Xonar D1 -> HotAudio Dac & Amp
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May 17, 2009
I'm looking to upgrade from my soundcard soon. I use audioengine a2's and mainly my ATH-AD700 headphones. I play games more than anything for audio but I don’t use EAX or any other digital enhancement gimmicks. I'm looking at the DAC destroyer. Is this a worthwhile investment? I'm fairly tight on money too

I may get a Hotaudio Thunderbolt Amp too or before the dac if I ever do replace it. I know the AD700's dont realy "NEED" an amp but would it still be a good investment?
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Originally Posted by ROBSCIX /img/forum/go_quote.gif
A soundcards has a DAC also, so one of these units is redundant.

Can you outline how your thinking of connecting up your system.

The hotaudio dacs are usb :smile, they will replace the xonar completely as the dedicated soundcard.
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That is what I was wondering. By your thread title, I was guessing you were connecting your D1 to a DAC and then a headphone amplifier or your considering buying a D1 to upgrade what you currently have.

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