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Xuelin Tuner DAP - a tuners dream, fully modular (DAC, LPF, AMP, LINK, DAMPING)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Nayparm, Jan 5, 2019.
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  1. gazzington
    I think I may get one. I shouldn't as just bought lpgt and also want dx220. This hobby = money gone!
    Oh and fearless iems.....
  2. Quadfather
    Where do you purchase this DAP and additional chips online? I am in the United States...
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  4. GrigoryV
    Likely buying dx220 is cancelled. Caught fire buying H8. But I want to make sure that the CLOCKS in the subject of high-class. PLEASE tell that this is so!!!!
  5. newtophones07
  6. Nayparm
    Its the same CPU/OS/GUI/buttons as the ihifi990 and thats lag free and solid so I dont expect anything different. Obviously a massive difference in screen size and no touch on the xuelin, but its quick and easy to navigate.
    NotKunvinced likes this.
  7. newtophones07
    Thanks for the feedback
  8. dmkbox
    How this one compared to cowon plenue p2 mk1?
  9. dmkbox
    Looks like no owners.
  10. dmkbox
    Any owners, please do a short review. Very interesting.
  11. thesheik137
    Just bite the bullet lol. Or wait for HBB review.

    I'm debating between WM1A and this.
  12. dmkbox
    HBB won't review few month.
    in your opinion this Dap in same league with wm1a? I hope xuelin at top level.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
  13. Orrillo7
    yo tengo el xuelin h8 y con el modulo amplificador clase A es muy superior al sony Wm1a incluso por su entrada balanceada pentacom no iguala al xuelin h8 que tiene un sonido detallado en capas con mucho mejor dinamica medios mas detallados con una admosfera 3d; lamentablemente la bateria es basura solo me dura 2horas con 25min en volumen 90 con el beyer dt880 primiun 600 ohmmios. Y con otros de menor homiaje menos de 3horas con 20min
    nick n and dmkbox like this.
  14. thesheik137
    In terms of price, they are comparable, as used wm1a is similar to a new h8.

    Sound comparison remains to be seen, but apparently (above) xuelin can compete with wm1a. Shame about the battery life though.

    Wm1a power output is a bit underwhelming for a full sized dap.
  15. dmkbox
    Sad news. Conclusion: DAP is good sounding but not portable usage possible.
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