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Worth switching from AKG k612 pro / SB ZX or not?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Emix, Nov 8, 2019.
  1. Emix
    Hi Guys,

    My current setup is AKG K612 Pro and Sound Blaster Zx sound card. I play mostly FPS games and I have this for 3 years now.

    Few days ago on some huge sale I bough Astro A40 TR with Mixamp Pro TR (for about 150Euro total...). I only bough it to see what is it about with Mixamp after reading many opinions that either it's great and people cant live without it or it's crap and stay with stereo headphones and good sound card / dac / amp.

    What I noticed is that game immersion is huge with Mixamp (both with AKG and Astros). Wirtual surround is great, explosions, shots, footsteps etc. are very immersive and when I switch back to Sound Blaster I feel sound is flat and poor. Directional audio is better, more precise but other than that my impression is like "emmm, where is the sound?!"

    I know may says astros are crap, mixamp is crap (this way I ended up buying AKGs and Sound Blaster few years ago and not gaming headset) but now it made some mess in my head that I actualy have a flat and sad audio with great soundscene and sound positioning.

    Is there anything like a "best choice" to match these two worlds so to maintain great positioning and sound clarity (which is there when using AKGs/SB) with let's summarize my mixamp / astro feeling as "immersion and fun"?

    Is Sound Blaster ZX that shitty? Maybe I should buy some better DAC / AMP? Maybe AKG K612 pro are flat and will not give me fun (but it's waaay better with mixamp, even if positional audio is worse) and I should buy AKGs K712 pro for example?

    Or maybe for the money I paid for Astros and Mixamp they are the best choice? Ooooor I should stay with K612 pro and sound blaster ZX because it's great setup and I just expect too much?

    I am lost, please help :)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
  2. Emix
    Ok, I have my partial decision - Astros and mixamp went back to the store and I have a few more questions but I will ask them in the other topic. This one can be closed.

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