Check Out The Impressions From CanJam NYC 2018 (February 17-18)
CanJam NYC 2018 was an exiting show and the impressions thread is hopping. If you couldn't make it to the show, check out all of the impressions here. If you were with us in NYC, share your thoughts!
Upcoming Meet: Nashville, TN (March 3, 2018)
There's a Head-Fi meet happening in Nashville on March 3rd, so if you're going to be in the area make sure to stop by. Get to know some fellow Head-Fi'ers and try a wide range of gear. Details here.
iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label Review by emptymt
If you're a portable DAC/amp with "very flexible power output and an enjoyable sound signature that is fatigue free" is on your list, read @emptymt's review of the iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label.
FiiO F9 Pro Review by BulldogXTRM
"The Fiio F9 Pro is an outstanding IEM..." writes @BulldogXTRM, "...and you would be hard pressed to find another IEM that does as well in this price range." Click here for his FiiO F9 Pro review.
New Planar Magnetics, New Electrostats, New IEMs, New DACs, New Amps, New...
Couldn't make it out to CanJam NYC 2018? Click here to re-watch the preview video and see all of the amazing gear that was at the show, and then make sure to join us in the impressions thread.
Cayin N5ii Review by twister6
In @twister6's latest piece, he says "Cayin clearly did their homework when they introduced this $369 DAP with every feature you can imagine." Check out his full Cayin N5ii review here.
Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 Review by ejong7
Massdrop and NuForce have teamed up once again and developed a triple BA driver version of the EDC, the Massdrop x NuForce EDC3. Check out @ejong7's review to see how it measures up against the EDC.
StereoPravda SB-7 Review by Dr Jekyll
"Nothing is muffled or suffocated, nothing is exaggerated. Everything has its own room to breathe." Read @Dr Jekyll's review of the StereoPravda SB-7 to hear the rest of his thoughts.
Unique Melody Mason V3 Review by Mimouille
Head-Fi'er @Mimouille calls the Unique Melody Mason V3 "...deep, detailed, resolving, energetic, quite coherent for 16 drivers, and quite full." If a flagship IEM is on your wishlist, read his review.
ADVANCED S2000 Review by Cinder
@Cinder calls the ADVANCED S2000 "...a more refined take on a traditional V-shaped sound signature." "Advanced Sound did quite well for themselves with the S2000. I often forgot how little it costs!"
Vision Ears VE5 Review by Wyville
"With the VE5 Vision Ears have nailed it; they are unique sounding CIEMs that excel at vocal music and solo performances," writes @Wyville. If you're shopping for a new IEM, don't skip his review.
Aune Kicks Off B1s EU Tour
If you're located in the EU and are interested in spending some time with the Aune B1s portable amp, sign up to be a participant on the current EU tour. Get all of the details here.
Empire Ears Legend X Review by twister6
If your preferred sound is "a fully balanced signature with an enhanced bass impact," read @twister6's review of the Empire Ears Legend X. "[The] Legend X tuning is catered to basshead audiophiles."
Meze Audio Teases Their New Flagship - EMPYREAN
Meze Audio has released a teaser for their upcoming flagship, the EMPYREAN Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone. Details will be released soon, so click here and keep an eye on the announcement thread.
Campfire Audio Cascade Photos by ExpatinJapan
@ExpatinJapan recently posted a photoset of the new Campfire Audio Cascade over-ear portable headphone. Check out his images that highlight the Cascade's aluminum and stainless steel construction.
CanJam NYC 2018: Join Sonarworks at Platinum Sound Studios
After day one of CanJam NYC 2018 is over, join us at Sonarworks’ CanJam NYC get-together at Platinum Sound Studios. Come experience True-Fi in a studio environment, five minutes from CanJam NYC 2018.
Check Out The [Updated] Show Specials From CanJam NYC
Updated list: There are a large number of exhibitors running show specials at CanJam NYC this month, and @third_eye has posted the full list in the CanJam thread. Find out where you can save big.
Seminars At CanJam NYC: Sennheiser HD820, Audio Measurements, DAC Design, Voicing Headphones
At CanJam NYC, there will be a talk with audio engineers about audio measurements, and seminars about Sennheiser HD820 development, DAC design, & headphone voicing. Axel Grell, Rob Watts, Paul Barton.