Dekoni Audio Introduces New Audeze Pads and More
Check out Dekoni Audio's new aftermarket pads for Audeze LCD headphones, read about their new measurement rig, and get a small taste for one of Dekoni Audio's upcoming products in their latest thread.
Shinola The Canfield In-Ear Monitors Review by Cinder
The Canfield In-Ear Monitors are a collaboration between Campfire Audio and Shinola, and @Cinder calls them "a remarkable offering." Read why "the Canfield IEM is a giant among its peers" here.
atomicbob Posts A Bunch Of Schiit Audio Yggdrasil 2 Measurements
atomicbob posted a full suite of Schiit Audio Yggdrasil 2 measurements and commentary. And in that thread (below atomicbob's posts) we also just posted revised linearity measurements and discussion.
Kinera SEED Review by Johnny Mac
If an IEM that can "push the right buttons to be used on the go and for breaktime sessions that would last longer than you planned" is on your list, then read @Johnny Mac's Kinera SEED review.
Campfire Audio Comet Review by Kervsky
"The Comet has a good level of bass with great mids and very good treble that provides a relatively balanced musical experience." Check out @Kervsky's review for more about Campfire Audio's new IEM.
Takstar Pro 82 Review by Markolav
If you're looking for a "quite balanced and neutral-ish sounding headphone with a slightly U-shaped signature," check out @Markolav's Takstar Pro 82 review. "They are detail cannons."
Aiwa Is Looking for Headphone Testers
Aiwa is looking for a few Head-Fi'ers to help test and provide feedback on their upcoming Arc-1 Bluetooth headphones. If you're interested in taking part, visit their announcement thread to apply.
Hidition NT-8 Review by MrOTL
Head-Fi'er @MrOTL was able to spend some time with both the custom and universal versions of the Hidition NT-8 IEM. If you're looking for a flagship IEM, check out his review to see if its for you.
iFi Audio xDSD Review by rafaelo
Head-Fi'er @rafaelo took part in iFi Audio's xDSD tour and shared his thoughts with the community. Check out his xDSD review to read about what he describes as its "orgasmic sound."
Whizzer A15 and A15 Pro Review by Watermelon Boi
If you're debating between Whizzer's A15 and A15 Pro IEMs, check out @Watermelon Boi's recent head-to-head review. "I'd definitely consider either of them to be worth the price." Read more here.
Empire Ears Phantom Review by Wyville
"The Phantom are exceptional technical performers that offer accurate timbre, reproducing some of the most realistic instruments and vocals you are likely to hear." Read @Wyville's review for more.
Burson Play Impressions by Mij-Van
Head-Fi'er @Mij-Van says the Burson Play has "one of the best bass performances I’ve ever heard from the dac/amp combo." Click here to read more of his impressions about Burson's compact DAC/amp.
final E5000 Review by iems0nly
Find out why @iems0nly says, "I never knew that music could be so relaxing and still have such great clarity," in his final E5000 review. "You will be rewarded with a sublime musical experience."
Join us at CanJam London 2018! (July 21-22, 2018)
CanJam is returning to London July 21-22, 2018! That's right, CanJam London 2018 will happen at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, right in the heart of London. Click here for all of the details!
Shure KSE1200 Review by siruspan
Head-Fi'er @siruspan says the Shure KSE1200 delivers "spectacular and captivating real sound while being extremely transparent and musical at the same time." Check out the review for more thoughts.
iFi Audio Introduces the New DC iPurifier2
iFi Audio has unveiled their latest product, the DC iPurifier2. iFi says "the DC iPurifier2 identifies noise frequencies then generates identical but opposite frequencies" to cancel noise. More here.
Meet Impressions: Detroit, MI (June 3, 2018)
The Michigan Head-Fi'ers recently got together and they've started posting their impressions. Check out the thread now for the early impressions and stop by later to read new ones as they're posted.
Schiit Audio Yggdrasil 2 Measurements Posted
The Yggdrasil 2 multi-bit DAC from Schiit Audio was recently analyzed by’s Measurement Lab. See how its performance characteristics measure up, and how it compares versus…