Xiaomi Pistons 3.0 v GranVela Mrice Baldoor E300
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I'm interested in a budget IEM and I've kind of narrowed it down to these two. Wired give the Mrice E300 a gold award and this forum seems to quite like the Pistons. Let me say that I've been using old Sony MDR EX71's since time began and one of the wires has developed a break causing intermittent cutting out depending on the position. Though I'm sure the EX71s probably aren't regarded as particularly good quality, I've always enjoyed their sound and want something that has a similar crisp treble, as well as punchy bass and mids. The Mrice means ordering from Hong Kong which will take ages and the Xiaomi Pistons 3.0 are more readily available. Others I've considered are Brainwavz Delta and Klipsch Image E1 and S3m. So my budget is £12 to £25 approximately. Though I'd much rather spend £12. Is there one standout here or are they all about the same? 
Usage is more for my laptop than GS6 phone, and I plug in via a FiiO Kilimanjaro E11K.
Thanks in advance!
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Anyone please?
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I just stumbled onto Granvela myself.. From my experience, I have always been a huge proponent of Sony.. However, I will say I quite liked the Xiaomi Piston 2's, haven't tried the 3's yet.. They are on order just waiting for them to come in.. But in the meantime.. Try the GGMM Nightingales.. Pretty good honestly for the price, but honestly, at this price point there is a fair bit of competition. Each will be fine but will require slight EQ'ing to get to your own "Coloration" Philips SHE3590's and SHE3905's are pretty good too with the 3905's having better strain relief systems..

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