Zune software ~ trouble with soundtracks
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Jan 27, 2006
Does anyone know why soundtracks are split between artists/albums on the Zune software?

I would like to put a soundtrack on my Zune under 1 album but instead it is split into multiple files and there doesn't seem to be anyway of joining them. The same goes for any compilation with multiple artists such as any Ministry of Sound CD, 1 album, multiple artists.

Screenshot here of the new Transformers soundtrack highlighted.

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You can drag and drop the album covers onto a single example, and the songs will be added into it. It will be listed under "Various artists" I think. I have compilations and soundtracks, and that's how I got them together. Drag and drop. It will ask you if you want to merge, and you answer in the affirmative.
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A while back, I was having this issue, but I figured out how to solve it. Get dBpoweramp or some other program to where you can edit the ID tags, and put the album artist as Various Artists. It'll all be one album, and from there, you can edit the song artist in the Zune software.
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No need for anything but the Zune software to do the same thing. Using the edit function for each track. The ID tag editor in Zune SW works fine, and also has a slot for album artist. But whatever works best is good.
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Oh excellent! I tried highlight and right clicking to see if theres a merge option but never tried dragging and dropping.


Yeah, it's actually very easy. Be careful because sometimes when you try to get the right album art (under "Find Album Info" when right clicking the album), it can cause some problems, but not usally. I try to find it once, and then keep dragging all the scattered songs to the one with the right art.

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