Yamaha CRX-TS20 as transport?
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what is a digital output?

The audio signal is stored on CDs using PCM (pulse-code modulation), a digital method of storage. In order to become analog again (to eventually become sound waves in your room), the CD player spins the CD and reads the disc, sending the digital information to a DAC (digital-to-analog converter), which goes to an amplifier, etc.

A "transport" is a player that has an external digital output capable of sending the signal over a cable to a separate DAC. Since this CD player does not have an external digital output, it cannot be a transport.

I think you might have meant to ask if the player is a good "source." This implies that you're talking about the player as a package (transport + DAC) and listening to its analog outputs. If so, then the answer is probably not. 1-bit DACs are outdated and usually of low quality.
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Yes, it's possible to use its auxiliary output to send the analog signal to a headphone amplifier, though it's not guaranteed that the auxiliary output is the same as a line output.
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This model does have a optical output and can be used as a transport for an outboard DAC. It is also capable of outputing low level via RCA jack for a subwoofer also. this quite a nice unit for a "life style" receiver , only outputs 18w aside

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