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Sorry to hear that. I've never experienced that cracked cable problem and many people have paid that price outside the warranty. And BTW this is the wrong forum buddy.
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Jul 12, 2009

Originally Posted by Logman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Like many E500/530 owners, I experienced the cracked cable problem. When I contacted Shure about it, I got a very brief canned answer:
"Please see Shure - Service Policies for directions on having your product repaired and possible pricing if it is outside of warranty."

Unfortunately, my E500's are about 6 months out of warranty and I will have to pay $145 to get them repaired (confirmed in a later email from Shure). This surprises me since the cracked cable issue seems to be a known design defect in the product.

Does anyone have a suggestion for getting Shure to stand behind their product?

If not, I can definitely say that they have lost a customer for life. Too bad as I really enjoy the sound of these IEM's.

They've known about the problem and to my knowledge they've fixed it as of early this year. Mine has withstood exercising for many, many hours per week. I expected them to die a very long time ago, and there's not even a hint of cable failure.

It sucks to have an expensive product fail, but take it from the company's standpoint. How long can they warranty a product for? Their two year period is already extensive, and customers have gotten unlimited replacements in the past. You've had yours for 2 years, 6 months, but you indirectly want an indefinite warranty period. There's only so much a company can do. Their products are amazing, and the prices have become a very sweet point. Their prices are lower than all other comparable IEM's.

UE's are uncomfortable for many, and seal's a problem for some. Westone's just recently discovered a defect in their W3's. Your best bet remains Shure.

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