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World Cup Stadium Song?

Discussion in 'Music' started by rutter, Jun 30, 2018.
  1. rutter
    I need to find out the name of a particular song played during the World Cup. If you were watching Portugal-Uruguay today it was played right before kick-off as the formations and starters were being shown and was the second song played after the match. It's not one of these corny half-pop songs made expressly for the World Cup. It's actually a mean-sounding song without any vocals, at least to the extent it has been played. One sound is dominant and I'm not sure what the source of it would be. Thick and nasty, really nice. Hoping it's from a song and that the song is good.
  2. rutter
    No one knows? Was played today again when the starting line-ups and formations were shown for Uruguay and France, wasn't around for Brazil-Belgium. Now I also want to know a second song, the one played when Belgium scored and right after the match was over. Female singer going na-na-na-na over and over again. Google searches so far have been unhelpful.
  3. Turren
    I believe it should be The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  4. rutter
    Nope. Not when they're walking out onto the field. This song tends to pop up right before kick-off.
  5. Turren
    Then it is Tiësto & The Chainsmokers - Split

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  6. Turren
    The other one you are looking for is GALA - Freed from desire

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  7. rutter
    Cheers, you got both. Any slight remixes you like or are these the best versions? There are particular parts I like from both that on first listen aren't emphasized enough. Nothing drives me nuts like having something good and drowning it out in crap. Trance songs can be an awful offender of this. Insomnia by Faithless is a staggering example. Out of three and a half minutes you waste the first 2:20 and then end the song a minute later. There appears to be an 8-minute version that sounds like it keeps the awful ratio. You need someone to just clip and paste it around like this to get more of a proper song:

  8. Turren
    Nah.. i did not liked any of them. They are catchy, but like you said, most of the time drowned in crap.
    I recognized only the first one. The others i had to do a little research to find them (i like challenges), and had some time to kill :sunglasses:

    Let me leave you with a good song to clear the ears of EDM. To my opinion one of the best solo guitars ever:

  9. rutter
    How did you find the other two songs? That's impressive. I think we have different tastes in music as I find them much more than catchy and I'm familiar with that Lynyrd Skynyrd song but don't care much for it (surprised by the Confederate flag, wow). I'll be clearing my ears with the other two songs. :wink: The guitar solo is ok, but needs to be meaner. Might be the live setting.
  10. Turren
    First i had to download the games you where talking about and listen to the parts.. then i googled World cup stadium songs, did some digging, read some forums, read some comments and Voila!

    Here are a few Remixes i like, maybe you like them too :wink:

  11. rutter
    World cup stadium songs is what I was googling pretty much too, was even more specific. Came up with nothing, except ironically Ricky Martin and Anastacia, a blast from the past.
  12. rutter
    Anyway, I really appreciate the help. These two are keepers. Here's a better edit of the first one- around 50 seconds of filler in the middle of an over four minute total.

    The second one ends up being from the 90s, which isn't surprising. Quite a number of excellent fun songs come from then. Despite what some people think that was a good decade for music. One of my favorite type of sounds.
  13. Turren
    No problem. I hate it when i dont remember something or left with a question... i have to look for the answer (easy things thou... not like the meaning of life or equivalent).

    Thanks for the video. I like it more than the original version :sunglasses:
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