Shure KSE1500 Review by bosiemoncrieff
Head-Fi'er @bosiemoncrieff says the Shure KSE1500 is "a transparent window into music; it presents the music in remarkably pure form [...] and does not editorialize." Check out his review here.
Astell & Kern Announce the new Billie Jean IEM
Astell & Kern has teamed up with Jerry Harvey Audio once again for a new IEM collaboration, the Billie Jean. "The result is a brilliant pair of IEMs designed and built by Jerry Harvey." Details here.
beyerdynamic A1 Review by zellous
"The A1 has so much power and authority, it has driven every single headphone I can throw at it with consummate ease." If you're researching amps, don't skip @zellous's review of the beyerdynamic A1.
Audeze LCD2 Classic Review by Mshenay
Head-Fi'er @Mshenay put Audeze's new LCD2 Classic up against the LCD2 pre-Fazor and LCD2 Fazor. Find out how the Audeze LCD2C compares to its older siblings, and the Audeze LCD-MX4, in his review.
iFi Audio Kicks Off xDSD Tour
iFi Audio has launched a review tour for their upcoming xDSD portable wireless DAC/amp, so make sure to visit the thread here if you're interested in spending a week with the iFi Audio xDSD.
CanJam SoCal Show Report from Headphone.Guru - Part 2
Part 2 of Headphone.Guru's CanJam SoCal 2018 report has been published, so make sure to check out their coverage of Dekoni Audio, Ultrasone, Astell & Kern, and others.
Alpha & Delta D3 Sale at Massdrop
For a limited time, you can pick up the Alpha & Delta D3 for 20% off at Massdrop. The D3 is an IEM that @Cinder says has "top-notch bass response" and calls it "a winner all around." Click for more.
Magaosi K3 HD Review by Moonstar
Head-Fi'er @Moonstar says the Magaosi K3 HD has "a V-shaped sound signature with a tonality that is on the warmer side of natural due the bass presence." Continue reading his review here.
Moon Audio Announces Dragon Cables for Audeze Earphones
Moon Audio announced that their new Bronze Dragon and Silver Dragon V1 cables are now compatible with Audeze's iSINE and LCDi4 earphones. If you've been looking for a replacement cable, click here.
Unique Melody Mason V3 Review by twister6
In @twister6's latest review, he says "this IEM is focused on delivering an accurate uncolored natural neutral tonality." Sound like your type of IEM? Read his Unique Melody Mason V3 review for more.
Save on the Blue Satellite at Musician's Friend
Head-Fi'ers looking to pick up a pair of wireless, active noise cancelling headphones will want to stop by the Musician's Friend thread to check out a coupon for the Blue Satellite. Click for details.
Campfire Audio Cascade Review by crabdog
"The Campfire Audio Cascade has a bold, energetic sound, defined (on the surface) by its dominant bass. But it’s bass done right." Read @crabdog's full Cascade review for the rest of his thoughts.
Alpha & Delta Review by B9Scrambler
@B9Scrambler describes the Alpha & Delta D6 as having a "fairly balanced signature that is lightly treble-leaning; one that is very detailed, smooth, yet decidedly non-fatiguing." Read the rest here.
Shanling M1, M2s, and M3s Triple Review by Wiljen
Head-Fi'er @Wiljen recently compared the Shanling M1, M2s and M3s DAPs and shared his thoughts. "You should check out Shanling, chances are pretty good they build something that will make you smile."
Acoustune HS1551 CU Review by MrOTL
Check out @MrOTL's review of the Acoustune HS1551 CU, one of the more uniquely styled IEMs we've seen. "It has a good performance of listening to music as well as other media such as video contents."
Soundaware P1 Loaner Program Now Open
Soundaware is launching a loaner program for their P1 headphone amplifier. If you'd like to spend two weeks with the P1, click here to visit the thread and get all of the details. Slots are limited.
Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro Review by ejong7
Head-Fi'er @ejong7 asks, "How do you improve on a classic? UE has succeeded in building an IEM that is natural and rich in tonality but still full of detail in a wide and deep soundstage." Continued.
Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-С Review by cleg
Searching for a CIEM that has "organic representation with natural mids, deep, punchy lows and a big imaginary stage"? Then click here and check out @cleg's review of the Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-С.