Check out the Full Desktop Lineup from SOUNDAWARE
You may have seen the SOUNDAWARE DAPs and their desktop P1 discussed on Head-Fi, but they have more desktop gear that may have flown under the radar. Read about their complete desktop lineup here.
Questyle QP2R Review by Watermelon Boi
Head-Fi'er @Watermelon Boi says the Questyle QP2R is "a great choice to consider as its performance keeps up with any other flagship DAPs but obtainable for a more affordable price." Read more here.
Dekoni Audio Focal and Fostex Pads on Sale at Massdrop
Dekoni Audio's premium replacement pads for Focal and Fostex are currently on sale at Massdrop, and Head-Fi'ers can learn more here. Prices start around $35 so now's a good time to save on a new pair.
Sennheiser CX SPORT: Sennheiser FINALLY Releases *Wireless* Exercise Headphones
Sennheiser's exercise headphones have been my category favorites, in terms of sound quality. I haven't been using them as much as others, though, as they're not wireless. They've finally come around!
iBasso IT01 Review by Kervsky
"I was impressed the first time I tried the IT01 and that hasn't really changed, this is one really good IEM," writes @Kervsky. Read his iBasso IT01 review for more thoughts on iBasso's latest IEM.
Clear Tune Monitors Introduces a New Portable Bundle
Clear Tune Monitors and Acoustic Research have partnered together to deliver a portable bundle for Head-Fi'ers. Find out how you can pick up a custom CT-500 IEM with an AR-M200 DAP for $899 here.
ADVANCED Alpha Review by heliosphann
The Alpha is the first planar magnetic headphone from ADVANCED, and Head-Fi'er @heliosphann spent some time with them. Check out the review to see why he says the Alpha is a success in many ways.
Musician's Friend Special: JBL Everest Elite 700
Looking for a pair of headphones that come close to the Harman Preference Curve? Click here to find out how you can save big on a pair of JBL Everest Elite 700 headphones from Musician's Friend.
Kinera SEED Review by ngoshawk
@ngoshawk says the Kinera SEED's "...sound is right. And by that, I mean the stroke of piano keys is spot on, the staccato of drum stick to snare and bass drum support enhances that feel." Continued.
Magaosi X3 Review by manukmanohar
@manukmanohar writes "I would characterize the IEM’s as slightly dark, but overall neutral. It delivers a smooth, resolving sound and is a pleasure to listen to." Check out the Magaosi X3 review here.
Head-Fi Photo Album: Astell&Kern Billie Jean
The Astell&Kern Billie Jean will be featured in an upcoming episode of Head-Fi TV, but you can get an early look at some of @AxelCloris's photos. Click here to check out Brian's new Billie Jean album.
Shure SRH440 Review by audiophilefan
Is a headphone with "pristine clarity, fast bass, flowing mids and shimmery highs" on your list? Read @audiophilefan's Shure SRH440 review, because he "could not ask for more from a closed back set."
An Original In Every Way, Tyll Hertsens Retires
Tyll Hertsens--founder of HeadRoom Corporation, and most recently the editor of InnerFidelity--announced his retirement. Tyll helped define the world of premium headphone audio, and will be missed.
Dekoni Audio Starts Shipping Blue Headphones
Dekoni Audio has stated shipping their Blue headphone to Head-Fi'ers, and for a limited time you can save $50 on a pair. Check out the reviews and see if the Dekoni Audio Blue is your next headphone.
Bluewave GET Review by Currawong
Looking for a "versatile Bluetooth headphone adaptor with good sound and unique features"? Check out Currawong's Bluewave GET review to see if the compact wireless adapter meets your needs.
FiiO EX1 II Review by McSchnauze
Head-Fi'er @McSchnauze describes the FiiO EX1 II as "moderately 'U' shaped [...] with enhanced lows" and says its soundstage "is the aspect where the FiiO EX1ii excels." Read the full review for more.
Dekoni Audio HD 600 Family Pads on Sale at Massdrop
For a limited time, you can save on Dekoni Audio pads for the Sennheiser HD 600, HD 650, HD 660 S, as well as the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee and HD 6XX, at Massdrop. Details here.
Chord Electronics Announces Hugo TT 2
Chord Electronics just unveiled the upcoming Hugo TT 2, and Head-Fi'ers can get their first look here. Check out the announcement and keep an eye on the thread for more details as they're released.