With what and how should I clean my headphone pads?
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Not sure if it's leather, Could be some fake wannabe leather most likley.
The headphones in question are the ha-rx700s
Also, the headphones don't smell bad, but only if you like sniff them up close/.
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This might work:

Disassemble the pads from the headphones, and lightly rinse with soap and water. Leather/Pleather can handle some water.

Wait... what headphones do you have?
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Damp soft cloth, perhaps even with a little dash of soap.
Or disassemble the pads and wash the properly in warm soap water.
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I actually use leather conditioner on leather pads,keeps them clean and in pristine condition.
It keeps them soft and supple,if you treat them properly leather pads should last a lifetime.

PS, I also use it on the pads on my CD3000 and they are not leather,but it keeps them in good condition.
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similar question here. the pleather pads of my ath m50 became a little bit stiffer as they used to be when i bought them. they are only 2 month old now...is this normal for pleather pads or is there some care product? ... ah and, yes i wash my hair and face on a regular basis, just if someone suggests this :wink:

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