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Suggestion to improve FiiO's bug management and feature tracking as well as to create a knowledge base

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Hi @all


This is the first thread I start in this forum and at the same time my very first post :)


I've been reading the threads concerning the FiiO X3 for some time now which finally made me buy one of these fine little music enthusiast devices. Today I've received my purchase and after listening to it for some hours my preliminary evaluation is simply: BRILLIANT!!! Until now I was using a Sony Walkman NWZ-A846 (which I thought sounded pretty good) ... now I heard the difference! I truly fell in love with the X3 – acoustically speaking. And I don't even own real high-end headphones, I'm listening with some AKG 545 for now – but yet my ears have never been more satisfied! :beyersmile:


However, of course I'm also aware of the various limitations of the X3 and can't really remember all of the problems and issues reported by other users of this forum. Most of them were repetitions of old (and often already solved) problems anyway – over and over again! "Disordered" and "eternal" would still be euphemistic terms for the corresponding threads. Of course I know how web forums work, so this is nothing new to me at all. Forums are a powerful tool for discussions, close customer relations, the spread of crowd sourced news and so on. But they are also very limited and inefficient in terms of overview, summarization and consensus-finding processes. I know the people from FiiO in the forum here are very present and doing a lot to put some order into the jungle of bug reports and feature requests. Nonetheless I think it would be overdue to improve FiiO's bug management and feature tracking. And the creation of a knowledge base (with hints and clues, tutorials, known issues, ...) would also improve the experience of your customers dramatically.


So my concrete suggestion is: Why don't you use UserVoice in parallel with this forum to track new features requested and manage issues reported by your users (which undoubtledly are full of ideas)? It would allow them to vote for the most wanted features and most urgent and annoying bugs. It would be immediately visible which problems already are fixed and which features already are implemented in new firmwares. It would allow you to communicate the current status of an issue (like "completed", "started", "planned", "under review" or "declined") and to build a clear and straighforward knowledge base in one place. It would therefore help much to avoid endless repetitions of the same questions and reports and instead enable you to easily estimate which issues are the biggest buzzkillers. And – problably most important – it would save you as well as your customers a lot of time! I certainly would be the first one to suggest a great bunch of (in some cases very small) new features and changes to the software of the X3. And I'm confident that a majority of the folks here would follow suit.

Of course you could choose another plattform similar to UserVoice (or build one by yourself) – the point I'm making here is about the basic principles it organizes crowd inputs. UserVoice is simply the most user-friendly one I know about (which means you don't have to be an expert or software engineer to make use of its full potential). A demo page can be visited here. And no, I'm not affiliated with them in any way. :wink:


I hope you really take my suggestion into consideration! It appears to me FiiO is a company that puts great emphasis on the opinions and wishes of their customers – meaning not only in marketing rhetorics. So why not substantially facilitate them to communicate their views and find answers to their questions?




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Hi Bhabba

Sounds like an interesting idea to me! What would you say is the pros and cons of using this UserVoice thing vs BugZilla? I want to do this right the first time and don't want to choose the wrong platform starting out...

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Hi Joe


Sorry for the delay of my reply, I was on holiday for some days and then got a little overwhelmed with work. Anyway, I have noticed you already decided to set up a bugzilla page at devZing. So I guess I have to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your prompt action!! I'm very happy my suggestion bore fruits! :beyersmile:


Obviously it's a little late now to state my pros and cons of bugzilla over UserVoice. In short: I think you made a pretty good choice with bugzilla. Its layout is not as clear and shiny as the one of UserVoice (which might scare away some very unexperienced users) but definitively comprises all necessary features. Therefore it's a perfect fit for FiiO anyway... :wink: No seriously, backed by the Mozilla Foundation bugzilla is probably expecting a bright future and more importantly: It's open source software! Although UserVoice's also making use of open source tools in the background, they only integrate with Jira which I personally don't like at all... so if your engineers decide to participate in your bugzilla page, they're problably pleased by your choice, too. The only thing I really don't like about bugzilla by now is the missing distinction between feature requests on the one hand and bugs on the other hand. Apart from that I'm quite happy :happy_face1:


At the time of this writing there are already 42 bugs listed, so I assume other users appreciate your effort as well! I've also been participating a little today and certainly will continue to do so in the near future! But maybe you should introduce some right management policies in your bugzilla setup because right now everyone (including myself) seems to be able to change totally everything (including the "priority", "severity" and "status" of every bug)...




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Hi bhabba,

Everyone is a member of the editbugs group by default. Trouble is I don't know what permissions people will have remaining if I take them off this group and whether or not those remaining permissions are adequate. Do you?

If you consider yourself knowledgeable in bugzilla you could pm me your email and I could consider making you an admin to help me with this tongue.gif
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Hi Joe


I think you would have to create a new group in the admin panel with the desired rights, then add all users to this group and remove them from the "editbugs" group. Honestly I don't have any experience with bugzilla in particular but I guess it shouldn't be much trouble for me doing this :)

I pm'ed you my email address...

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One more thing I noticed: There are multiple bugs which apply both to the X3 and X5 but which are filed separately for each device. Since you've stated all of FiiO's audio players will share the same development platform and therefore will benefit from each others firmware improvements it would make sense to mark them as duplicates in bugzilla (like I already did with bug #38 and #6). What do you think? Should I continue to do so with similar bugs like the decoding improvement of lossy formats (here and here)?


*edit: For the reasons mentioned above it would also be very handy to have a product category "X3 AND X5" so people wouldn't have to report bugs affecting both of them multiple times...

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Nah, I'd rather keep the bugs for X3 and X5 separate.
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Hm, I still think having 3 different categories would be most suitable (the 2 we already have and an additional one for both devices, the X3 and X5 together). But you're the boss... :p 


*addition: Supplemental to the already existing "My Bugs" view I've created two custom "search views" which I've published and added to everyone's footer: One for "X3 Bugs only" and one for "X5 Bugs only". I think this improves usability and clarity especially for users which own only one of the two devices. I hope you endorse it!

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