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Euphony/Matrix Audio/Keces System Review by project86
Head-Fi'er @Project86 reviewed the Euphony PTS server, Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 D2D converter, and Keces P8 PSU pairing. "I have never achieved this level of transport quality at any price in the past."
final E3000 Review by suman134
@suman134 describes the final E3000 as "...quite natural with a slight warmth and smoothness to it." Read more about final's IEM with a "lush tuning with fantastically balanced upper mid and highs."
Aune M1s Review by tenedosian
If you're in the market for a new dedicated portable audio player, @tenedosian gave us his thoughts on Aune's M1s DAP. Find out why he calls it "...a strong competitor for the price..." in his review.
Astrotec Lyra Collection Review by B9Scrambler
If you're in the market for an earbud with "crisp, detailed sound and luxurious build quality," check out @B9Scrambler's Astrotec Lyra Collection review. "It makes for a truly impressive listen."
FIDUE VIRGO A85 Review by twister6
@twister6 says that he was surprised by the FIDUE VIRGO A85. "The focus here is certainly on mids, their clarity and retrieval of details." "I would have never guessed it's a 3way hybrid." Read on.
Join us in New York for CanJam NYC 2018 (February 17-18, 2018)
2017 was the inaugural year for CanJam NYC and it was an extraordinary show. We'll be returning to the Times Square Marriott Marquis in 2018 and we hope to see you there. Click here for the details.
Master & Dynamic MH40 Review by ryanjsoo
"The MH40 is more than just a fashion statement and its sonic expression is far more profound than its superficial luxury may lead buyers to believe," writes @ryanjsoo. Read why in his latest review.
Schiit Happened: What We Did Right
In the latest chapter of Schiit Happened, @Jason Stoddard reflects on the year that was, and discusses some of Schiit’s accomplishments in 2017. Click here for Schiit Happened: What We Did Right.
Earsonics ES3 Review by audio123
Head-Fi'er @audio123 describes the Earsonics ES3 as having "incredible finesse in handling vocals and the midrange takes on a full bodied approach." If you're looking for an IEM, check out his review.
xDuoo X10 Review by Zelda
In her latest review, @Zelda says "the X10 has a well balanced and fairly full sound signature," and "it has a good sense of musicality keeping a nice level of detail and separation." Click for more.
Auglamour RT-1 Review by Cinder
If you're in the market for an IEM with "...a top-notch bass signature," read @Cinder's review of the Auglamour RT-1. "It certainly does stand out to me from the crowd." Click here for more.
Mee audio Pinnacle P2 Review by Moonstar
In his review of the Mee audio Pinnacle P2, @Moonstar writes "the Pinnacle P2 is a very good option in the $ 100 USD category," thanks to what he describes as an engaging sound and good detail level.
Inearz Audio Fusion Review by crabdog
If you're looking for an IEM that is "...characterized by its meaty bass and fairly forward midrange," check out @crabdog's review of the Inearz Audio Fusion. "The Fusion get a solid recommendation."
Meze 99 Neo Review by Howlin Fester
Head-Fi'er @Howlin Fester took part in the Meze 99 Neo review tour and says, "I could see myself using these a lot more than some of my other closed back headphones." Find out why here in his review.
Head-Fi'er Bina Visits QDC
Head-Fi'er @Bina recently took a tour of custom in-ear manufacturer QDC's headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Check out the photos and read the impressions from the visit to their showroom.
Unique Melody Martian Review by Dobrescu George
@Dobrescu George says "[if] you're looking for an IEM that will reveal all the details in songs you've known for ages, [the] UM Martian should be high in your list." Read the rest of his review here.
TTVJ Announces Apex Pinnacle2 and Pinnacle2 Ultra
TTVJ has announced the successors to the Apex Pinnacle headphone amp/preamp, the Apex Pinnacle2 and Apex Pinnacle2 Ultra. They're offering a special savings to early buyers, so click here for details.