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Would it be worth selling / trading my TEAC UD-301s + Modi Multibit to cover purchasing an Airist RDAC thru Drop (or anyone here?)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bogginhead, Sep 25, 2019.
  1. bogginhead
    I , for one love my Mimby, and it does have the newest AD firmware chip installed (rev.2). The TEAC, as much as I like having a fully balanced dac, hasn't been getting much use since I received it (it's still in mint condition as well). I've considered an Eitr to possibly step up the Mimby's game a bit, but the Airist Drop R2R dac has me intrigued to say the least. Any suggestions on how to proceed from here? Thanks guys!
  2. warp2600
    Of course it's not worth it.
    But it would be a fun ride.
  3. bogginhead
    Gotcha; I was thinking kinda the same. But honestly I'd still do it; I have a CTH + SDAC I'd love to put on top of the RDAC for a small stack, and I'd still be running my Loki EQ through it all plus my little Loxjie P20 at times. Anyone up for a trade like this (TEAC UD-301s & Modi Multibit rev.2 for Airist RDAC)?
  4. bogginhead

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