Only Eight Days Until CanJam London 2018! (July 21-22, 2018)
CanJam is returning to London July 21-22, 2018! That's right, CanJam London 2018 will happen at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, right in the heart of London. Click here for all of the details!
FiiO M7 Review by HiFiChris
In his review of the FiiO M7, @HiFiChris says "no deficit could be found here. Like really nothing." It's "among the very best portable devices when it comes to hiss performance." Read more here.
Save on a Focal Utopia and Questyle QP2R Bundle at Moon Audio
Moon Audio is currently bundling two well-reviewed items together, the Focal Utopia and the Questyle QP2R. If you've been looking for a new transportable rig, check out Moon Audio's special pricing.
Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-С Review by ZzmadzZ
@ZzmadzZ says the AM7 LAM-C is "a highly versatile IEM. Its 'Flat' setting is versatile enough to listen to all types of genre." If you're shopping for custom IEMs, make sure to read this review.
FiiO Is Launching a New Product at CanJam London 2018
FiiO will be hosting a launch event and technical presentation on Saturday July 21, and if you're attending CanJam London that weekend you'll want to stop by. Find more detail in @third_eye's post.
Custom Art FIBAE 3 Review by Zelda
"With a ‘Reference’ tuning in mind, right from the start the Fibae 3 strikes with impressive transparency and very high level of detail." Check out @Zelda's Custom Art FIBAE 3 review to hear more.
Don't Miss These CanJam London 2018 Show Specials
Several of the CanJam London exhibitors are running show specials during the event, and you can see the current list in the CanJam 2018 thread. Save some pounds with one of these specials at the show.
Cowon Plenue V Review by someyoungguy
"The V does one job and damn it does it well. There isn’t really anything I feel is missing from the sound signature, nothing I would wish to add." Check out @someyoungguy's full review for more.
Campfire Audio Comet Review by Moonstar
Curious what Campfire Audio can do with a single BA driver? So was @Moonstar. "I was a bit skeptical [...] and didn’t expect such a sound performance." Read his review for the rest of his thoughts.
Empire Ears Phantom Review by Dan E
Head-Fi'er @Dan E says the Empire Ears Phantom "takes the listening experience to the next level" with its "wide, strongly resolved, detailed and accurate sound." Be sure to check out the full review.
Sennheiser HD 820 Shipping Soon from TTVJ Audio
Todd the Vinyl Junkie has announced that the new Sennheiser HD 820 is arriving this week, and shipping will start soon. If you've been looking forward to Sennheiser's new closed headphone, click here.
Unique Melody Mason V3 Review by ngoshawk
"This is not an IEM where there is an artificiality. It is honest, slightly warm and natural," says @ngoshawk. Read his full Unique Melody Mason V3 review and see if its your next audition.
HiFi BOY Dream Review by dheepak10
If you're an earbud lover, @dheepak10 says the HiFi Boy Dream "has a nice Holographic feel to it – primarily due to the soundstage width it offers, combined with the V-shaped signature."
Bluewave GET Review by Sonic Defender
Head-Fi'er @Sonic Defender says the Bluewave GET is "priced right, sounds great and is easy to use with an appropriate level of functionality." Check out his review to hear the rest of his thoughts.
Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review by WilliamLeonhart
"I will happily bestow all of my 5 stars onto the HD58x, the first 'HD6 for everyone'." @WilliamLeonhart's Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee is one to read if you're considering this headphone.
Dekoni Audio Blue Heads out on Tour
Dekoni Audio is starting a loaner program for the Dekoni Audio Blue, and you can try them for a week with your own rig. If you're interested in taking part, all of the details can be found here.
Simgot EM3 and EM5 Review by twister6
@twister6 reviewed the Simgot EM3 and EM5 in-ears, pitting them against one another. How do they sound? Find out why he says they're "beautiful on [the] inside & outside" in his review.
Auglamour GR-1 Review by B9Scrambler
"The GR-1 is an inexpensive amp with a stylish design, a clean, uncolored sound," writes @B9Scrambler. "The GR-1 will impress with it's driving power, black background, and flexibility."