Yarra Speaker System

  1. Erik Garci
  2. AppleheadMay
    Glad someone started a post about the Yarra!

    Interesting concept to drive them through the Realiser like a headphone and let the Realiser do the decoding and DSP while the Yarra does the beamforming. I hope some interesting discussions about the matter comes up in this thread.

    I ordered through Indiegogo.
  3. yage
    I ordered through Kickstarter. Really looking forward to setting up the Yarra and seeing how it fares.

    I'm not sure I follow about the Realiser - Yarra connection though. What's up with that?
  4. Erik Garci
    You would use the Realiser A16 to decode formats such as Dolby Atmos that the Yarra itself cannot decode, and use the Realiser's HRTF (PRIR) instead of the Yarra's HRTF to binauralize the multichannel audio. You would feed the Realiser's 2-channel binauralized output to the Yarra which beams it to your ears.
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  5. AppleheadMay
    Yep, and as I understood this wouldn't work with stereo speakers as you have too much crossfeed there so that would annihilate the Reaslisers DSP effect.
    The Yarra is a speaker that uses beamforming trying to prevent crossfeed as much as possible. which makes it act more like a headphone.
    So that could make it pair well with the Realisers DSP for headphones.
    At least that is what I understood from it, please correct me if I'm talking nonsens here folks.

    In any case the Realiser was mentioned somehwere on the Kickstarter or Indiegogo page of these guys.
  6. davidland
  7. AppleheadMay
  8. camillem
    I hope it will work well with my Smyth A16 to come !

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