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Windows Media Lossless-Any Good?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by classicalman114, Sep 29, 2011.
  1. classicalman114
    When ripping CDs on Windows Media Player, one of the options is to rip the music in WMA Lossless format. What is truly superior out of the lossless formats Windows Media Player supports: WAV and WMA Lossless?
  2. Head Injury
    WMA Lossless will be the exact same information as the WAV, but smaller. You should probably convert to a more widely used lossless format like FLAC, though. Either WMA Lossless or WAV can be converted without loss.
  3. andrewberge
  4. anetode
    I wouldn't really expect it to, being that .wav does not use lossless compression :p

    To op: convert to any lossless type you want, if something's incompatible with it later down the road, you can always convert to another compression scheme.
  5. wnmnkh Contributor


    My answer is do not use either of them for your lossless format.
  6. wnmnkh Contributor
    *double post*
  7. estreeter
    With a 500 GB internal drive in my laptop and another terabyte externally, I just rip everything as WAV and do the conversion later. Sure, its gigabytes of music, but I find it the easiest way personally.
  8. wnmnkh Contributor


    The problem is meta-data.
    Native WAV does not have any means of saving meta-data, and trying to solve the problem with 3rd party specialized software is just hassle.
  9. PleasantNoise
    Looking at that table posted earlier, FLAC looks like the way to go.
    Foobar is free is it not? and will rip cds into FLAC?
    I haven't used it....yet (waiting till I get my own computer, rather than using the parents) so I'm not sure, IIRC it does though
  10. ChipnDalebowl
    ^ Yes foobar will rip cds. You just need to tell it to install the component upon installation and make sure freedb tagging is selected so it can look up track info.
  11. PleasantNoise
    Thanks for that ChipnDalebowl, I'll try remember that When I finally get my own computer

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