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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. Gibson59
  2. Gibson59
    WA22 arrived today. Not having a bad evening with my HEKse and two amps :)

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  3. ahossam
    I have been using WA8 for sometimes now, its my first all tubes amp design and I really loved the sound.

    Now I was looking for a desktop amp, and am curious about WA22 2nd gen, but my local dealer don't have it so I can't do audition. How is WA22 compare to WA8 sound quality wise? is it way much better?
  4. Gibson59
    Just checking before I plug this PHILIPS 5R4GYS rectifier in... does it work with the WA22?

    I can’t quite tell from the compatibility list. I see 5R4GY on the list but not 5R4GYS.

    875C1182-A257-44F9-B918-AD9D148974C1.jpeg F317C6A3-E13A-4594-A8B3-3F3F3C374716.jpeg B17C66CE-4F57-48FB-A8EA-599E6F8EA6B1.png
  5. kartikey
    Hello people,

    Long time lurker here and I have ordered my WA22 which is soon to arrive. Currently, I have tested WA2 with my Sennheiser 800S and found the TS 5998 to give an extra boost in the bass which I was surprised by. Now that I have a WA22 coming I have gone through multiple pages of this thread and the reference 6SN7 thread but not found an answer for driver tubes that will provide a natural bump in bass and better soundstage compared to the stock tubes that I will get with the WA22. Please correct me if driver tubes don't do that because I am totally new to this audiophile world.

    Can someone please help me with that? I already spent a lot in buying the TS5998 so I don't want to spend a lot on the driver tubes if possible. For the rectifier, I will be using the stock one until I think I can spend more. Please also suggest if it's better to upgrade the rectifier tube instead of the driver tubes if I have a choice to spend on only one of them for starting out.

    I have listened to the difference in stock WA2 power tube vs TS5998 to realize it makes a big difference for me so I don't really want to settle for the stock WA22 tubes if I can get more out of it.

    EDIT: wrote the tube 6SN7 name wrong initially
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  6. abvolt
    Yes that tube will work in your wa22 I have several they sound very nice @Gibson59..
  7. Gibson59
  8. abvolt
    Some good driver tubes to consider @kartikey any of the Mullard ecc32,33,35 very nice vt-99, vt-163, 6sl7, 6sc7 I wouldn't use the ecc35's with the 5998's for me it's a little much..enjoy
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  9. kartikey
    Thank you for the advice @abvolt. But I want to understand what a little much means? Does it mean it causes any anomalies in sound?
  10. abvolt
    Both the of the 5998's and the ecc35's are high in Mu gain using both at the same time for me it's like getting too much gain from my amp although some enjoy their music with extra gain I don't. No distortions of any kind just too high of gain.. Another high gain tube that sounds very good is a 6bl7gt a power tube.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  11. thecrow
    I use 6080 tube types on my woo wa2

    I believe the tubes you are looking at are considerably over priced.

    On my wa2 i find the gec6as7g tubes to be the best when looking at detail and extension. I use these 85% of the time. Not cheap. A good pair will probably cost about $600 usd per pair. But if patient you might get lucky at times. I have

    Then there is the we421a and tungsol/chatham 5998. Still quite good. One step down from the gec6as7g. Maybe about $200-$250 per pair. Not grainy.

    I also have bendix 6080wb with graphic plates. A heavier/more dense sound. Again not grainy. Maybe about $250 a pair. Hard to find.

    Then there is ones underneath that have less detail can be warmer in sound that some prefer. These cheaper options though good can be a bit grainy at times.

    There are past contributors here, including badas (member) that has extensive experience in these later tubes i mentioned that he prefers.

    Personally I do prefer more open detailed sound and don’t mind upper end energy. And that is with my wa2 rather than a wa22. I have found with limited experience with the wa22 (demoed a few times) that the wa2 is a bit more laid back than the wa22.

    I hope that might help a little

    One piece of advice i do have with tube rolling is quality (in the sound that you are after) is better than quantity of tubes that you might buy. But it is trial and error at times

    All the best with it
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  12. kartikey
    Yeah. Looks like I lack the knowledge of what gain is to understand what it'll do. Will go online and search a bit before asking more lol.
  13. kartikey
    I am trying to find a matched pair of driver tubes under $200 if possible. Has anyone considered or tried PSVane driver tubes?
  14. flea22
    What do you guys think is a better buy, 5998 ts from woo for $600, or a pair of 1975 421a we from ebay for $600? I'm leaning towards the 5998's from woo.
  15. kartikey
    I bought 2 TS 5998s from ebay for ~345 recently. I don't understand why Woo charges almost 2x for any tubes I find elsewhere on the net. But, I guess you can rely on the fact that they have matched and tested to give you the best set of tubes for what you pay?
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