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Jun 12, 2009
OPA177 as a Cmoy opamp. (the dual would be the OPA2177)

I put two of them inside my evolved Cmoy (that supports even high speed bipolar opamps).

It (with Jillian Welch, Soul Journey) sounds better than: TLE2082, LT1361, OPA2111, OPA627, LM6172, AD8397. All powered with 24V.

It has the sonic solidity of an OPA551, but is more open and interesting. The tonality is the best (most lifelike) you can get from a Cmoy. But the most impressive thing are the control and dynamics and body.

My reference Cmoy opamp. Can't believe it had remained in a corner unnoticed until now.
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It's funny because I came from the LM6172 (and, before that, the TLE2082), LM6172 that @ 24V sounds really good (unlike @ 12V).

The LM6172 was transparent end enjoyable, but the OPA177 is just the same, plus more solid velvety vocals, more dynamic and enjoyable bass, and less harsh treble. In short, the LM6172 plus the kind or relaxed presentation you don't expect from a Cmoy. And the icing on the cake is that the OPA177 has a more vivid tonality.
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Since I'm never, ever 100% happy...

Soon I'll try the NJM2114, which looks fine for a cmoy with 60 mA of output current, 500 nA of bias current, +-3V minimum supply voltage, low distortion even with just 40 dB of open loop gain.

While I'm at it, I'll try that in my DAC too.
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Who knows, if I'm eventually put off by the intolerable flaws caused by a disconcertingly low slew rate (but notice it's similar to that of the MAX9724 or MAX9722 opamps designed as headphone amplifiers)
, then I can always go back to the LT1361 and AD845K, both of which were also better sounding than all of the other opamps I mentioned in the 1st post, except the OPA177 -- for now.

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