Introducing the Massdrop x Focal Elex
Today, Massdrop is announcing their latest major headphone collaboration, the Massdrop x Focal Elex. We review, measure, and discuss it, comparing it to its Focal siblings and the Sennheiser HD650.
AUNE Announces B1s Amplifier Tour
If you live in the US and you've been looking for a chance to try AUNE's new B1s amplifier, @Mshenay is organizing a tour for the compact portable. Click here to check out the official announcement.
Macaw T50 Review by crabdog
"After spending several days with the Macaw T50 I came to the conclusion that this is an absolute bargain," writes @crabdog. Check out his review here to see why he holds it in high regard.
HiFi Boy OS V3 Review by Moonstar
If you're in the market for an IEM that "...sounds warmer than neutral in almost every track..." and is "...ideal for all type of portable DAPs," check out @Moonstar's review of the HiFi Boy OS V3.
Schiit Happened: What We Did Wrong
Schiit Audio's @Jason Stoddard is back with more reflections on 2017. In his latest chapter, Jason talks about what went wrong for Schiit this past year. Read Schiit Happened: What We Did Wrong here.
NocturnaL Atlantis Review by justrest
Head-Fi'er @justrest describes the NocturnaL Atlantis as "one of the best earphones I have listened to in terms of realism and transparency." If you're looking for a new IEM, don't skip his review.
Eternal Melody EM-5 Review by audio123
"The EM-5 is a beautiful sounding iem that delivers a spectacular midrange," writes @audio123. "The Eternal Melody EM-5 is easily my go-to iem for female vocals." Hear the rest of his thoughts here.
Brainwavz B150 Review by jeremy205100
Head-Fi'er @jeremy205100 recently reviewed the Brainwavz B150 in-ear monitor and says " is clear that Brainwavz focused on the sound of the B150, and they delivered." Read the review for more.
Noble Audio Sage Universal Giveaway
Noble Audio is giving away a custom designed Wizard Sage Universal IEM to current Head-Fi'ers. If you're interested in taking home this unique in-ear, check out the entry requirements in the thread.
Eartech Music Hex Review by tex thai
Head-Fi'er @tex thai got an early peek at Eartech Music's upcoming Hex 6-driver CIEM and shared his impressions. Click here to find out why he says "...the new Hexes are giant killers, world-beaters."
Meier Audio CORDA JAZZ Review by hopbird
"Probably the greatest compliment I can pay the Corda Jazz is that it moves me to dig out albums I haven't listened to in years," writes @hopbird. Read his review for more thoughts on the Corda Jazz.
Magaosi K3 HD Pro Review by ExpatinJapan
@ExpatinJapan calls the Magaosi K3 HD Pro "...sincerely comfortable and with a wealth of combinations to make it an earphone for all seasons." Check out his review to see if the K3 HD Pro is for you.
iBasso Audio DX200 Review by Dobrescu George
Head-Fi'er @Dobrescu George has been using the iBasso DX200 recently and calls it "a DAP which excels at being an high-end DAP, being an excellent companion for music lovers." Click to find out why.
Site Tips: Improvements to Search
We've recently made significant improvements to allow easier searching within threads and forums. If you haven't yet tried the new search bars, click here to learn more.
Euphony/Matrix Audio/Keces System Review by project86
Head-Fi'er @Project86 reviewed the Euphony PTS server, Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 D2D converter, and Keces P8 PSU pairing. "I have never achieved this level of transport quality at any price in the past."
final E3000 Review by suman134
@suman134 describes the final E3000 as "...quite natural with a slight warmth and smoothness to it." Read more about final's IEM with a "lush tuning with fantastically balanced upper mid and highs."
Aune M1s Review by tenedosian
If you're in the market for a new dedicated portable audio player, @tenedosian gave us his thoughts on Aune's M1s DAP. Find out why he calls it "...a strong competitor for the price..." in his review.
Astrotec Lyra Collection Review by B9Scrambler
If you're in the market for an earbud with "crisp, detailed sound and luxurious build quality," check out @B9Scrambler's Astrotec Lyra Collection review. "It makes for a truly impressive listen."