World music and Jazz Fusion melange
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If you like contemporary, synthesizer based instrumental world music, David and Diane Arkenstone are some of the absolute best. Diane has a series of albums called "Adventure Cargo" which are all excellent and cover various themes (Africa, Rain Forest, Egypt and Equator).

This is one of my favorite tracks:
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This is about 3 decades old but still beautiful

What a great Artist Baaba Maal is. I remember his beautiful evocative rendition of 'Call to Prayer' on the Peter Gabriel, Passion 'Sources' album.......many, many, years ago.

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there's a lot of things going on in this music, lot of influences, plus the arabic sentences are a marvel to listen too. And I suspect the recording to be quite something! going to look after that one on Qobuz:)

I'm glad that you like it! When I'm in the mood for oriental vibes, Dhafer Youssef is on my playlist too:

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