Wire to Wireless Adapter for our Hi-Fi Headphones? (Bluetooth 4.2 LE or 5, if possible)
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Oct 9, 2009
Hello Y'all!

First time writing here. Happy to be part of this amazing community :)
I have a really specific question, but I'm sure it can help many who're looking for the same no-compromise solution:

Do you guys know (if it even exists) what's the best Bluetooth "Wire to Wireless" Headphone Adapter / Amplifier?
And by"best" I mean: the less latency, the better.

In other words, some pocket-size device I could plug my regular set of active headphones (like a good old Sony MDR-7504),
to this "Wireless Converter" bluetooth device?

Not sure if that exists, but if it does, despite the obvious quality loss, what I'm most concerned and interested about would be one with as little latency as possible.

Any leads / links / alternative welcomed!
Thanks in advance!
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Wow, what can I say...
So the legend we hear in town is true :
CocaCola15 IS fastest reply in the West.
It was dark and cold. And all you could hear was Bang!
No footsteps, nothing. He replied and disappeared like a ghost.
(okay gotta stop the analogy here)

Anyways, Spot on, mate! Thanks so much for this reference!
Seems to fit the bill quality wise. Trust you for the "no quality loss".

One last question though: after having a look at the Amazon product sheet of this one, I could see myriads of similar products. Did you compare or read reviews about it being the best / jack of all trades?

I'll do my homework, but your insight will be definitely welcomed!

Not a huge fan of the... Ahem... 2005 gray and black plastic design.
Well that's just aesthetics. Maybe I'll paint mine all matte black.
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Fiio BTR5 is a true competitor in here. :wink:

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