YOUR eargasm songs
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Jun 17, 2009
Let's list some interesting songs here. I know this is very individual and tastes vary widely, but I have a feeling that there are certain songs that tend to bring more than just one person somewhere else. Know what I mean?
I'm sure everybody could post a bunch of songs but in my opinion it's way better when every person is posting a single song and maybe even a little story attached.

Here comes my part: Have You Passed Through This Night? from Explosions in the Sky (at least listen till the drums kick in!)

I remember strolling outside in the morning with no sleep at all listening to this song when not feeling so well. Always had it on repeat, walking next to the river and enjoying fresh air accompanied by first daylight. In a way this song doesn't even fit but then again: it fits everywhere! Sometimes this song leaked through my phones and friends around me got curious. When I gave them my phones and let them listen some time they didn't want to give me my headphones back until the song ended

It can be found on youtube for example. Not the best sound quality, but still enough to get an idea I hope ... Well, I'm looking forward to some contributions from you guys!
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A few Of Montreal songs do it for me. Cato As A Pun or We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafing.

And I have the whole Explosions In The Sky discography, wonderful tracks.
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Zero 7 - When it Falls.. Infact most things by Zero 7
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One that really does it for me is the peak of the instrumental solos in Dream Theater's Blind Faith.

Actually, the whole song does it for me
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"The Musical Box" by Genesis

Another mention goes to the 2 minute instrumental part at the end of War Pigs by Sabbath, containing one of my favourite guitar solos.
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This Will Destroy You - Some Remedies are Worse than the Disease

The song just has a really mellow feel through the first 2/3, probably. Then, it goes to a tribal drum beat where it just broods and grows for maybe 45 seconds to a minute. You keep feeling like it should resolve, and it just keeps adding more and more tension. Finally, it resolves into a huge explosion of sound that lasts for all of 30 seconds before the song abruptly ends. When that resolution hits, though, it is so epic, and so glorious. I love it!
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Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming
Simply because of the layers of strange sounds.

Nine Inch Nails - The Way Out Is Through
The psychedelic sound starting up at the beginning, with the music building until a barrage of rock instruments and noise hit you out of nowhere.
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Nightwish - Meadows of Heaven

Seriously, it's the last track on their most recent album and it took me completely by surprise. :p
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Originally Posted by Menisk /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Zero 7 - When it Falls.. Infact most things by Zero 7

I concur. I hope they make a new album and keep Sia in the lineup.

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