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Originally Posted by clifwst View Post

Skylab. since you are taking requests for listening impressions, i have a kinda different one.


Please if you will, Buy a Harley Davidson full dresser, and try the LCD-3 out while riding.cool.gif


I need impressions at 50gs1000.gif .. 75 .. and of course at full speed around 125.basshead.gif


Please do both with and with out passenger and lower faring on and off.


I also need you to remove the stock handle bar mounted mirrors and replace them with the upper fairing mounted mirrors since I have found the handle mounted mirrors create a false sound stage above 100.


Also let me know if the classical sound stage effect is still narrow when cornering at highway speed.confused_face.gif


Do you think changing a tube could affect this? 


Or do you think some sort of portable highway sound effect treatment might be more appropriate?


My Grados work but I am looking to upgrade soon, and I want to know if the Audeze would work under such conditions,


Also can you suggest a good portable amp that has been tested for vibration and weather proofing?


thanks in advance.biggrin.gif


PS sorry for your wallet if you accept my request.eek.gif

While I can't attest to the above on a set of LCD-3's I can with a set of Westone ES-5's (most of it)


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Originally Posted by Girls Generation View Post

That sounds like a major improvement actually. It's too bad weight hasn't changed much. I wonder if Alex will be offering the new headbands and pads separately to fit with LCD2 owners.

Most probably soon. Audeze is looking at those options and pricing.


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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

I think the much softer earpads and the new headband make them fairly comfortable (and I was a vocal complainer about the lack of comfort early on).  That doesn't make them light - they certainly are not.  But I find them more than adequate comfort-wise.

Many thanks for the quick reply. I look forward to wearing, and hearing, a pair in the near future.





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I hope Audeze gives us a choice on earpad colour, every picture I see is with brown earpads. I need black not brown ones. blink.gif

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If the LCD-3 and the LCD-2 grills (the metal "A"-plate) is the same size, I would think the LCD-2 pads currently sold as accessories for the LCD-2 (soft version & black) will fit the LCD-3 as well...

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Originally Posted by jude View Post

For anyone going to the Tokyo Headphone Festival on Saturday, I'll be bringing the LCD-3 with me.

AWESOME! I'll keep an eye out for u and the LCD3s then! smily_headphones1.gif

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Earpads will change the sound, and these have been developed for the LCD-3 - no way of knowing if they'd make the LCD-2 sound better or worse - but I don't see why buying an LCD-3 headband for your LCD-2 could have any drawbacks.

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..except asthetics. Mixed brown and black leather on one headphone. eek.gif

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Originally Posted by Loevhagen View Post

Are the LCD-3 pads too soft? I.e. do they collapse significantly when put in place. The reason I ask is simply that the rev. 2 pads are softer than the rev. 1 pads (eventhoug they are equally wedged / designed). It the LCD-3 pads are even softer...

Actually I'm worrying about this a little too. I find my month-old LCD-2 Rev 2's pads extremely comfortable, so much so that I much prefer wearing the LCD-2 over the HD800 (really). They weren't that comfortable to start with, but the leather broke in beautifully. I thought someone had mentioned the LCD-3's earpads were so cushy that they felt the SQ was actually impacted, which seems a bit too soft. Hopefully that's after break-in ....

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Created a new Impressions thread for actual impressions only, nothing else.  Please keep it that way.  Enjoy.



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I hope the LCD-3 retains this:


2011-10-27 00_59_47.jpg



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I hope it weighs 50 grams as well.

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Originally Posted by googleli View Post

I hope the LCD-3 retains this:


I'm sorry but I think Hershey's chocolate is about as generic tasting as you can get. Ironically enough, Scharffen Berger chocolates, now a subsidiary of said Hershey (but not made in their factories), is, to me, what real chocolate is supposed to taste like. Not the plastic version they try to pawn off on the masses.
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Have you tried Royce chocolate? Nothing beats that not even Godiva. Royce is like the SR009 of all chocolates.
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