Shanghai (November 3-4, 2018)
Join Head-Fi at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre in Downtown Shanghai November 3-4, 2018 for the first ever CanJam Shanghai. Get all the details here, and we'll see you in Shanghai.
BGVP DMG Review by B9Scrambler
"The DMG is a fairly well-balanced earphone with emphasis on the low end, mid-bass in particular. This gives them a fairly warm-leaning signature." Check out @B9Scrambler's BGVP DMG review here.
Save 25% on Livingston Taylor's Good Friends at HDtracks
For a limited time, Head-Fi'ers can get 25% off the 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition of Good Friends by Livingston Taylor, courtesy of HDtracks and Chesky Records. Click here to find out how.
Burson Audio Fun Review by Koolpep
Head-Fi'er @Koolpep says the Burson Audio Fun is "full bodied, yet detailed, very believable soundstage, not too large, [and] not too small" in his review. Click here to read the rest of his thoughts.
Dekoni Audio Announces Replacement Pads for HiFiMAN Headphones
Dekoni Audio just released a new series of their aftermarket pads for several HiFiMAN headphones. If you're looking to replace the pads on your HE400i, SUSVARA, or others, click here to read more.
JAYS m-Six Wireless Review by jwbrent
Check out @jwbrent's JAYS m-Six Wireless review, where he says, "I've never heard a similarly priced IEM, wired or not, that was as easy to listen to in the trebles without softening the sound."
Check out These New Limited Edition Finishes from ZMFheadphones
There are new limited edition Atticus, Eikon, and Auteur models available from ZMFheadphones, and they've also announced an improved 2K copper cable. Supplies are limited, so learn more in the thread.
Ultimate Ears UE Live Review by twister6
@twister6 says the Ultimate Ears UE Live will appeal to "audiophiles who want a more natural organic tonality with more low-end analog quality impact and less treble emphasis." Read his review here.
HiFiMAN ANANDA Review by zellous
If you need headphones that are "airy, transparent and spacious [with] superb imaging and resolution," check out @zellous's HiFiMAN ANANDA review. "These are very, very difficult cans to fault."
beyerdynamic Xelento Measurements (Compared to Astell&Kern AKT8iE)
Jude posted our measurements of the beyerdynamic Xelento, with frequency response and THD comparisons to its Astell&Kern AKT8iE semi-sibling. That THD!