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Lime Ears Model X Review by Grimbles
@Grimbles calls the Lime Ears Model X "two premium IEMs in one package: a reference tuned detail monster with a soundstage to die for; neatly transitioning to a warm, enjoyable leisure listener."
Sign up for the HIFIMAN ANANDA Tour Today
The HIFIMAN ANANDA is the next headphone to head out on a tour of Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and North America. Interested Head-Fi'ers can learn how to join the tour in this thread.
Join Us in Orange County for CanJam SoCal 2019 (June 22-23, 2019)
CanJam SoCal is coming, and you're invited to join us for the next USA stop on the CanJam 2019 global tour. Follow this thread to stay up to date on all you'll be able to hear and see at CanJam SoCal.
AYA Silver SA-01 Review by WilliamLeonhart
Head-Fi'er @WilliamLeonhart suggests "if you want a lovable, relaxing sound to enjoy on a peaceful Saturday morning [...] the AYA Silver might be what you’re looking for." Check out his review here.
KEF Motion One Review by dweaver
If you're shopping for a Bluetooth IEM, @dweaver calls the KEF Motion One "one of the best sonic deals I have seen in many years." Read about its "natural yet engaging IEM experience" in this review.
Stay up to Date on the Latest from Vision Ears
Vision Ears just kicked off a new announcement and Q&A thread, and Head-Fi'ers are invited to follow the discussion for the latest news and updates. Stop by and ask any IEM/CIEM questions you have.
Hisenior B5+ Review by FastAndClean
Those looking for an IEM that's "warm, VERY mid forward" with "clean and extended treble" should stop by @FastAndClean's Hisenior B5+ review. "For vocals they can be very intense in a good way."
Custom Art FIBAE Black Review by Zelda
Head-Fi'er @Zelda calls the Custom Art FIBAE Black "colored with a bit midrange forward presentation which is very rich, smooth, engaging and very musical." Check out Zelda's complete review here.
HIFIMAN HE6se Review by Army-Firedawg
In his latest review, @Army-Firedawg goes over the HIFIMAN HE6se, a headphone he says "gives the listener an experience that justifies its legendary status." Click here and find out why.
Questyle QP2R Impressions by moedawg140
Head-Fi'er @moedawg shares his impressions of the Questyle QP2R and a few of his favorite pairings. If you're interested to hear his thoughts on how it compares to the QP1R, read them here.
Audeze Mobius Review by Mad Lust Envy
The Mobius is "a stellar music headphone, gaming headset, and general media monster," according to @Mad Lust Envy. "Based off sound quality alone, I was instantly enamored by the Mobius." More here.
Meier-Audio Corda Soul Review by MRC001
"The Soul is the most transparent DAC and preamp that I have heard," writes @MRC001. "As a transparency purist, I really enjoy listening to it." Don't miss this Meier-Audio Corda Soul review.
Cowon Plenue D2 Review by kanth
If you need a DAP that has a "completely black background, even on high-gain mode, with long-lasting battery life (45 hrs) that can play music continuously for almost 2 days," read @kanth's review.
Eternal Melody EM-5H Review by suman134
"The Eternal Melody EM-5H is an earphone which cannot be anything but brilliant," writes @suman134. Find out why he says there is "not a single thing that is wrong with this 5H" in this review.
CanJam Singapore Impressions By Deezel177 (Part One Of Many)
Deezel177 posted a multi-part series of thorough CanJam Singapore impressions. It's a great read of one man's impressions as he walked the wall-to-wall audio-gear-filled halls of CanJam Singapore.
iBasso IT01s Review by twister6
@twister6 says the IT01s "surprised me how well it scales up to a higher level of sound performance, [...] something which many of my other 'budget' IEMs can't handle." Click here for his review.
HIFIMAN's SUNDARA Heads out on Tour
HIFIMAN is sending their SUNDARA headphone on a tour of North America and Europe, and interested Head-Fi'ers are invited to sign up to take part. Visit HIFIMAN's tour thread to join the fun.
Clear Tune Monitors Da Vinci IX Review by Layman1
Want an IEM with "a fairly large soundstage and a high level of separation, excellent layering and imaging, and world-class levels of clarity and detail"? Don't miss @Layman1's CTM Da Vinci IX Review.