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New Vérité Closed and Limited Edition Woods Coming from ZMFheadphones
ZMFheadphones just announced the release date for their new Vérité Closed headphone, and they're showing off three new limited edition woods for their current line. Read all about them in this thread.
Sennheiser HD 600 Review by SLC1966
Head-Fi'er @SLC1966 recently reviewed the classic Sennheiser HD 600, saying "the HD 600 can be your open back headphone end game." Click here to read more thoughts on this time-honored headphone.
Audeze LCD-GX Review by Mad Lust Envy
"The GX is as I've come to expect from an Audeze LCD headphone, and that is a good thing," writes @Mad Lust Envy. "The GX is in your face with a big beautiful, bold presence." Read his review here.
Akoustyx R-115 Review by iems0nly
@iems0nly writes, "if monitoring and detail extraction is not your priority and immersing yourself in the music for a long time is, then the R115 will keep you smiling with their fatigue free tuning."
Upcoming Meet: Seattle, WA (September 7, 2019)
The Seattle-Area Head-Fi'ers are getting together again on September 7th, and you're invited to join. Check out the announcement thread to find out what gear you can demo, and don't forget to RSVP.
SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Review by RedJohn456
If you're looking for a new on-the-go headphone, @RedJohn456's review should be on your reading list. "The sound is great for what a portable on-ear headphone should be - energetic and dynamic."
Upcoming Event: Meet Three New Audeze Headphones at TSAV (August 31, 2019)
If you're able to make your way to TSAV's Torrance, CA store on August 31st, stop by to experience three new headphones from Audeze: the LCD-24, LCD-GX, and LCD-i3. Times and location in their thread.
iBasso Introduces the iBasso DX160
The discussion thread for iBasso's upcoming DX160 digital audio player is in full swing, and Head-Fi'ers are invited to join in. Stop by the thread to learn all about iBasso's new $399 player.
Auris Audio Headonia Review by third_eye
Check out @third_eye's review of the Auris Audio Headonia to learn why it's "among the best pieces of headphone audio gear that I’ve heard at any price and is a true end-of-the-line flagship."
Noble Audio Savant II Review by mvvRAZ
"The level of instrumental separation, as well as the soundstage width and depth are off the charts and the absolute best I've heard at this price point," says @mvvRAZ. Read his Savant II review here.
HIFIMAN Jade II Review by negura
If you're looking for an electrostatic system that has "a very natural sound, slightly on warmer/fuller side, but largely neutral," check out @negura's review of the HIFIMAN Jade II.
Grab a Sneak Peek of Audeze's Upcoming LCD-i3
Audeze is offering a first look at their upcoming LCD-i3 IEM, which they're calling the "successor to the extremely popular iSINE 20 and 'little brother' to the LCD-i4." Visit this thread for details.
Tanchjim Oxygen Review by Animagus
"Tanchjim deserves a pat on the back for tuning Oxygen. It is an excellent specimen of Harman tuning and is one of best sounding IEMs under $300," writes @Animagus. Check out his full review here.
Sennheiser Introduces the IE 80S BT
Sennheiser recently showed off their upcoming IE 80S BT wireless IEM, describing it as having "outstanding accuracy and a breathtaking soundstage." Stop by this thread to learn more.
Hidition NT1 Review by MrOTL
Head-Fi'er @MrOTL recently reviewed the Hidition NT1 custom IEM, describing it as having a "flat sound-signature" with "amazingly detailed mid and treble." To read his full review, click here.
Stealth Sonics U9 Review by Wyville
"The U9 offer clarity and detail at a very high level, while maintaining smoothness and accuracy in the reproduction of instruments," writes @Wyville. "The U9 are clear, clean and musical."
Pick up a Free FiiO FB1 IEM When You Buy a FiiO M7
Starting August 16, Head-Fi'ers who purchase a FiiO M7 from Amazon can get a FiiO FB1 IEM for free with this promo code. Stop by the thread to grab the code and to read more about the limited bundle.
Etymotic ER2SE Review by iems0nly
"The [ER2SE's] dynamic drivers have a rather strong character and differs quite a bit from the BA delivery of the ER4s," says @iems0nly. "This is a very special earphone tuned in the right signature."