Y50 vs Urbanite (on ear) vs SRH750dj
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New Head-Fier
Oct 12, 2016
This is my first thread/post so be gentle please :wink:. I haven't got much experience with headphones but I've got 1 budget headphone which I use for gaming (hd668, very nice for it's price). Now I've been wanting to get a more portable on ear headphone and I've narrowed it down to these: Sennheiser Urbanite (on ear), AKG Y50, Shure SRH750dj. I want to know if anyone here owns any of these and tell me if they're any good and which one I should buy. Don't know if it helps but I like most music genres expect for: country, metal and Classical music. And by the way if you have any more recommendations on headphones feel free to tell me, but the price must be around €100 and not more than 130.
Thanks in advance!

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