Why Do Headphone Measurements Vary?
Questions are asked about why our headphone measurements look different than some others found on the web. We look at several different headphone measurement systems to try to answer those questions.
Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 Review by ezekiel77
"The Galaxy V2 set out to prove that a reference signature is nothing to be afraid of," writes @ezekiel77, saying "...overall resolution is exemplary, probably class-leading for a dynamic driver."
iBasso IT03 Review by Aerosphere
@Aerosphere says the iBasso IT03 "...offers a good fit, a fun signature, great level of clarity and solid, punchy low end with a equally highlighted treble response." Read the full review here.
Noble Audio Announces EDC Velvet IEM
Today, Noble Audio announced the first universal IEM in their new EDC line, the EDC Velvet. You can pick one up starting November 19th, but before then check out the announcement thread here.
Black Friday Savings at Clear Tune Monitors
Starting November 20th, score a 20% discount when ordering a new Clear Tune Monitors universal or custom IEM. The sale runs through Cyber Monday. Check out their announcement thread for more details.
FiiO F9 SE Review by Zelda
"The F9SE has a very musical presentation, with a very little laid-back touch, that makes it both detailed and enjoyable," says @Zelda. "A good start for FiiO into the hybrid IEM market." Continue on.
Cowon Pleune R Review by twister6
If you've been looking for a new audio player, check out @twister6's review of the Cowon Plenue R to see if it's right for you with its "...more neutral-revealing signature [and] excellent dynamics."
PLUSSOUND Announces Multiple November Sales
PLUSSOUND is running not one, but two sales this month. Starting today, save 20% on their new Bluetooth cable via Massdrop. Starting on Black Friday, save 20% off at their online store. Details here.
Audeze's Roon Presets Are Getting Even Better
Audeze has updated the customization options for their Roon DSP presets. For details about what's new, click here to read more about it. Make sure to update Roon to get these changes.
ToneKing T065 Review by audio123
Head-Fi'er @audio123 describes the ToneKing TO65 as having a smooth and polite signature. "There is no sibilance and harshness in the sound at all." Click here to continue reading his review.
Check Out FiiO’s Black Friday sale!
Black Friday is just around the corner and FiiO has given us a peek at their Black Friday sales. Save on players like the X5 3rd gen and X1 2nd gen or on amps like their well known A5. Details here.
Join us in New York for CanJam NYC 2018 (February 17-18, 2018)
2017 was the inaugural year for CanJam NYC and it was an extraordinary show. We'll be returning to the Times Square Marriott Marquis in 2018 and we hope to see you there. Click here for the details.
25% Off Chesky Records' "Robot Lovers" Single
There's a new single out from Chesky Records and it's absolutely one that music lovers will not want to miss. Visit the thread to receive a 25% discount on Casey Abrams' new "Robot Lovers."
ADVANCED GT-R Review by B9Scrambler
In his new review, @B9Scrambler shares his thoughts on the ADVANCED GT-R, the company's first planar magnetic headphone. Read about its "engaging and well rounded [sound] with a mid-range focus" here.
Noble Audio 72 Hour Sale
Noble Audio is running a pre-Black Friday sale this weekend starting on the 17th. Save 20% on their universal IEMs and snag a free legacy Savant while you're at it. Click here for the specifics.
LZ Big Dipper Review by peter123
"The LZ Big Dipper is one sublime pair of IEM’s in every possible way," says @peter123. "The LZ Big Dipper is the most natural and less fatiguing pair of IEM’s I’ve ever heard." Continue reading here.
Chord Hugo 2 Review by ray-dude
Head-Fi'er @ray-dude spent ample time with Chord's Hugo 2 DAC/amp, pairing it with both headphones and speakers. See why he says "...the Hugo2 a VERY worthy upgrade to [the Chord] Mojo" in his review.
Custom Art FIBAE 2 Review by Deezel177
@Deezel177 states "without question, the Custom Art FIBAE 2 is an absolute knockout" and goes on to call it "a product that confidently challenges the norm." Read more about the FIBAE 2 in his review.