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Canjam London 2019 Preview Video - Head-Fi TV
A legend's first DAC; measuring headphones, IEMs, DAPs, and DACs; hi-res wireless; reference-class portable players; fast headphones; and much more in the CanJam London 2019 Preview Video.
iBasso DX220 Review by Layman1
"What really astonished me was plugging in my relatively ‘budget’ IEMs into the DX220 and hearing them sound like they cost 5 times the price," writes @Layman1. "A TOTL performer at mid-range price."
Don't Miss These CanJam London 2019 Show Specials
If you'll be joining Head-Fi for CanJam SoCal 2019 this weekend, make sure to check out these show specials and save on some of the incredible products you'll be able to demo at the event.
xDuoo EP1 Review by Barra
Head-Fi'er @Barra says the xDuoo EP1 "offers a richly enjoyable experience that brings a sense of rhythm and tempo that can get your foot tapping." "There is nothing missing as far as I am concerned."
Check out the CanJam London 2019 Seminar Schedule
If you'll be attending CanJam London this month, there are several incredible seminars to check out. Don't miss these talks presented by Axel Grell, Dr. Frederik Knop, Rob Watts, and Futuresource.
final B1 Review by jwbrent
"The final B1 will bring incredible pleasure to the listener at a price that competes strongly with other IEMs," writes @jwbrent. Click here to find out why he says "it certainly has rocked my world!"
Head-Fi Returns to the UK for CanJam London 2019 (July 27-28, 2019)
CanJam London is returning on July 27-28, 2019, and will be taking place once again at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel. Follow this thread and stay up to date as more details are announced.
Topping D50 Review by kdoof
Looking for an entry-level DAC? @kdoof writes, "I think the D50 is an excellent DAC: and for now it'll be the one I recommend to people for their first serious audio set-up." Read why in this review.
Cayin HA300 Review by project86
Head-Fi'er @project86 says the Cayin HA300 lead him on "a wild adventure, exploring various headphone pairings and the sometimes unique soundscapes possible with each." Explore this amp in his review.
CanJam SoCal 2019 Coverage by Headphone.Guru - Part 5
In part 5 of Headphone.Guru's CanJam SoCal 2019 coverage, Bowei Zhao (@bowei006) highlights products from Ultimate Ears, Jerry Harvey Audio, beyerdynamic, and more. Check out his report here.
FiiO F9 Review by Killcomic
"It blew away some IEMs twice its price with its clarity and soundstage," writes @Killcomic. He calls the F9 an amazing value, and says "at no point was I left wanting for something more." Read more.
64 Audio Introduces the Limited Edition Fourté Noir
"To celebrate our anniversary, we're introducing the limited edition Fourté Noir, an homage to our award-winning flagship [tia Fourté]." Find out all about the new 64 Audio Fourté Noir in this thread.
Questyle CMA Twelve Master Review by Slim1970
"Every instrument can be heard and pictured in your head" writes @Slim1970. "Music sounds very cohesive, balanced, and full bodied." Read why he says "the CMA Twelve Master is worthy of ownership."
CanJam SoCal 2019 Coverage by AudioHead
If you weren't able to attend CanJam SoCal last month, AudioHead's show coverage highlights some of the best gear the show had to offer. Check out their continuing show report here.
Stealth Sonics U9 Review by davidmolliere
If you're on the hunt for an IEM with "deep bass response, a transparent midrange, and crystal-clear open highs," check out @davidmolliere's Stealth Sonics U9 review.
Custom Art FIBAE 7 Review by akared
@akared: "With sublime technicalities equipped with toe-tapping musicality without pushing the details at your face, the F7 strikes a balance that I have never heard before." Read the review here.
iBasso DC01 Review by twister6
The ultra-portable DAC dongle market has been growing rapidly, and there are many options available. In this iBasso DC01 review, @twister6 writes "for $49 this is no-brainer." Click here to learn why.
Save on ZMFheadphones at TSAV
The Source AV is liquidating several ZMFheadphones models and inventory is limited, so if you've been looking for a chance to save on a ZMF headphone, now may be your chance. Find the details here.