Windows 10 Finally Getting Native USB 2 Audio Support
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TBH I haven't noticed any difference.
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It's likely the MS driver will be able to make use of latency improvements announced as part of win 10, some more detail here, though may also require changes to the player application. 
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Does the new windows Driver sound better than the manufacturer driver?
Regards Wayne

Most likely it may not "sound better" but it will perform better as the latency will (should) be much lower than if you were using a 3rd party driver. This would most likely result in less audio "dropouts" and distortion.
I'm finally getting used to Win10 after one month use.

I have been using it since way back in the early preview days. I honestly think it is one of the best iterations of Windows so far, and now that it is getting native USB Audio 2 support it just got even better!
- InsanityOne 

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That's a very good point InsantyOne. I have not experienced dropout yet even if a dialogue box popped up saying the file is read only etc in foobar. This is very promising.
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  update - Latest PC build 14936.1000 adds record support as well as improved playback also...
On the mobile front, big improvement in terms of USB 2.0 Audio driver support. No issues connecting to Burson Conductor Air with playback via foobar 2000

Hey that is awesome to hear! I am so excited for the next incremental Win10 update now. I am sure the drivers will be even more polished by then! Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date!
- InsanityOne 

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  I've got Latest 14936 build but the FiiO E17 refuse to play anything over 96 KHz

​the USB Audio 2.0 is a work in progress. it is a bit better than its first iteration and will get better over time.
if you want to help, go to the feedback hub in windows and document your findings.

I second this. Microsoft and the audio-driver development team need all of the input from us they can get to make this drivers work well. It would be great if people submit as many bug reports to them as possible.
Also in other news: looks like USB Audio 3.0 has become standardized, so now will we wait another 10 years for Microsoft to build it in to Windows?
- InsanityOne 

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I have been using a Fiio E18 Kunlun with no problem for a few months now with a Type-C to Type-A OTG cable from a 950 xl.  I was using 24/96 FLAC files and all has been well.
I just ordered a Xduoo XD-05 and will post results when it gets here in a week or so.  Keeping my fingers crossed since I already got rid of my Fiio :wink:

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