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Woo Audio WA11 Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jude, May 6, 2018.
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  1. Jalo
    Just revert back to FW 1.2 or 2.0 and you will have a much warmer signature. The WA8 as a tube amp will also give you a smooth warm tome in the treble range.
  2. Vitaly2017
    Oh but I will loose bluetooth dac option if i do that...

    So you recommend wa8 over wa11 for max warmth width and smoothest possible treble?
  3. bflat
    Considering the cost and hassle, I would advise against route. I would recommend:

    1) Free - use EQ in your 1z by a) increase 125 Hz on down by +3 dB or b) reduce 4 kHz by -3 dB
    2) Try a different cable
    3) Get a different IEM and recover some dollars selling what you have
    4) Get a different DAP and recover some dollars selling what you have

    Frankly, if EQ doesn't work for you until you adjust by more than 4-6 dB, then you have a bad pairing of source and headphones for your particular preference. EQ adjustment of 2-3 dB is perfectly normal if you want absolute fine tuning of your preference.
  4. Vitaly2017

    Thanks for the recommendations with eq.
    Yes thats what I ussualy do i reduce the 16k region by -2.5db and it zings less.
    A new option I am experimenting right now is 3.5mm connection with my z1r and 1z. It seems to go easier on my ears and dont reach that high in zingy treble.

    I feel that wa8 might maybe just do better on its own paired with z1r iems.
    1z dap is a really great legendary dap but man I feel something with that treble...

    My all time favorite dac amp is hdv820 from sennheiser but that thing isnt portable zzzz.

    I wonder how wa8 compares to hdv820? Any thoughts
  5. bflat
    I only heard HDV820 with HD800s. However, I believe the output impedance is around 10 ohms so not good for IEMs.
  6. Vitaly2017

    No its actually 40 ohm :)
    And yes I tried it with iems it was stellar. One of the best things I heard to my ears. But it still didnt reduced the treble of hd800s enough to my liking as well....
  7. KS1990
    I've got my WA11 Topaz last Friday. It just literally blew me away (paired it LCD 2C), the sound, the look. But it's big. It's not portable. it's transportable.

    I used to own, Sony PHA3, Sony NW-WM1Z, Ibasso DX 220 with Amp 8 (paired with Sony Z1R). I regret that I have sold my Z1R. anyway, sound-wise, non of the previous items sound as good as the WA11 topaz.
  8. Vitaly2017

    Yea you would have a good combo wa11 and z1r is great.

    I am still debating and looking around what to do. I own 1z and z1r. But still think 1z is not opening the z1r to there full potential, that my perception...
    I am thinking to go z1r+oriolus but not 100% sure on that... Had some thoughts about hugo2+wa8 maybe, but that to not a super cheap nor portable setup...

    How do you find wa11 vs 1z sound signature wise? is it neutral warm or 1z still thicker in sound?
  9. KS1990
    Hugo 2 and WA8 would be insane. I am looking forward to hearing about that.

    regarding, the WA11 vs 1Z, I cannot say anything about that because I am not impressed with the sound of the Z1R with the 1Z at all. I still think that the Z1R needs more power (I do agree with you on that). When I got my 2C, out of the 4.4mm, the WA11 is miles ahead of the WM1Z (i think it's not fair to say that since the 2C is planar). U definitely need to hear the WA11 to believe. detail wise, it a tiny bit less than the Hugo 2, but sound and price-wise, the WA11 is very hard to beat. (I've tried the 2C and Hugo 2 at a local store).

    I will try the Z1R with my WA11.
  10. Vitaly2017

    Really that wa11 is that good its almost on par with hugo2 ! How did you found 2c with hugo2 vs wa11?

    What I do for now is turn on dynamic normalizer in 1z software option to improve dynamics and it works. It has its own issues and its a software optimizer which I find introduces artifacts and some clicks randomly. 1z in direct source just sounds weak witch z1r :frowning2: one of the solution would be to raise volume but just aint same feeling then.

    I tried wa11 with tia forte for 5 min and I cant really say it was enough to judge, but from that 5 min I remember that wa11 was very powerfull and dynamic, sound was smoothe but I felt it was less thick and warm compare to 1z. Definetlly an absolute beast in poweroutput.
    So from what I remember to me it seems that I might probably like more the wa8... Cause its tubey warmer and thicker in general. I never heard wa8 but that what I presume from reviews.

    So I am instill in big decision here , also hard to chose cause I have no way to audition all this stuff :frowning2:

    sell 1z and buy wa8 +hugo2?
    sell 1z and get wa8 alone and use phone?
    buy oriolus and use with 1z?
    buy wa8 and use with 1z hahaha???
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