Will I have problems with driving my Stax Lambda Pro w/ SRD-7/SB and a low wattage amp?
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Mar 10, 2008
Ive got a pair of Lambda Pro's and nothing to drive them. A sad state of affairs, i must say. My budget is pretty limited at this point, so i was considering getting an adapter and using either a 10w T-Amp or a Jasmine T200, a headphone tube amp with a 5w speaker output. Will this setup damage the Lambda Pro's? Will the combination of the low bias and low watts cause the headphones to be dangerously under driven? Will i hear anything at all, or will the lack of power just bite me in the rear?

Ive looked around in the forums for a couple of hours and found that the general consensus was that low bias -> high bias phones reduce the detail, but there isnt really a consensus on long term effects on the phones. I would love to get my hands on a pro adapter, but cant post in the for sale forum yet. I would be upgrading eventually, though, so this would be a temporary solution


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