NCM NC5-V2 Review by suman134
If you're looking for a hybrid in-ear with "meaty, punchy dynamic bass loaded with texture and details," @suman134's review of the NCM NC5-V2 should be your next read. Find it here.
Meet Impressions: Westborough, MA (November 18, 2018)
The Boston-area Head-Fi'ers got together this weekend for a meet, and @gc335 has kicked off the impressions thread with some of his thoughts and a series of photos. Check out his meet coverage here.
Black Friday 2018: Save at Clear Tune Monitors
Clear Tune Monitors is kicking off their Black Friday sale and Head-Fi'ers can save up to 40% on CTM's products. Stop by their announcement thread to check out the holiday savings.
Pre-order the ZMFheadphones VÉRITÉ and Aeolus Now
The ZMFheadphones VÉRITÉ and Aeolus pre-order slots open today, so if you’ve been itching to be among the first to try these new headphones, make sure to place your order soon. Get the details here.
Black Friday 2018: PLUSSOUND Announces Two Black Friday Events
PLUSSOUND is kicking off their first Black Friday event at Massdrop now, and a second event begins on Nov 22nd. Check out their deals on cables, earphones, amplifiers, and accessories in this thread.
TENHZ P4 Pro Review by B9Scrambler
@B9Scrambler says the TENHZ P4 Pro is "consistent and reliable and doesn't do anything to turn me off when I just want to sit and listen to music." Check out this review for the rest of his thoughts.
iFi Audio xCAN Review by sarfdawg
"If you are in the market for a DAC/Amp, and you are looking for versatility and Bluetooth, look no further. This is your product," says @sarfdawg. Check out his iFi Audio xDSD Review to see why.
SoundMAGIC Vento P55 V3 Review by Zelda
Head-Fi'er @Zelda recently reviewed the new SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Version 3, saying "the [soundstage], clarity and high detail the Vento P55 V3 offer a very good option" for the price. Read it here.
CanJam Shanghai 2018 Impressions by someyoungguy
Head-Fi'er @someyoungguy shared his thoughts on CanJam Shanghai in the impressions thread, touching on products from Auris, iBasso, Klipsch, Oriolus, and several others. Click here to check them out.
Periodic Audio Titanium Review by SomeTechNoob
If you've been looking for an IEM with a V-shaped signature, check out @SomeTechNoob's Periodic Audio Titanium review and see why he said "overall, it's a keeper for me." Read the review here.
Focal Clear Review by adlevision
"For someone like me [...] the Focal Clears are the best no-nonsense, non-picky, all-rounder choice I can imagine." Read @adlevision Focal Clear review to see why he says "yep, these are the ones."
iBasso IT04 Review by Layman1
@Layman1 says "the slogan of the iBasso company is ‘Enjoy The Music’. Thanks to the IT04, I am doing so in abundance." Read more about its "balanced, linear and reference tuning" in this review.
Campfire Audio Solaris Review by davidmolliere
Head-Fi'er @davidmolliere says, "with the Solaris, Campfire Audio has built what will undoubtedly become as much of a classic as the Andromeda." Read his complete Campfire Audio Solaris review here.
Empire Ears Bravado Impressions by rantng
"If you love rich bass, the Bravado is your IEM," writes @rantng, "it’s a warm welcome into the [Empire Ears] family." Read the rest of his Empire Ears Bravado impressions here.
Try the Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon System at Home
If you're interested in trying the Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon System before picking it up, stop by TTVJ Audio's thread to sign up for their loaner program. Find all of the details in this post.
Empire Ears Bravado Review by Niyologist
Head-Fi'er @Niyologist recently reviewed the Empire Ears Bravado hybrid IEM, saying "it's like going to the beach on a warm summer day and feeling the wind blow past your ears." Read it here.
Dekoni Audio Audeze Pads Review by gLer
If you're in need of replacement pads for your Audeze headphones, check out @gLer's thoughts on Dekoni Audio's offerings. "Dekoni have hit another huge home run with their family of Elite LCD pads."
iFi Audio xCAN First Impressions by Faber65
Head-Fi'er @Faber65 stopped by iFi Audio's booth at CanJam Shanghai and shared some quick first impressions of iFi Audio's new compact portable amplifier. Click here to check out his thoughts.