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Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

Discussion in 'Music' started by jmt, Jun 21, 2002.
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  1. JMT Moderator
    Like the subject says, what is new in your musical world?
    1. Miles Davis - Birth of the Cool
    2. Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain
    3. Chase - Chase (it's one that I have on vinyl and have been looking for on CD)
    4. Spyro Gyra - Catching the Sun
    5. Spyro Gyra - Heart of the Night
    6. The Best of the Doobie Brothers
    I just brought these home. I know I said 5, call it "thread starter latitude."[​IMG]
  2. KR... Contributor
    My new cd buys have been far and few inbetween[​IMG]

    but here you go anyway :

    Goreki: symphony 3 "symphony of sorrowful songs" (Naxos)
    My Dying Bride - The Voice of the Wretched
    Richard Wagner – The Flying Dutchman (Domingo)
    Reflections of Spain: Spanish Favorites for Guitar (Telarc)
    Mozart - Requiem (Telarc)
    Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 in D Minor (Chesky)
    Beethoven - String Quartets Op. 127 in E-Flat Major, Op. 131 in C-Sharp Minor (Telarc)
    Steve Greene Trio – Acoustic Living (this was free)
    Guitar Collection (Chesky)
  3. Trawlerman
    Interesting thread....

    In my PCDP i'm currently listening to a 20-track best of from Marvin Gaye. Gotta dig that sweet soul music.

    Tenessee Mountain Home : 23 Bluegrass Gems - Various artists.
    This has some great tracky by the likes of Emmylou, Dillards, Cox Family, John Prine, Gene Parsons, Ricky Skaggs and would you believe... Maria Muldaur doing a version of Dolly's My Tennessee Mountain Home.

    Creole Moon - Dr John
    Pure New Orleans funk from the man.

    The Very Best Of TOWNES VAN ZANDT * The Texas Troubadour
    33 Tracks of acoustic music from one of country's most overlook singer/songwriters.
    Of Townes, Steve earle once said "I'd stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table and say that Townes is the best god damn songwriter ever!". Quite an accolade. Steve did say later "I've seen Dylan's bodyguards and i'm havoing second thoughts about it now" [​IMG]

    White Light / White Heat - The Velvet Underground
    Classic Proto Punk from Lou Reed et al. This is music to fry your brains by.

    Sound As Ever
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  4. john_jcb
    I have picked up a few lately

    Jennifer Warnes -- "Famous Blue Raincoat"
    Jennifer Warnes -- "The Well"
    Leonard Cohen -- "Ten New Songs"
    The Best of John Mayall and the Blues Breakers
    Ten Years After -- "Ssssh"
    Pink Floyd -- "A Momentary Lapse of Reason"
    Rhino -- "Blues Masters Limited Edition Sampler"
    Bob Dylan "The Basement Tapes"

    8 is close to 5
  5. Nezer
    Hmmm... Last week stoped by the used CD shop..

    REM Automatic for the People
    REM Eponymous

    Thats it for recent purchases as I've been trying to curb spending because I'm about to lose my job.

    This weekend I'll likly pick up the following nassuiming they are priced well:

    Natalie Merchant Motherland
    Moby 18
    Miles Davis 'Round about Midnight

    If I do that those will make 5.
  6. Braver
    ok, this month:

    Porcupine Tree - Stars Die (compilation of their early years)
    Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun (their latest)
    Porcupine Tree - Recordings (stuff from the LS sessions and a few B-sides)
    Marillion - This Strange Engine
    Marillion - Radiation (back then, first attempt at a totally new direction)
    Marillion - .COM (the follow up, the new style, but now perfect, this one's great)
  7. ArChaos
    Not exactly "the last"-but let's say "lately":
    Symphony_X-Live on the Edge of Forever
    Queensryche-Live Evolution
    Gamma Ray-Blast From the Past
    Nativity in Black-A Tribute to Black Sabbath
    Dream Theatre-Awake
    Dream Theatre-Metropolis-Part II
  8. Mr.PD Contributor
    In the last two days I'v gotten more than 5.

    The Hives - Veni Vidi Vicious
    The Best Of Van Morrison
    NOFX - 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough .....
    Cheap Trick - Authorized Greatest Hits
    Grand Funk - Hits
    Great White - Latest & Greatest
    Best Of Kings X
    Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
    The Ramones - All The Stuff (and more) Vol 2
    J Geils Band - Flashback, the best of........

    Also I recently picked up Betty Blowtorch-Are You Man Enough? and Offspring-Smash and Corrosion Of Conformity-Blind.
    What an eclectic collection.[​IMG]
  9. RickG
    I've bought lots of music on CD and LP lately, so I'll just list five of the LP's that were shipped this week....

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience- Are You Experienced ...'60's pressing ...mint, factory sealed.

    Genesis- Invisible Touch ....Origional '80's pressing...mint...factory sealed.

    David Bowie- Heathen ...Limited edition 180 gm vinyl pressing...Mint, sealed.

    Paul McCartney- Driving Rain EMI Records, Limited release..180 gm vinyl,...sealed.

    Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti Red Trumpet (Classic Records LP SS 2-200 180 gm vinyl)..sealed..
  10. millerdog

    Morphine "Like Swimming" from the Mystery Box
    The White Stripes "White Blood Cells"
    Blue Yard Garden "on the galaxy"
    Spyro Gyra "Collection" from the Mystery Box
    Bettie Serveert "Dust Bunnies"
    Fourplay "Yes Please!"
  11. squirt Contributor
    Foreigner- Complete Greatest Hits

    America- The Complete Greatest Hits

    Heart- Greatest Hits

    The Best of The Moody Blues

    The Best of the Doobies
  12. DarkAngel
    Cradle of Filth - Lovecraft & Witch hearts
    Opera IX - Maleventum
    Cadaveria - Shadow Madame
    Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin
    Witchery - Symphony for the Devil

    My dark side needs nourishment.......heh,heh,heh
  13. fyrfytrhoges
    porcupine tree signify
    porcupine tree delerium years
    flaming lips best of 84-90
    hawkwind hall of the mountain grill
    paul simon graceland
  14. Jeff Guidry
    Strangely, that's EXACTLY how many CD's I bought a few days ago...

    Godflesh Songs of Love and Hate
    Hijohkaidan The Hijohkaidan Tapes
    The Gerogerigegege Greatest Hits Live
    Subarachnoid Space Delicate Membrane
    Sleep Research Facility Nostromo
  15. ChenaynayC

    Eminem...??(it's that Dr. Dre bass; drivin' music)
    De La Soul: Bionix (this is hiphop with a message)
    Res: How I Do (girl w/a guitar...poppish)
    Musiq: Juslissen (ok, kind of like previous)
    Angie Stone: Mahogany Soul (very nicely produced)
    Nappy Roots: Watermelon, Chicken, and Grits (ok)
    Lauryn Hill: Unplugged (food for thought)

    That Telarc disk Tyll told me about - ???
    Wyclef: Masquerade (released this week)
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