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why preamp?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by oqvist, Jun 2, 2010.
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  1. SP Wild
    In your case the computer should be full throttled.
  2. Sumflow
    What is the general theory when you have many volume controls? 
    Are you running the weakest ones full blast to eliminate them from the chain?
    Do you always just use only the best pot?
  3. Kees
    You don't want multiple volume controls. Avoid it.
  4. goldmbe
    Sorry to revive an old thread. I'm wondering about inserting a Little Dot MKIVse to be used as a preamp only between my LD DAC_I and MKVII+ headphone amp - specifically, would this add a more tube-like quality to the sound through my LCD-2's? Also, would there be any problems with this approach?
    EDIT: just realized that the MKIVse does not have balanced preamp outputs. Is there a (reasonably priced) balanced preamp that would work instead?
  5. MrProggie

    Even integrated amps got a preamp section, either passive or active.
  6. alexdemaet
    Take a look at my situation:
    1) speaker rig:
    SPEAKERS: ACI Titan XL subwoofer+ACI Emerald speakers
    amp: RWA Signature 30 (partial upgraded to30.2) amp
    dac: Stello DA220 Mk II
    source: Squeezebox Classic
    2) headphone rig:
    headphone: Grado GS1000i
    amp: Meier audio Swing
    dac: Stello DA220 Mk II
    source: Squeezebox Classic
    (I am just trying to understand preamp :) ) It seems my speaker amp has volume knob and it's a power amp so I believe it is best to go for some speaker monoblock power amps (without volume knob) OR a speaker power amp then to go for a preamp like a Red Wine Audio Isabella (http://redwineaudio.com/components/isabella)? I would like to upgrade my system to achieve best result with a budget of 2000 euro (2,614.47 USD). 
  7. alexdemaet
    I am not looking for a preamp or monoblocks anymore. It would be better to upgrade my speakers and/or I would like to re-acquire an AKG K 1000 so my Signature 30.2 can still be of good use.
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