Wireless headphone recomendations
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I guess it's a trade off for the manufacturers: the comfort and convenience are more important than audiophile sound quality when it comes to wireless headphones. Not that there aren't good sounding wireless cans. But they're harder to find because of technical and price/market compromises involved.
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when I started looking at headphones I wanted wireless. Something like the Pioneer or there was another set that operated at a different frequency to avoid emi...
I was pretty much flamed on this site (lol...not that bad) as it was clear from the experts and those who know that wireless will not cut it for audiophile purposes. AKG had one, they discontinued making it, Pioneer still sells butno longer manufactures.
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I still think wireless would be interesting but you could get a really amazing set of wired cans for the price of a high quality wireless set
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imho of course!
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With wireless headphones you are paying for a radio transmitter and receiver as well as the headphones themselves - so, only about a quarter of the price goes into the headphones.

Also, to comply with radiocommunications regulations, automatic level control is normally built-in to ensure correct RF modulation without overload.

Wireless headphones can be very good in certain circumstances - especially for the TV and the freedom to move around while listening; but, personally, I don't like them for music and prefer wired headphones (as you get them x4 better for the same price).
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In all honesty i did not expect to find a pair of wireless headphones in the same league as wired, I had taken that as a given, When my buddy asked about them i didn't have a clue never having listened to them so i figured i come over here and check with the experts. Me i have a 20' canare ext. cord for my DT-880's I figured i might have to take some heat just for asking about them over here lol
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After reading this thread I have to wonder if there are any other members are still interested in an acceptable pair of wireless head phones........... Are there other threads someone will share that give good reviews on any cans?

I'm very interested but I would hate to spend more than a few hundred dollars to try some out only to return them due to noise.


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