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Shozy & Neo BG Review by justrest
Head-Fi'er @justrest describes the Shozy & Neo BG as a "shining star for its price," thanks in part to its "natural and slightly bright" signature. "All in all, Shozy Neo BG is very good earphone."
The ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed is Now Available
ZMFheadphones is making their new Vérité Closed headphone available today. Interested Head-Fi'ers should stop by this thread to learn more, and check out their other specials while you're there.
HiBy R5 Review by twister6
In @twister6's latest review, he discusses the HiBy R5, its strengths and weaknesses, comparisons to other DAPs, and some of his favorite headphone pairings. Click here to check out his full review.
CanJam Returns to Shanghai (November 9-10, 2019)
Preparations for the second CanJam Shanghai are underway, and if you're planning to join us this November, there are a limited number of discounted hotel rooms available. Book yours today.
Audeze LCD-24 Impressions by alexzogh
Head-Fi'er @alexzogh has been spending some time getting to know Audeze's new LCD-24, and came away saying "these are keepers." Read more of his thoughts and comparisons in this review.
Campfire Audio Andromeda Review by B9Scrambler
In @B9Scrambler's Campfire Audio Andromeda review, he shares how he was impressed by the tuning, "how well it handled any genre I tossed at it, but most importantly, how effortlessly it did it all."
Check out the Latest Offer from EVGA
Find out how you can save on EVGA's NU Audio Card and learn more about its "high-performance digital section with Native DSD support and a clean, powerful analog section" in this thread.
Empire Ears Legend X Impressions by Medikill
Head-Fi'er @Medikill recently shared his impressions of the Empire Ears Legend X, highlighting some of the aspects that he likes best and making comparisons to other popular IEMs. Read them here.
New FW1.0.7 Firmware is Available for the FiiO M11
FiiO just released a firmware update for their FiiO M11 portable player, bringing a handful of improvements including an 'auto-search for lyrics and album art' function, several bug fixes, and more.
Head-Fi Adds Two New Stops to the CanJam 2020 Schedule
The CanJam 2020 global schedule was just announced, and Head-Fi invites you to join us at our 2020 CanJam shows in New York City, Singapore, Shenzhen, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, and Shanghai.
iBasso AMP9 Review by Zelda
If you own one of iBasso's digital players and you've been thinking about swapping your amp module, @Zelda says the AMP9 module "[presents] everything in a more engaging and very, very musical way."
HIFIMAN ANANDA Review by daduy
"In my opinion, Hifiman has managed to tune the Ananda to perfection," writes @daduy. "Give it a listen if you can, you might find them to be the headphones that you never knew you needed."
What Are You Listening To (Music)?
What're you listening to? I can't stop listening to Sierra Ferrell. Share the music you've been loving with your fellow Head-Fi'ers.
Hisenior B5+ Review by baskingshark
The Hisenior B5+ is "a specialist IEM that would suit mid-centric lovers who like genres like jazz, vocals and acoustic songs," writes @baskingshark. "It's a keeper for me for a non fatiguing sound."
Upcoming Event: Audeze Showcase (September 21, 2019)
If you're going to be around Phoenix, AZ on September 21st, make plans to stop by this Audeze event to experience their all-new planar magnetic headphones, the Audeze LCD-24 and LCD-i3. Details here.
Vision Ears ELYSIUM Review by mvvRAZ
Check out @mvvRAZ's Vision Ears ELYSIUM review to find out why he writes, "it is one of these products that makes you feel like it was designed specifically for you, and it's just an instant match."
final B2 Review by NymPHONOmaniac
"If you’ve always been underwhelmed by single BA bass, tonality or timbre [...] I think the Final Audio B2 singular approach to musicality might really please you," says @NymPHONOmaniac in his review.
Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 Review by jwbrent
Head-Fi'er @jwbrent recommends the Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 because he feels "there's nothing to lose other than any preconception of how good a $250 IEM can sound. It's that good." Read why in this review.