Yamaha eph-100 vs. Sony xba-30 vs. Rock it r-50 (HELP)
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New Head-Fier
Dec 13, 2013
Hi everybody, I am totally new to headphones area, before I was just familiar with speakers. I am in search for a new pair of headphones, after I owned a few pairs of sony, philips, lg and other low quality headphones I decided to invest in something better. 
I do know that all this models were already discuses on the forum, but as everybody, I do have problems in choosing one pair. 
To begin, I will say that my source for the headphones will be mainly my phone-Nexus 4 + maybe a DAC. Home I already have my audio system so I am buying them mainly for street use.
As I understood all 3 pairs of headphones are very different, but I am search of the best sound, best instrument recognition and 3d sound stage. I do realize that at this price point is hard to get something of great quality, but for beginning is enough.
Mainly I listen to house/pop/rock/hip hop and a bit of all kinds of music.    
Firstly, by reading the threads from the forum I was impressed by Rock it R-50 and its ability of instrument division, but I am a little bit worried about its ability to play basses, Sony for me is a new product that I don't know anything about it (just its impressing 3 armature system), and finally Yamaha that seems to match all my needs, but as I understand it lacks at details in front of Rock it and Sony.
So finally, I would like to ask you which one will fit my need (not to forget that they will not be used together with an amp, just home together with a DAC). So the price is 150 dollars shipped in Europe, unfortunately I dont have where to listen to them, so please help me as I am reading this forum for 2 weeks in order to find which one is best for me :DD

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