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Please help me with my survey (about storage) - Page 3

Poll Results: For *all* my music/media, I currently use:

  • 34% (749)
    250 gigabytes or less
  • 17% (388)
    251 gigabytes to 500 gigabytes
  • 17% (386)
    501 gigabytes to 1 terabyte
  • 30% (676)
    More than 1 terabyte
2199 Total Votes  
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All media, about 5-6 TB. music itself is about 500-750gb for me.

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Easy.  500 CDs stored in AIFF.  Hard drive storage is cheap.  Also, using AIFF instead of Apple Lossless allows me to take my portable 1TB HD to work (Dell Windows 7 machine) and play music initially downloaded on my home system (Mac Mini).

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I use a 256 gb Samsung Evo SSD which contains only music and the SO is on a 128 Gb SSD. All is in a fanless Streacom FC5 EVO case so the pc doesn't have any moving parts while it reproduce music.

When i want to see a film i connect the external 2 Tb WD hard disk

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ITB usb drive Flac or WAV format only no mp3

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Originally Posted by Fuzziekiwi View Post

How do you guys surpass 500 gigs? Christ. 


When there's a record store within walking distance, you tend to spend a lot of time there. And by time I mean money. Lots of money. Then years later you find all your records/CDs and rip them all in a whirlwind of booze-soaked excitement. This is my life now.

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Despite my very best efforts (I even wore a suit and tie!), I am unable to tell iTunes 256 Kbps/sec VBR coding, as used In their iTunes AAC. Format, from lossless or from Cd at 44 ksamples / sec.

Hence, infrastructure supporting ease of use supplants mammoth lossless file sizes.

In other words, if it ain't iTunes, it Ain't!
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For my desktop I have a 240GB SSD which I have partition for OS and games and 180GB HDD with games that don't benefit from the SSD or my media or non gaming programs on. While I have a external storage which I backup data that i find important to me which is a 500GB Storage.

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I have about 2.7 TB's worth of media on my Drobo at the moment.  Total capacity is about 20 TB, so I have lots of room to grow

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At this point - 4TB of music (3TB of actual music and 1TB of podcasts) spread over 11TBs of storage, no RAID. Room had been a bit tight until I trimmed down from 8TB to 4TB. Plenty of stuff that I stopped listening to. Now it's a good balance between archival stuff, and things that I would actively put in my playlists.


Eventually the setup will be a NAS, RAIDZ2 @ FreeBSD, with 6 x 4TB Hitachi drives (already have 4), just looking for a good deal on a mini-ITX case.


I just noticed that the question refers to all media. In which case, consider 9 out of that 11TB to be occupied by music/movies, plus 2 or 3 3TB externals lying around.

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This is a problematic survey because it doesn't take into account streaming services. My Spotify library is immense and I'm sure if I downloaded everything it would be gigantic. 

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I choose the wrong option, I read the question as only being comprised of music


If it's just general media, then well over 1TB. How else is a panda supposed to enjoy some good animu and his fine collection of Panda Gifs?




TWINKY! Girl, come back! I brought you toast! We miss you!

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Currently at 1.6TB. Using a 3TB internal HDD. I have plans to go 100% SSD soon.

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When 4k comes out we will need a lot more storage 50gb a film..my canon 1dc camera records 4k footage for about 2 hours and uses about 500gb of storage..when we finally get to watch 4k movies on blue ray they are compressed to fit on 50gb discs!

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4 TB filled to the brim with stuff.


Hopefully like @sub50hz said, I'll get around to building something that is more secure then my single drive. 

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I have something over 5TB in total of which maybe slightly under 500GB (don't know exact, doing a lot of mastering these days so lying around quite a few WAV files) is music n stuff.

^ for backup, I recommend simply buying a spare 4TB USB drive you just copy stuff to, they are cheap now, paid just slightly bit more than an internal 4TB drive (167 EUR), I bet in the US you can have one for at least less than $200 though.

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