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Got My Brookstone Dual Drive Earbuds Today!

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I got my new Brookstone earphones in the mail today. A joint venture with Joker since Brookstone had free shipping for $99+. We each bought a pair at $59.95 each and I just received mine from him today.


Brookstone, as you may know, sells most everything including electronics items. They sell a few sets of headphones and earphones. Most of their collection seems to be Japan made models or models also sold by Japanese companies such as Pioneer and Audio-Technica. What they choose to release under the Brookstone name are usually quality products that will be familiar to many Head-fi members.


The Brookstone Clear Dual Drive Earbuds are another model that looks quite familiar...





The specs:  15mm and 7mm drivers in each side

                 24 Ohm impedance

                 10 - 20kHz F.R.

                 105dB +/-3 Sensitivity

                 46" cable with mic/controls(5" down from right earphone) and straight plug


Brookstone provides a one year warranty. They also offer optional Protection Plus at an additional cost($5.99/ $8.99) for 1 or 2 year additional replacement.


The Brookstone resemble their Radius counterpart quite closely outside of chrome accents instead of gold, a slightly different sound tube cap piece(with white fiber screens instead of metal mesh screens), and a different cable with the mic/controls.


I am burning them in and will post impressions some time later. IIRC, I was second to last with the DDM 2 before Esanthosh(who still has them, I believe) on their recent tour. I must say that the sound is very, very much like I remember the Radius to be. Only 3 pairs of tips and a simple velour style pouch but seemingly a very nice deal for the SQ level even right out of the box pre-burn. A quick test vs. the EX600 confirms that these are a good value and probably close to the real deal with minor changes.


More to follow...




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Interesting!  They look a lot like the HP-TWF21s.  Keep us posted!  ksc75smile.gif

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Well this is quite the surprise! I'm liking the chrome accents better than the ones on the Radius, and certainly the lower price doesn't hurt either. tongue.gif

Looking forward to your impressions!
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Interesting. If I these can deliver a very close approximation of the DDM2 for that price, I'll definitely try them.

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Using promo code 25SAVE when ordering from  Brookstone gives a total price of $58.95 incl. shipping.

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Very similar performance/impression vs. the Dunu Hephaes as in the quick 4-way thread so I would say very close to the original but a much better value this time. Of course as in the original thought process, how many people make 15mm/7mm dual drivers with those specs and that housing? Chances were good esp. when other Brookstone re-brands were the real deal such as their clip-on being the Fosters Japan 388404.


I can't tell about any issues or durability yet, though they have the warranty and I have not tested the mic/playback controls. Outside of that, a very close approximation, is quite accurate and I see no reason people won't be happy with them for the $60 cash outlay.

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I had to order.  Too good of a deal to pass up.  Thanks for sharing and the coupon code.

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To bad they don't deal with Non US customers, my PayPal account was denied... I will wait and see wht the sound verdict is and maybe get someone to order me a pair. It would be nice to have a quality bass oriented IEM if these are indeed rebadged Radius IEM's.

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^^ Im with you. Just tried to order a pair but got shot down because I live in Canada. Shame.

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Curiosity killed my wallet. Ordered a pair as well. Worse case I'll take them back or sell in the FS forum.
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Ah, I want a pair of this as well.

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Once Radius Japan find this out, most likely will file a law suit with this brookstones' fakes..

Who has both DDM and brookstones must A/B asappopcorn.gif

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That's assuming that it is fake. It could very well be the real deal from the same OEM (where Radius 'forget' to buy the design off). It happened to Sennheiser before and could happen to Radius too. If that is the case, Radius 'golden IEM days' might be over.

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ugh, you guys are driving me poor..

atleast I can return them to the store if they arent good rolleyes.gif

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Dang, I bit too. I'd love to hear impressions from anyone with them.

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