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still don't have any date to meet?
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lost track of this thread.. yeah I am in

I am located in 98007, right by WittyzTH
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I am ending up not going to see my buddy in NoCal this week, so i'm now wide open tonight, tomorrow night and pretty much all of Thurs. On the weekend i'd be avialable too but only in the evening since i work until 530pm those days.
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Is that UW location still an option? I couldn't really do it at my place since everything is a mess right now and I have a cranky roommate. I apologize, if I could have it here I would. Anyone else able to offer their place or something to host it at? We could each chip in a few bucks or wahtever if needed of course.

Anyway call the dates/times if they would work for you, say which is best--

- Monday June 22nd - [mid-day / afternoon /evening]
- Tuesday June 23rd
- [mid-day / afternoon /evening]
- Wednesday June 24th - [mid-day / afternoon /evening]
- Thursday June 25th - [mid-day / afternoon /evening]
- Friday June 26th - [evening]
- Saturday June 27th - [evening]
- Sunday June 28th - [evening]

I'm open on all those so if they work for a couple other people we just need to figure out where to meet up at Driving isn't a big deal for me I don't mind driving to Bellevue or U-district, I can pick people up if commute is a problem for you.
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It looks like we may a have a date and some guests for the meet. More info coming in a bit. Working out a few details. It will be in West Seattle this time.
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Do you want to go to the same place again, Gil?
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It is West Seattle, not the same broadview place.
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hmm.. and any specific date?

I wish I can make it.
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Venue fixed, date decided

Originally Posted by BIG POPPA View Post
It is West Seattle, not the same broadview place.
I booked the room at the West Seattle Library Sunday, July 26 noon to 4:45 p.m.
Dan Lavry is available to attend on that date.
He is willing to speak. What subject would we like him to address?
There is a wheel chair ramp to an entrance at the rear of the library near the meeting room on the basement level.
Sduibek, I would suggest you arrange for a day off to attend this meet. In terms of vinyl playback, I will make it worth your effort to get the day off.
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Ta-Da....... I was waiting for Stan to fill in the details. It is turning into another extraordinary meet. Can't wait. So what is everybody bringing?
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I'd really like to hear your guy's rigs, but I really don't have much gear or experience to contribute. I'm also significantly younger than everyone else(I'm 16) . I'd absolutely love to hear the HD800 and L3000, though. Maybe I'll drop by for a little while if everyone else doesn't mind.
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Come, it is all good. Listen to everything. We have some exceptional gear at the meets here in Seattle. Mike should be bringing his L3000 Rig. Something to experience. All the meets I have been too, everybody is more than happy to let everyone audition their rig. We will even have dinner afterward somewhere in the area.
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aww.. if it's Sunday, I think I have to pass this again.
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Yes we know Wittyzth, you will be their in spirit AGAIN!
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I work on Sunday from 11am to 10pm and it's hard to find other to take my shift.

I can take a day off on Saturday easier since I work only 5pm to 10pm.
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