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Originally Posted by Mython View Post

I know the Wailin Jennys have had a mention, some months back, but this is nice, if you like stark female harmonies:





Thanks for posting this!  I was familiar with their album Bright Morning Stars - which is also wonderful - but I am clearly going to have to pick up 40 Days for this track and any other gems that may be on it.


Changing genres - here's another cut that's always worth a listen.  Nina's run at the end is just so damn good.


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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post

one more ray duet with another of my favorite artists (truly her work with bumpus is my favorite, but alas, they split, and double alas, no one knows who bumpus is anyway)



I've just been going back through some of my old posts in this thread, in order to edit them to type in the artist names (for search purposes - I've come to realise what a pain it is when the search function doesn't function for this thread, due to people, like myself, who've just relied upon the Youtube label rather than actually typing the artist name) and listening to this, it struck me how much Rachael Yamagata reminds me of Margo Timmins, of Cowboy Junkies fame. (P.S. I am also a big, big fan of Ray Lamontagne - he has sheer CLASS by the bucketload).

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Originally Posted by skeptic View Post


Thanks for posting this!  I was familiar with their album Bright Morning Stars - which is also wonderful - but I am clearly going to have to pick up 40 Days for this track and any other gems that may be on it.


Yes, '40 Days' is a nice album, another track from which can be found in this previous post:




If you haven't done so already, please don't forget to check out the solo offerings by Heather Masse and Ruth Moody, both of which are well worth a listen (I am particularly fond of Ruth's album 'In the Garden', and I myself owe that to this thread!) beerchug.gif




Ruth:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/522812/the-best-female-vocals-your-favorite-female-singers/705#post_8030549




Heather:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/522812/the-best-female-vocals-your-favorite-female-singers/705#post_8001705

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As per my earlier remarks, can I make a request to all contributors of this excellent thread (undoubtedly one of the very best there has ever been on Head-fi):



Will anyone contributing to this thread please make the effort to actually type the artist name in your post(s), so that the thread search can work?

It would also be really helpful if you would make the effort to go back and edit your old posts if this is relevant to you. I'm gradually doing this myself, for my own previous posts.


This thread has become a fantastic resource for anyone looking to expand their music collection but it's value is hugely reduced if the search function is crippled from working properly.




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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post

^all 3 cd's purchased - that was an easy sell!

thanks for that one!

X 2  She's even local, I might have to try and go see her play!  (yeah, like that will ever happen......)

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WARNING: this post is cheesy 70s stuff!  wink_face.gif





'Nuge' mentioned Mama Cass Elliot some time ago in this thread, but I don't recall Cass's sister, Leah Kunkelhaving been mentioned. She provided some great background vocals for artists like Art Garfunkel (e.g. on 'Scissors Cut'):



To be honest, her voice is much better than her choice of material, which now sounds very dated indeed... but a nice voice nonetheless. Something of a wasted opportunity, in that regard, unfortunately. If you listen to her backing vocals on the above Garfunkel track, you'll see how much potential she had in her heyday.



In some ways, her 1970s 'smooth adult contemporary' style is reminiscent of Rita Coolidge:






I can't leave this post without actually posting some Mama Cass:




and keeping the Mamas & Papas connection, let's not forget Michelle Phillips:



and, also connected, of course, are Wilson Phillips. They're very pop-oriented, but beneath that mass-market approach, I think their vocal harmonies are very underrated:



according to wikipedia:


Chynna Phillips [of Wilson Phillips] and her mother Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and Papas are the only mother/daughter combination to perform on separate songs that reached number one on the Billboard Charts

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I know this is really old stuff, but a good voice is a good voice, provided one is open-minded about it (it's before my time, and that doesn't stop me respecting it). Judith Durham had a great voice (and is still singing, as far as I know):


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Carol Kidd is a very popular, multi-award-winning, Scottish Jazz Singer on the Linn Records label. Unfortunately, there is only a limited selection of Carol's performances available on Youtube (she does a great rendition of 'It Ain't Necessarily So', but it's not on Youtube, so here, at least, is a taster of her work:





Also see:


Nnenna Freelon

Dianne Reeves

Dana Lauren

Jane Monheit

Diana Krall

Claire Martin

Clair Teal

Stacey Kent

Kinga Heming

Carmen Gomes


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Lucy Rose:




Just realised I also posted Lucy elsewhere in the thread:



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Not really the kind of singing style that I'm into (too 'whiny'/'squeaky', which is common in American R&B/Pop crossover music these days), but, to be fair, I think Tori Kelly has a bit of talent which may bear fruit as she matures as a performer:






Also see:




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Tanya Lacey:



These links are refusing to post/embed properly, so here they are, the old-fashioned way:





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Sophie Zelmani:


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One of my favourite songs lately, really like her voice smily_headphones1.gif


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I believe Serena Ryder is relatively unknown in the states(she's from Canada). I'm loving her voice, very powerful.


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I'm not a huge fan of most of the music on Nashville, but this Civil Wars cover is fantastic.  Clare Bowen's voice is sweet and haunting all at once, and they've got the tight harmony nailed.  


I'd purchase it right away, but evidently Big Machine gave apple an exclusive, and I refuse to install itunes on any of my machines.  



edit: forgot to mention, if you enjoy the tune and would like to hear the original artist perform it, they have a fee live album you can download from: http://thecivilwars.com/music.php that includes this song.

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