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Originally Posted by Kingwa View Post

I am feel odd.

I check our mail box every day see if any email hadn't reply.

Just now a Hongkong people call me said had send email to all our three mail box but I never get one.

check ur spam mail

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What I've found is I don't get any auto-replies when e-mailing to the main address at all, which is unusual. 


Before this month, I always got an auto reply within a minute of sending an e-mail.


There does appear to be technical difficulties somewhere along the line.

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Originally Posted by Kingwa View Post

I am feel odd.

I check our mail box every day see if any email hadn't reply.

Just now a Hongkong people call me said had send email to all our three mail box but I never get one.




Please consider signing up for a PayPal Merchants account.  You can automate the buying process with PayPal so no more emails back and forth regarding price, the customer simply enters their country and shipping method and pays like most other merchant web sites.  PayPal will automatically send invoices to customers, the fees will not increase from your regular paypal account in fact they decrease with more sales.  And much more.  It will make the buying process a lot easier for both you and your customers.


Furthermore, it will separate purchases from simple inquiries and questions, which can be handled on a forum like this in your own web site.



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Originally Posted by BuFFys View Post

Originally Posted by mingus View Post

I got an email back from them in less than 24, Said "Want to stop pre-order". not sure if that means I can order one or not.


What else to consider in this price range that could be used first as a DAC, and Headphone amp also?

Have you look at the NFB-12 ? if you cannot wait?

Pretty sure he said the NFB12 would be quite a wait also. Will be looking it over, may go another direction.

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Originally Posted by mingus View Post

Pretty sure he said the NFB12 would be quite a wait also. Will be looking it over, may go another direction.


You can still preorded it for 2 more days! (THe NFB-12) so i maybe can be shipped before 28 jan (hopefully). but the new info on there page is a bit difficult as always =(



Info from there page:



     3th Feb is the Chinese Spring Festival. In China, the Chinese Spring Festival always is the most important day. Most Chinese can get more than 10 days holidays.
     My mates also will have 10 days holidays since 1th to 10th Feb. And we can't shipping any gears begin the 28th Jan.
     Now we had got many order that we need to finished the make until 28th Jan. So begin 1th Jan we can't accept orders and ensure can shipping before 28th Jan. Except the list as below.
 We accept pre-orders and shipping begin 15th Feb.
    Place pre-order in Jan. can get discounts.

     Pre-order one gear, get 5% off.
     Pre-order two set gears, get 10% off.
     Thanks all customers supports, yours patiences and supports let us working had future, and help us grow up.
     Happy New Year!

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To sum up, no orders will be worked on Jan 1st to Feb 10th, so that they will be able to ship out all their 2010 orders before Feb 1st, the beginning of their ten day holiday.


If you place an order in the month of January, you can save 5% with one piece of electronic (I suppose a cable won't qualify, probably means transport/dac/amp), 10% with two electronics (ie a dac19 and a c2 together, but maybe not 2x NFB-11's, just guessing here). BUT orders made in January will not begin to ship out until AT LEAST Feb 15th.

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Thanks for the translation from english to english haloxt. 

With Audio-GD communications thats sometimes very usefulbiggrin.gif.


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Unfortunately it appears that the NFB-11 has now been discontinued (with all other ES9018 models).  It appears that only existing orders will be filled and no new orders will be accepted.
From the front page of their website:



     Now we had made a hardy decide but not this is not our intention ,we have to discontinued all the products which ES9019 based.
     We had encounter the clock lost of the ES9018 PCM mode , although we had spend a lot of times for fix this problem.
     Now we have 3 chips applied in our DAC, they are:PCM1704, WM8741 and ES9018. All of them are the hi-end grade D/A and both are excellent. But we can't support order every chips each quantity 2000 pcs because this is a huge cost to us. So consider the sound quality (taste of mine) and the market feedback , we choice give up the ES9018 now .

     About the customer who had ordered the NFB-1 ,NFB-7 ,NFB-10ES and NFB-11 ,do not worry about this , we will build the enough products for all customers who have place the order.




When I tried to place an order about a month ago, they weren't accepting any more pre-orders, so I went with the NFB-3 instead.  Oh well, the NFB-11 should keep pretty good resale value here on the trading forum for those that did end up getting one.  wink.gif

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Omg :o. A few weeks production run. I really hope the es9018 dac's do well enough they decide to bring it back someday because I really liked the price tag on them :p.

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I think the 2000pcs per order requirement is main detering factor. ESS may already come up with 9018 replacement before Kingwa can clear his next batch of stock.
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Ouch, Kingwa spent over a year designing with ES9018, I hope his efforts won't go to waste and someday he'll come back to ESS dac chips. It will be tough to compete with WM8741 on the high-end. Or maybe he realized that he likes PCM1704 more than ES9018. :)

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I am disappointed and strongly surprised. Kingwa declares use of three chips, but 1704 have stopped to let out, ESS9018 suddenly became expensive!!??, remain only WM chips. Kingwa will similar do DAC only on chips from Wolfson is a big fatal mistake, people will lose interest to this firm. There was a trump at AUDIO-GD - 1704 earlier and people wanted it, then ESS as replacement and people too wanted it, but on WM chips there are many devices of other firms and people will lose interest to AUDIO-GD.
For me there is only one interest in AUDIO-GD - its DAC on ES9018, without ESS9018 firm AUDIO-GD isn't interesting to me.
p.s. I advise all the same to reconsider the business the plan, differently Kingwa It will be the business end without ESS9018 - because ESS9018 it is a trump!!!

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Interesting that there is also a reference to taste; may I assume the messages on the site means:

- Audio-GD does not discontinu the 1704.

- the Wolfsons sound better then the Sabre to Kingwa's ears.

Is that correct?

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There's a huge difference between a WM8740 (used in a lot of cheap gear these days) and the WM8741, which is used in high-end DACs such as the PS Audio Perfectwave.  You should read the data sheets. The two owners of the Perfectwave who compared it to the Reference 7 (with the V4 DSP, not the current V5) liked the Perfectwave a little better. Though most of the capability of a DAC has to do with everything besides the DA chip, the chips themselves can be tuned to sound how the designer wants via the implentation of the chip itself, such as how rapidly the filter rolls off at the 22.5 kHz cut-off as well as other things.  From my own listening, I thought the Sparrow, with a WM8741 sounded better than the ES9018 NFB-11 by a small margin, so I don't think this decision is a mistake. Of course this is low-end gear we're talking about and I haven't ever had the chance to compare them in high-end gear.


Dura: I did ask him about it and more or less, that's it.

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My only experience of Wolfson is via my parents Cambridge Audio CD player, and I have to say I was pleasantly suprised at how good it sounds. Would definately try a dual Wolfson for my next DAC. The same chip is also used in Meier Corda StageDac (dual mono mode), which has gotten good reviews as well. Wolfson is also a lot cheaper than the ESS Sabre32 and as a slightly older chip has more of a solid track record so far.

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