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Check out the Wild New M30 Transportable Player from Shanling
Shanling gave us a sneak peek at one of their more experimental products, the Shanling M30: a transportable, modular DAP and DAC/amp with swappable tubes. Follow this thread for news as it's released.
Head-Fi'ers Save 25% on Anna Nalick's "The Blackest Crow"
Chesky Records is helping Head-Fi'ers save on Anna Nalick's "The Blackest Crow," an album that "explores the passage of time and the music of the past hundred years." Read more about the album here.
BGVP EST8 Review by Animagus
"A balance tilted slightly towards the lower spectrum with bass and lower mids playing a fun role" makes the BGVP EST8 an IEM that @Animagus describes as having a "vinyl-ish mojo and character."
Join Head-Fi in New York for CanJam NYC 2020 (February 15-16, 2020)
CanJam returns to Times Square this Presidents' Day weekend, and we invite you to join us for two incredible days in the Big Apple. Make sure to grab your discounted room rate before they're gone.
HIFIMAN Ananda Review by sennfan83261
"The Ananda is a well-balanced headphone that can be the only one a person needs," writes @sennfan83261, with its "musical sound signature that isn't sterile or dry as other more technical cans."
Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice Precision DAC Is Now Available to Order
Waiting for your chance to pick up Rupert Neve Designs's new Fidelice Precision DAC? The wait is over. Headphones.com is now accepting orders for the flagship DAC/amp, and shipping begins soon.
Upcoming Meet: Washington, DC (December 15th, 2019)
The DC Area Head-Fi'ers are hosting a meet in nearby Alexandria, VA on December 15. If you're going to be in the area that weekend, make plans to stop by. Get the full time and location details here.
Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions by voja
If you're looking for a relaxing, open-back headphone to "play some music, and just fall asleep," check out @voja's impressions of the classic Sennheiser HD 598. "The HD598 gets many things right."
Custom Art FIBAE 4 Review by justrest
"If you looking for a good IEM fantastic for EDM, Pop, R&B [...] I can highly recommend the FIBAE 4," writes @justrest. "All the details and nuances in the music are there and easy to hear."
Dekoni Audio Choice Leather Pads Review by Yethal
Head-Fi'er @Yethal shares his thoughts on Dekoni Audio's Choice Leather pads, calling them "a bucket seat, but for your ears." "Thanks to softer filling material pressure is more evenly distributed."
Andy Shiach Discusses the History of In-Ear Monitoring
Andy Shiach, founder of ACS, shares his experiences recording in a studio and the events that changed his path from musician to audiologist. Pull up a chair and check out the full interview here.
Meze Audio Rai Penta Review by ngoshawk
Head-Fi'er @ngoshawk says the Meze Audio Rai Penta is an IEM that "does pretty much everything without offending." "The Rai Penta provided me with a very nice way to enjoy music without a formalness."
JAYS m-Seven Review by Zelda
If a true wireless IEM that has "a dark sound presentation with strong emphasis on the low-end and smooth laid-back midrange and treble" is on your list, don't skip @Zelda's JAYS m-Seven review.
64 Audio U18 Tzar Review by mvvRAZ
"Almost no other IEM I have tried is able to deliver that much detail," writes @mvvRAZ. "The A18t will give you every single note and nuance of a recording." Click here to read the rest of his review.
Experience the Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 at Home
TTVJ Audio is looking for Head-Fi'ers interested in spending time with the Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 desktop DAC/amp and sharing their impressions with the community. Stop by this thread to sign up.
Join Abyss Headphones for a Coffee
Abyss Headphones invites you to take a moment to sit back, unwind, and join them for a coffee. Check out this high-resolution recording of the brewing process, featuring the Abyss Headphones Diana V2.
Shuoer Tape Review by RikudouGoku
Head-Fi'er @RikudouGoku calls the Shuoer Tape "my favorite IEM of 2019." Check out his review to find out why he says "this should be in everyone’s collection."
Roon Support Comes to the iFi audio Pro iDSD
iFi audio's new Bridge software brings Roon support to iFi audio's popular Pro iDSD DAC, streamer, and headphone amp. If you're a Pro iDSD owner, learn all about iFi Bridge in this thread.