Headphone Measurements: Positioning The Headphone
Since we've been talking a lot about headphone measurements on the forums, I wanted to show you Head-Fi's measurement systems, and walk you through how we position headphones for measurement.
Kinera Earbud Review by B9Scrambler
If "a smooth, easygoing sound with a mid-range and bass focus" is your thing, check out @B9Scrambler's review of the limited release Kinera Earbud. "I'd call their first foray into earbuds a success."
Shanling M2s Review by Dobrescu George
@Dobrescu George recently reviewed the Shanling M2s, saying it's "surely one of the best choices you can make" for an entry-level player. If you've been looking for a compact player, read his review.
More Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S THD Discussions
After still more distortion measuring, we’ve come to a conclusion about the HD800 and HD800S. We discuss this, including talk about isolating DUTs, noise, measurement precision, and more measurements.
Unique Melody ME.1 Review by glassmonkey
"The Unique Melody ME.1 is an excellent headphone [with] a sound signature that manages to be engaging and relaxing at the same time," writes @glassmonkey. Check out more of his thoughts here.
ACS Evoke Review by crabdog
Thinking about getting into CIEMs? @crabdog says "the ACS Evoke custom in-ear monitor has a smooth sound with a warm tilt. It's quite mid-forward." If that's your sound, read more in his review here.
DUNU Falcon-C Review by Moonstar
If you've been looking for a v-shaped IEM with "very well controlled bass that hits quite hard when called upon," check out @Moonstar's review of the DUNU Falcon-C to see if this is the one for you.
Sennheiser HD 660 S Review by DarKu
Head-Fi'er @DarKu wrote, "If you liked the HD 650 and the HD 600, it’s impossible not to like the new HD 660 S." Find out how the HD 660 S compares to its siblings the HD 650 and HD 600 in his review.
iBasso IT01 Review by twister6
"[The iBasso] IT01 delivers a fun v-shaped signature with a clear detailed sound, a wide soundstage expansion, a punchy bass, and a crisp treble," says @twister6. Read more in his complete review.
Penon BS1 Review by audio123
If you're in the market for "...a full-bodied sounding earbud that packs a high level of details retrieval with a smooth approach," check out @audio123's review of the Penon BS1.
Rhapsodio Saturn Review by Wyville
Head-Fi'er @Wyville asks "Like a good guitar riff? The [Rhapsodio] Saturn have you covered!" Check out his review to see why he says "I think they offer excellent value and are well worth a demo."
HiFiMAN RE800 Review by justrest
"The RE800 has a bright presentation with wide and deep soundstage, high instrumental separation, natural and refine tune" writes @justrest. "I really liked the Hifiman RE800." Read more in his review
Optoma NuForce BE Free8 Review by B9Scrambler
@B9Scrambler calls the Optoma NuForce Be FREE8 "a great example of fully wireless done right." Read his review to see why he believes the Be FREE8 "succeeds at giving listeners a positive experience."
Cozoy Takt Pro Review by ryanjsoo
"The Takt Pro is a slightly warm and mellow source; combining a mid-bass focussed low-end with a laid-back midrange and slightly reserved treble presentation." Check out @ryanjsoo's review for more.
Meet Impressions: Washington, DC (January 13, 2018)
The DC area community had a get-together on Saturday, and @sheldaze and @edgeworth have posted some photos from the meet. Check out the thread to see some of the gear and Head-Fi'ers that were there.
Join us in New York for CanJam NYC 2018 (February 17-18, 2018)
Come join us in NYC next month as CanJam returns to Times Square. Get hands-on experience with the newest products from some of the best names in the industry. Click here for location and pass info.
More HD800 and HD800S FFT Measurements At ALMA International Conference
At the ALMA International annual conference last weekend, we did more Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S FFT measurements to further explore our earlier HD800/HD800S harmonic distortion discussions.
iDeaUSA V201 Review by crabdog
@crabdog writes "for an entry-level product, this does set the bar high when it comes to Bluetooth headphones." Read his review here to see why he thinks the iDeaUSA V201 is "...hard to beat."