Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, Mar 11, 2016.
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  1. ra990
    3 tubes, always...
  2. davidland
  3. ra990
    In what?
  4. nogi replicant
    Any word on tube upgrades? Not that i think the stock tubes aren't good, and not that i know anything about tubes either. But who doesn't like upgrades right? Take my money!
  5. Tumyum
    In few things - maybe something wrong with your wa8, or something wrong with that CD, or something wrong with your ears. Not normal for max volume unless pair with hard drive cans.
  6. Tumyum
    Yes, I would like to know to. What are some of the best tubes one could give to the wa8? reason I ask is I know it will never cost $1k for a bulb :)
  7. Dulalala
    And that’s where you're wrong... I've seen tubes go over that. I doubt the ones for the WA8 will though.
  8. Tumyum
    Those tiny tubes in the WA8 go over $1,000 each?
  9. Dulalala
    No I meant in general, tubes can cost more than $1000 each. I explicitly said in the post above that “I doubt the ones for the WA8 will though”.
  10. FidelityCastro
    As someone who uses tube guitar amps and also has an ALO CDM - neither of which use exactly the same tubes as the Wa8 of course - I’d be surprised if the tubes in the Woo weren’t very affordable. Happy to be told that the tubes are a big part of the cost of a Wa8, but i’d be quite shocked if that were the case.
  11. bflat
    The challenge with subminiature tubes is not price, but availability. Even when you find them, they frequently sell in lots of 10-500 units. But per unit price is low - around $10. These must be soldered directly on to the amp PCB or a proprietary adapter that only the amp maker sells. Therefore, the audiophile market for these is tiny.

    I have a WA8 on the way. While I love my current gear, I do miss the Woo Audio house sound ever since I owned the WA7 and auditioned the WA8 prototype.
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  12. Tumyum
    WA8 is my first tube amp and I would to play around with tubes. So very likely we have to depend on Woo if we want to roll tubes since the tubes are soldered into the circuit board? Also, if we change tubes for the WA8, would it make small/big change in sound say compare to the bigger tube amp? Thanks guy!
  13. bflat
    Yes, we will need to source from Woo Audio unless they decide to sell the bare PCB like ALO does. As for change in sound with different tubes, we won't know until we try. There are a lot of 6021 compatible tubes.
  14. Cognacbrown
    I have a ALO CDM tune amp too and changing the tubes do lend to a different signature. However I also think the tubes in WA8 are well implemented and I didn’t find the same desire to tube roll -(unlike the CDM).
  15. bflat
    As a soon to be owner, I have some basic questions:
    • Does the WA8 always need to be positioned as pictured with the tubes standing up or can I lay the WA8 down with tube window on top?
    • Does the 3.5mm output have a lower gain than 6.3mm?
    • Does Woo Audio provide Windows ASIO drivers?
    I also read through some old posts regarding the charger. It seems to me the "power supply" is a LiPo charger where the charging circuitry is built in the charger itself and not the WA8. Looking at the specs, it's identical to ALO CDM, but the plug size looks different. LiPo charger will shut itself off when the battery is fully charged. I'm not sure what will happen to the WA8 battery if you just plug in a 12V power supply. A power supply does not shut itself off.
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