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Feb 3, 2011
Hello, I can get the follow speakers all at a similar price point - difference is negligible (circa $10,000). Does anyone have any advice as to how you would select a pair between them?

Alta: Alec
Wilson Audio: Watt Puppy 7 / 8 / Sasha WP 2
Tekton: Ulfbuhrt / MOAB

The Wilson Audio options are all second hand. I would purchase the Tekton or Alta brand new.

Reviews for the Alta Alec say it competes with speakers at 3x its price point, which tells me its possibly better - and brand new - than the Wilson Audio options that are second hand and a little dated.

The Tekton is in the mix because they also have a reputation for hitting above their weight class. They're lower down the chain mainly because of how big and box they are - I like the design, but it doesn't work in my main living room. I'm still considering purchasing a smaller pair for another room, as I think their value is excellent.

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I haven't heard the Alta Alec, but it does have a ribbon tweeter vs the soft dome of the Sasha 2. There will be a difference there in terms of how it sounds, but with that being said, 10K for a Sasha 2 is a serious steal, and I would recommend it. Its a proven design, proven performance, at an amazing price even used. Having thought about it, I'd caution being scammed at 10K USD for a Sasha 2. Do you have a link to the ad?
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