yet another thread for headphones around 100$
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May 26, 2009
After reading for hours and hours,i have my list ready.

1. ATH-AD700

2. ATH -M50

3. Senn HD555

Now the confusion starts...

AD700 -- I like every think about these but i have a small head.All i can say is my senn HD202 fits my head perfectly,so is my head size enough for AD700..

ATH-M50 -- Have seen people recommend these cans to a basshead and i am definitely not one.Are these as bassy as Senn HD202..

Senn HD555 -- Am i left with only these now..

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Im 16, and relative small for my age, and the AD700 fits perfect on my head, especially with a rubber band between the wings/rods/Rotate the pads a bit.

The first few weeks i did had fit issues, but now im used to it, and know how to put it right on my head and my problems are gone
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Hmm, i like the bass, some dont. I cant really judge on your tastes..

The type of music you listen too is also an important factor, i listen a lot to new age/wave and the airy sound is IMO perfect for me. Trance music also pleases me with the AD700s. But i can understand that a lot of people thinks that the bass is too light.
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Yup, if soundstage is important, then the AD700s is from what I have read the best HP in this price range. It still amazes me, especially when i listen to $5 headpones and go back to the AD700s.
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The AD700 clamp can be adjusted by bending the headband so I don't think it will be a problem unless you have a really small head. The only other open phones at this price range worth considering is the MS-1 (which I like more than the AD700) and the HD238 (may be too bass heavy). If soundstage is important though go with the AD700.

Id recommend all 3 over the HD555 which I just didn't like (too laid back sounding). Cant comment on the m50.
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Also if someone can tell me if these studio monitor headphones like M50 or HD280pro are really good for casual listening.. Because the purpose they are designed for is entirely different IMO
The main reason i cannot include HD280 pro in my list is that, i read somewhere in a post saying "For standard listening, this can be a turn off".. will this apply to M50 also.
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The fit is becoming less and less of an issue with me, but my problem was that it felt too tight and wearying. I'm just not used to full size headphones at all, I guess.

I can still only get through one full album (~45-50 minutes) with them before I have to take a break, though. I don't want them much looser - I'd rather just adjust to them.

I rather like the bass, personally.

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