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Would the Cowm D2 Drive AKG K181 Headphones ok ?

  1. readbmr
    Hi all, well what an awesum player the cowon d2 is, im well impressed, anyway my question is that will a pair of AKG K181 STUDIO DJ Headphones be ok on the Cowon D2 ? ie will the d2 drive them ok or would you suggest i get a portable amp?

    I already have a portable amp but only the Fiio e5 and was wondering if thats anough to drive the AKG K181 When i get them or would i have to upgrade to another portable amp?

    Any suggestions help please and recommendations if i have to change my portable amp, but dont want to spend to much on upgrading the amp if i have to ..

    Also sorry if ive posted in the wrong forum and hope to hear soon from all you users especially if you already using the AKG K181 With Cowon D2 ..

    Look forward to hearing from you all


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