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Smabat ST-10 Review by assassin10000
"The Smabat ST-10 is a fairly well rounded earbud with an emphasis on bass and sub-bass," writes @assassin10000. "It is not forward or bright and neither is it veiled or recessed." Read more here.
Tin HIFI T3 Review by Soham Sengupta
Looking for an IEM where highs are "clear and detailed" and "mids are slightly boosted" with "a moderate amount of bass"? Stop by @Soham Sengupta's Tin HIFI T3 review.
Head-Fi Returns to the UK for CanJam London 2019 (July 27-28, 2019)
CanJam London is returning on July 27-28, 2019, and will be taking place once again at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel. Follow this thread and stay up to date as more details are announced.
Custom Art FIBAE Black Review by Wyville
"For those of us who prefer a natural and smooth, yet incredibly musical signature, the Black compete with the very best out there regardless of price." Check out @Wyville's FIBAE Black review here.
Save on a Mojo/IEM Bundle at 64 Audio
For a limited time, 64 Audio is offering special bundle pricing on their universal line of IEMs when purchased alongside a new Chord Electronics Mojo. Stop by this thread to find out more.
Join Us in Orange County for CanJam SoCal 2019 (June 22-23, 2019)
CanJam SoCal is coming, and you're invited to join us for the next USA stop on the CanJam 2019 global tour. Follow this thread to stay up to date on all you'll be able to hear and see at CanJam SoCal.
Upcoming Meet: Washington, DC (May 18, 2019)
The DC Area Head-Fi'ers are having a meet in nearby Gaithersburg, MD on May 18th. If you're going to be in the area that weekend, make plans to stop by. Get the full time and location details here.
FiiO M11 Review by audiophilefan
"If you’re looking for a feature-packed, play-what-you-want, plug-what-you-want device, this is for you!" Find out why @audiophilefan feels so strongly in his FiiO M11 review.
Schiit Happened: The Human Side
In a new entry of Schiit Happened, @Jason Stoddard discusses a different aspect of Schiit's business, the human element, and what it means to Schiit Audio. Read The Human Side now in Jason's blog.
Ucotech ES-P1 Review by CharlesRievone
Head-Fi'er @CharlesRievone says "the ES-P1 sounds more like a headphone than an earbud," in this review. "The Ucotech ES-P1 has a strong claim of being the best in the earbud game of thrones."
Sennheiser IE 500 PRO Review by iems0nly
"The IE500 Pros are an incredible set of IEMs," writes @iems0nly. Click here and find out why "any audiophile would be impressed with the detailed and accurate presentation of the IE 500 Pro."
FiiO FH5 Review by bowei006
If you're looking for an "undeniably a fun and warm sounding IEM," @bowei006 calls the FiiO FH5 "a great sounding cozy IEM meant for those that already know what they want and want more of it."
HILL Audio Altair•RA Review by NymPHONOmaniac
Head-Fi'er @NymPHONOmaniac recently reviewed the HILL Audio Altair•RA, calling them an IEM that's "just unbeatable when it come to the quality of construction" with a U-shaped signature. Read it here.
Creative Pebble Plus Review by Jupit3r
Head-Fi'er @Jupit3r says the sound quality of the Creative Pebble Plus "is almost unrivaled in the same price range." If you're looking for a budget-friendly 2.1 setup, make sure to visit this review.
FiiO Adds a New BTA10 Model to the Family
FiiO just expanded their BTA10 line with a new wireless adapter for the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 series of headphones. If you own an ATH-MSR7, learn all about making it wireless in FiiO's thread.
Audeze Introduces the Newest Member of the LCD Family
Audeze just revealed a new LCD-GX, their latest planar magnetic headphone and they're calling it the first audiophile gaming headphone. Learn more about the LCD-GX in their announcement thread.
Meze Audio Empyrean Review by ngoshawk
Head-Fi'er @ngoshawk reviewed the Meze Audio Empyrean as part of TTVJ's loaner program, and he writes, "honest open and appreciated, the level of detail is almost startling." Check out this review.
Tin HiFi T3 Review by Zelda
Those hunting for IEMs that "show a capable level of detail, more than the price could suggest" with a "neutral and detailed sound" won't want to miss @Zelda's Tin HiFi T3 review.