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Xuelin Tuner DAP - a tuners dream, fully modular (DAC, LPF, AMP, LINK, DAMPING)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Nayparm, Jan 5, 2019.
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  1. Nayparm
    Hopefully, i'll keep digging for info. I almost ordered one from penon along with a Colorfly U8 but chickened out haha, I need to work on some of my projects and sell a few bits first. My xuelin ihifi990 is one of my favourite players and all the work I put into the firmware mod for it should be portable to the H8/H9
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  2. Baljortar
    Once the player arrives, can you give me your impressions and comparisson with your other daps please? This could be a gigant killer.
    GrigoryV likes this.
  3. gazzington
    Anybody bought this yet?
  4. Nayparm
    Not that I know of, I chickened out as i'm skint lol :triportsad:
  5. gazzington
    I can't or I would face death by wife
  6. Nayparm
    Haha, yeah, thiers only so long I can get away with i'm just upgrading this for someone till she twigs that i've not posted it back to anyone, plus her cars knackered :triportsad:
    GrigoryV likes this.
  7. gazzington
    I'm enjoying what I have at the moment although the hiby r6 pro is making me twitch. Although someone said it sounds similar to the wm1a so I can go without!
  8. Nayparm
    Haha are any of us on here happy with what we have :ksc75smile::L3000:
  9. Orrillo7
    Hello friends do you use the xuelin h8 ?
  10. Orrillo7
    Quiero saber si alguien ya lo probó el h8 ? O si escucharon si alguien ya lo probo a nivel que dap top está? gracias
  11. Nayparm
    Not yet, Xuelin closed for the holidays before I got chance to try and get one.
  12. gazzington
    I think you can still get one from penon
  13. Nayparm
    Its about £180 more though from penon :wink:
  14. gazzington
    wow, is it that much cheaper to buy directly from xuelin!?
  15. gazzington
    Anybody buy this?
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