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Dunu DM-480 Review by RikudouGoku
"If you want a very good balanced U-Shaped IEM with tight, fast and powerful bass look no further," writes @RikudouGoku. "This has become my number one recommendation for that kind of sound."
iFi audio AMA with Thorsten Loesch
Thorsten Loesch, iFi audio's CTO, is going to be answering your questions until February 1st, and iFi audio invites you to ask him any questions you'd like. Follow along and share your questions here.
New Used Gear for Sale at TTVJ
TTVJ's selection of used and sale gear was recently expanded, with several new products added. Stop by this thread to see some of the latest additions from turntables to amplifiers to headphones.
Join Head-Fi in New York for CanJam NYC 2020 (February 15-16, 2020)
CanJam descends upon Times Square again next month, and you're invited to join us for two incredible days in the Big Apple. Stop by this thread to pick up your show pass and join in the discussion.
Kennerton Thekk Review by fullbass
Head-Fi'er @fullbass describes the Kennerton Thekk as "smooth, balanced, with high technical resolution over the entire range, with air, volume feed, deep, punch bass." Read more in this review.
Cayin N8 Review by MrLocoLuciano
"Power is one of the big strengths of the N8," states @MrLocoLuciano. "It simply seems unlimited thanks to the 3 levels of gain available on the 2 headphone / in-ear outputs." Click here for more.
Head-Fi Celebrates Five Years of CanJam Singapore (March 21-22, 2020)
Head-Fi returns to Singapore for the fifth annual CanJam Singapore this March, and 2020 is on track to be the largest yet. Stop by the thread today to reserve your room and order a weekend pass.
Etymotic ER2XR Review by aramico
"I was stunned by the detail retrieval, tonality and the slightly warm but natural sound with little heft at the bottom end," writes @aramico. "This is a steal at $120. A stunner from Etymotic."
Jade Audio EA3 Review by baskingshark
In this Jade Audio EA3 review, @baskingshark writes "the EA3 is a bright IEM, and trebleheads will love it." "Very good microdetails in the treble region." Check out the rest of his review here.
Schiit Happened: The Weldenheim Chronicles
The first Schiit Happened chapter for 2020 is here, and @Jason Stoddard reveals inside details about Schiit Audio's brand new Jotunheim R: "The World’s First and Only Ribbon Headphone Amplifier."
iBasso DX160 Review by Zelda
"For a mid-tier player the iBasso DX160 performance is excellent," thanks in part to its "fairly balanced and linear, but not flat or too reference" signature. Check out @Zelda's review for more.
ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed Review by Luxifer
"The VC is another expertly tuned and remarkably attractive headphone from ZMF," writes @Luxifer. "The VC provides the foremost closed-back listening experience." Click to read the rest of the review.
FiiO Releases the All-New M15 Digital Player
FiiO's new flagship in their M-series line, the FiiO M15, is now available. The M15 features dual AK4499EQ DACs, Exynos 7872 processor, NDK femtosecond crystal clock, and more. Read all about it here.
Cayin YB04 Review by Skint
Head-Fi'ers looking for an IEM that has "lovely precise natural tuning, with fast attack and natural note decay," will not want to skip @Skint's Cayin YB04 review. "Definitely listen to the YB04."
Meze Empyrean Black Copper Coming Soon to Moon Audio
Meze Audio recently announced a new colorway for their popular Empyrean headphone, and Moon Audio expects to start shipping orders next week. Stop by this thread to check out the stunning new finish.
Upcoming Meet: Nashville, TN (May 30, 2020)
There's a Head-Fi meet happening near Nashville on May 30th, and if you will be in the area make sure to stop by. Get together with fellow Head-Fi'ers and try a variety of gear. RSVP in this thread.
JH Audio Layla Review by cpurdy
"Luscious is probably the best word for them," writes @cpurdy. "These are going to be my go-to travel IEMs, and probably my go-to-everything-but-my-desk headphones for a while."
Tin HiFi T4 Review by Nimweth
Hunting for an IEM that has "a neutral profile with good extension in the treble and a slightly brighter tonality with good detail"? @Nimweth's Tin HiFi T4 review should be your next stop.