FiiO FH1 Review by ezekiel77
"While warm/smooth IEMs are a dime a dozen nowadays, what FiiO has accomplished with the FH1 is remarkable." Read @ezekiel77's review to see why he thinks "FiiO did a damn fine job" on the FH1.
Head-Fi Photo Album: Sennheiser CX SPORT
Sennheiser's first exercise-focused wireless in-ear made its way to Head-Fi HQ, and AxelCloris snapped a few photos. Check out the album in the Gallery to see some of the CX SPORT's details up close.
Burson Soloist SL Review by JoeDoe
If you're in the market for a "...diminutive solid state amplifier that offers the sound quality, build quality, and smart design," check out @JoeDoe's Soloist SL review. "It's not going anywhere."
Schiit Happened: Velocity vs. Sanity
In the new entry of Schiit Happened, @Jason Stoddard talks about how Schiit's development pacing has changed in recent years, and things that he's learned to help him manage the changes. Read it here.
FiiO Q5 Review by HiFiChris
"The FiiO Q5 DAC-Amp is designed as a super versatile, competitively priced Swiss army knife perfectionist flagship." Read @HiFiChris's FiiO Q5 review to read his detailed impressions.
Aune B1S Impressions by Howlin Fester
Head-Fi'er @Howlin Fester took part in the Aune B1S tour and shared some of his impressions, highlighting its synergy with his Fostex TH-900. "The B1s provided a wonderfully full presentation."
Soekris dac1541 Review by Takeanidea
If you're hunting for a DAC/amp that "a natural feel with plenty of bass," check out @Takeanidea's Soekris dac1541 review to hear more about its "powerful headphone amp and DSD compatibility."
Upcoming Meet: St. Louis Area Meet (June 9, 2018)
If you're going to be in the St. Louis area on June 9, don't miss the 4th annual St. Louis Head-Fi Meet at JDS Labs' office. Click here for all of the meet details and how you can get involved.
CanJam SoCal Show Report from Headphone.Guru - Part 3
CanJam London is still a couple months away, but you can read Headphone.Guru's last CanJam SoCal report to relive CanJam SoCal 2018. See coverage from Audio-Technica, DUNU, Smyth Research and more.
Burson Play Review by Wiljen
"If you want a small package capable of big things, you would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your money." Learn why "it would be tough to find a better value" in @Wiljen's Play review.
Dudios Zeus Review by Army-Firedawg
Need a wallet-friendly wireless IEM for the gym? Love emphasized bass? @Army-Firedawg recently reviewed the Dudios Zeus, saying "the punch they deliver gets my adrenaline surging." Read the rest here.
Check out the Full Desktop Lineup from SOUNDAWARE
You may have seen the SOUNDAWARE DAPs and their desktop P1 discussed on Head-Fi, but they have more desktop gear that may have flown under the radar. Read about their complete desktop lineup here.
Questyle QP2R Review by Watermelon Boi
Head-Fi'er @Watermelon Boi says the Questyle QP2R is "a great choice to consider as its performance keeps up with any other flagship DAPs but obtainable for a more affordable price." Read more here.
Dekoni Audio Focal and Fostex Pads on Sale at Massdrop
Dekoni Audio's premium replacement pads for Focal and Fostex are currently on sale at Massdrop, and Head-Fi'ers can learn more here. Prices start around $35 so now's a good time to save on a new pair.
Sennheiser CX SPORT: Sennheiser FINALLY Releases *Wireless* Exercise Headphones
Sennheiser's exercise headphones have been my category favorites, in terms of sound quality. I haven't been using them as much as others, though, as they're not wireless. They've finally come around!
Clear Tune Monitors Introduces a New Portable Bundle
Clear Tune Monitors and Acoustic Research have partnered together to deliver a portable bundle for Head-Fi'ers. Find out how you can pick up a custom CT-500 IEM with an AR-M200 DAP for $899 here.
ADVANCED Alpha Review by heliosphann
The Alpha is the first planar magnetic headphone from ADVANCED, and Head-Fi'er @heliosphann spent some time with them. Check out the review to see why he says the Alpha is a success in many ways.
Kinera SEED Review by ngoshawk
@ngoshawk says the Kinera SEED's "...sound is right. And by that, I mean the stroke of piano keys is spot on, the staccato of drum stick to snare and bass drum support enhances that feel." Continued.