Check Out FiiO’s Black Friday sale!
Black Friday is just around the corner and FiiO has given us a peek at their Black Friday sales. Save on players like the X5 3rd gen and X1 2nd gen or on amps like their well known A5. Details here.
The Source AV's Black Friday sale!
Check out all of the sales at The Source AV, as their Black Friday sale is running until November 30! Click for more info.
Check out TTVJ Black Friday Deals!
TTVJ is offering their Black Friday deals in the "Deal of the Day" section of their web site. Click here for more details on their Black Friday deals.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials at JDS Labs
If you've been thinking about picking up some of JDS' Labs gear, don't miss their specials this weekend. Check out their announcement thread to see how you can save on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
Effect Audio's Black Friday Sale is Live
Effect Audio's Black Friday sales are active now, save up to 15% on their entire Premium Series products. They're also running a mystery event on the 25th, so visit their thread here for details.
Check out the Black Friday deals from Alpha & Delta!
Alpha & Delta is offering some great Black Friday deals on their gear, so click here for more information.
Black Friday Savings at Clear Tune Monitors
Starting November 20th, score a 20% discount when ordering a new Clear Tune Monitors universal or custom IEM. The sale runs through Cyber Monday. Check out their announcement thread for more details.
Check out Brainwavz Black Friday deals!
Brainwavz is offering Black Friday deals on their B400 Quad Armature IEM, along with many other Brainwavz products. Click here for all the details!
Black Friday Savings from Empire Ears
If you've been holding out for Empire Ears' Black Friday sale, the wait is over. Click here to see the announcement and find out how you can save on their entire line of custom and universal IEMs.
Moon Audio Black Friday deals
Moon Audio is offering Head-Fi'ers 16% off with their coupon code. Click here for details!
HiFiMAN RE2000 Review by Dobrescu George
Head-Fi'er @Dobrescu George got to know the HiFiMAN RE2000 and calls it "one of the most universal, most detailed, most organic, most musical and most portable IEMs I tried to date." Click for more.
SIVGA SM002 Review by alex2750
Read why @alex2750 says the SIVGA SM002 "should belong on every sub-$150 IEM list." He also says they "have a slight U-shape in their sound but are more balanced than any other IEM I’ve listened to."
SmartOmi ACE Review by Wiljen
@Wiljen recently reviewed the SmariOmi ACE wireless in-ears. If you've been considering a truly wireless IEM but don't know where to start, check out his review to see if the ACE is right for you.
Simgot EN700 Pro Review by ryanjsoo
Head-Fi'er @ryanjsoo says the Simgot EN700 Pro "has a truly delicious tonality that ticks all the boxes." "The Pro’s natural tone and warm bass create a very inviting signature that is easy to enjoy."
Rogue RH-5 Review by FLTWS
@FLTWS writes "the RH-5 reminds me of how music sounded in Philadelphia’s old Academy of Music [...] with a rich, glowing, powerful way of delivering sound. Sonic nostalgia for my ears." Review here.
FIDUE VIRGO A85 Review by audio123
"The Fidue Virgo is a triple hybrid iem that demonstrates a high level of maturity with a smooth approach," says @audio123. He describes it as having a "soothing yet detailed sound." Click for more.
Campfire Audio Vega Review by Hisoundfi
If you want to read about the IEM @Hisoundfi calls the " basshead audiophile earphone on the planet," click here for his review of the Campfire Audio Vega. "I implore you to give these a demo."
iFi Pro iCAN Review by SoundApprentice
"The Pro iCAN packs a powerful punch, offering scalability, flexibility, and performance," writes @SoundApprentice. "Oh, and it sounds darn good." Click here to read his full review.