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DUNU 2012 Flagship tunable DN-19 Tai Chi earphones "Free" review chance !!! join before 11/18/2012 - Page 2

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1. Head Fi Account: whitedragon551

  Other fourm link and account:  Innerfidelity, caraudio.com,

  Site or blog: owner of PC-Babble.com



2. Equipment: All equipment is listed in my signature with the exception of my Gorilla Ears AT5 CIEM's. 2nd Gen iPod Touch, Fiio Amp with LOD, Logitech Z506, the remainder is in my signature.

3. Review reference: I own my own personal IT website where I have done reviews for VMODA, Grado, Etymotic, and Gorilla Ears.

Will be reviewed against CK700's and AT5 CIEMS for reference.

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1.Head Fi Account: dacrazydude


     Other forum link and account: Amazon.com - EVGA - Mp4nation - Reddit - Youtube - Clien.co.kr (Korean)


   2. Equipment

Currently utilizing: V-Moda M-80

                         JVC HA-RX900

                         Monster Miles Davis Tribute

                         Meelectronics A161p


Previously owned: AKG Q350

                         MEelectronics A151

                         MEelectronics M6/M9/M11

                         ATH M-50

                         Soundmagic E10/E30

                         Brainwavz M2/M4/Beta

                         JVC FX-40/FX-34

                         JVC HA-RX700

                         Koss Porta-Pros

                         + others




Sansa Clip+ Rockbox/standard

Ipod Touch 4th Gen

HP Touchpad

Microsoft Fuze

Assorted Standard PC/Laptops

Asus Xonar Essence STX


   3. Review reference: 




   I tailor my reviews to the general public or consumers. They are easy to read, easy to follow and generally end with different recommendations for different types of users as well comparisons with the competition. I can also do a consumer level review in Korean for a wider market base. 

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1. Head Fi Account:



2. Equipment:

Hifiman He-4

Ef-5 amp

Klipsch image S2


3. Review reference:



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Head Fi Account: kiler

Other fourm link and account:

     http://revinews.wordpress.com/ ; www.insidegeeks.net


  - Headphones

    Fischer Audio FA-003

    Fischer Audio FA-011

    Sennheiser HD228

  - Earphones

    Fischer Audio Golden Wasp

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 MkII

    HisoundAudio POPO

    SoundMAGIC E30

    SoundMAGIC EH11


   - DAP

  Sansa Fuze Rockboxed

  Realtek integrated soundcard


- Review reference:

 here (DBA-02 MkII)here(FA-003) and here (Meelectronics CC51), but got more if requested


I do my review in English and Portuguese. 

Hope I got the chance to review these babies :D


Here we are again eh? Thanks rocky :D

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Head-Fi.org Account: graphicdisaster

Other Forum Accounts: Not a part of other forums yet, but will join to post review. Also can post review on YouTube, and link that to other sites.

YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/aGraphicDisaster




    - 15" MacBook Pro

    - 7th Generation iPod Classic (160GB)

    - iPhone 5 (16GB)



    - V-MODA Remix 4-S

    - SoundMAGIC E10 (en route)


Review Reference: I haven't ever done a review before. It seems like it'd be a good experience.


Thanks for the opportunity!

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Hello! I love the style and ear-guides on the DN-19, so thank you very much for posting this opportunity!



Head-Fi.org Account: iPhone IEM

Other Forum Accounts: iLounge.com – iPhone IEM

YouTube Account: “TheWiredFriend220”




1.      iMac, Apple 27”

2.      iPhone 5 (32GB)

3.      iPod Classic (80GB) 5th Gen

4.      iPod Nano 3rd Gen

5.      Inspiron, E1705 17"



1.      Meelectronics M6p

2.      Apple EarPods


Review Reference:



I am fairly new to head-fi and would love to be assigned to one of your 2 “newbie” spots!  Thank you very much for the opportunity, I think I could definitely provide the viewpoint of the average Apple user J

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1. Head Fi Account: SursumCorda

  Other fourm link and account:  N/A

  Site or blog: N/A

   Youtube:(No Youtube reviews to date.. maybe it's time to start?)


2. Equipment:

DAC - Audio_Gd NFB 3.1

AMP - Schiit Lyr, Fiio E9

DAC/AMP - Fiio E17, AudioQuest Dragonfly
Source: PC optical, Samsung Gallaxy S3, Rocoo BA

Headphones/Earphones - HD650, T1, LCD2(rev2), Amperior / Westone 4, Shure 535, JH16... Quiet Comfort 15(;- -)

No longer owned - Sony XB1000, AKG550, IE8, HiSound Popoos


3. Review reference:


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1. Head Fi Account: Eltocliousus

  Other fourm link and account:  N/A

  Site or blog: http://www.audiblebond.com



2. Equipment: ODAC/Objective 2, Colorfly C3, FiiO E11/E17/E10, DacMagic Plus, too many headphones darthsmile.gif

3. Review reference: Plenty of reviews on my website,  http://audiblebond.com/category/open-headphones/

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This is like playing the Lotto, I can hardly wait for the list!

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Thread Starter 

Hi guys,


Sorry there is a little bit delay. Thanks for join this event. It seems we got many new faces this time. Before the list announce,

we would like to emphasize one more time that DUNU expecting honest review as we always do. All the suggestions will carry us further.

We know there might not be perfect product in audio field. However DUNU will try to make as nearly perfect product as possible in

different price range. DUNU appreciate the chance to get user’s genuine feedback. So thanks for join DUNU event.


The lucky ones are












And the Two Newbie chance goes to




Congrats and hope we can see excellent reviews from you.



Winners please PM me with Title "DN-19 free review winner" and leave me your receiving name address and phone numbers for express, thanks.


P.S. I know some reviewer gave me your contact info before. However, for efficiency sake, please leave me the require info. Hope you won't mind.

Appreciate your cooperation very much. 




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Thank you very much. I have a few reviews that have to be done all before Christmas (I wonder why? rolleyes.gif) but I'll try to get this up pre Christmas as well.

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Thanks for this chance Rocky. I look forward to doing both a written and a (my first!) video review...

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Thanks Rocky.

I am also looking forward to doing this review of the DN-19's

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Thanks for the review opportunity! I'm really excited now. 

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Thanks Rocky. I'm looking forward to reviewing the DN-19. Congratulations to both newbies as well, hope you'll share your opinions! 

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