Yet another 'Which IEM is best for me' thread
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Nov 25, 2008
I'm looking to move up to the next level of IEM from the £30 type pairs I've been using for past 5-6 years.

Looking to spend up £130 and am considering both new an s/h as I plan to use comply foams so hygiene isn't too much of an issue. Have thought about getting some custom inserts done but don't think I can afford the IEM and the customs

I listen to most types of music but will be mainly using them to listen to DnB and Alternative/Prog Metal so would prefer something with a good amount of punch to the bass sounds (able to cope with bubbling DnB basslines).I also prefer a warmer high end compared to clinical sounding highs

I've been looking at the following :-
  1. Ultimate Ears 5 pro (discounted the EBs due to the reviews about the bass overpowering the rest of the sound stage)
  2. Future Sonics Atrio M5
  3. Head-Direct RE2
  4. Sleek Audio SA6
  5. Klipsch x10
  6. Etymotic er6i (think these are too bass anaemic)

The amount of choice is a bit overwhelming, so much as that I keep considering blowing my budget and just buying a pair of UL 10s
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Nov 12, 2008
There are plenty of similar threads detailing similar issues/choices, but I would pick the X10 or M5/M8 based on what you want the sound to be like.

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