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Why does an Audio site like head-fi.org not accept MP3 uploads?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by tripletopper, Dec 7, 2018.
  1. tripletopper
    I’ve got some audio comparisons. I would use you tube excect for 3 reasons.

    One is it’s using copyrighted material, but in fair use. I take a 5 minute movie clip and compare DTS-> Dolby converision vs native dolby being processed on either Xbox Ones Dolby Atmos Headphone App, vs a Turtle Beach X41 piped in from the Tolsink port. It’s mainly used as an audio compairson, which should be a reasonable academic and non-profit use.

    Second is I want only audio, because if you use sight and sound, it dims the sound alone. You’re attention si split betwen eyes and ears. I just want to focus on the ear aspect. One of the relative things tested is direciotnalism. I contest 2 of the 4 ways have more centered, less obvious directionalism, as well as trebles and basses. But I don’t want to bias it by saying which is which.

    Third is I don’t want YouTube, because Youtube require pictures, usually moving pictures, and that a) takes more editing work than just dropping the MP3 file, plus even on iMovie, editing time plus video processing time for 4 5-minute videos is a lot.. And b) my Maximum outbound bandwidth is 400 kb/s, adding video every frame is not an efficient use of neither the network nor my time. when an MP3 file is perfectly fine.

    Is something wrong with my MP3 files or does Head-fi.org not allow MP3 uploads? Where Can I lead people to take the test themselves?
  2. tripletopper
    Seriously, how do you upload MP3s onto Headfi.org? I’d like to do 4 different comparisons of 5 minutes of a movie, audio only. I want to see if others see (or more accurately, hear) the differences i notice in headphone surround tracks both as mixed by Xbox One’s Dolby Atmos Headphone app and the native 5.1 Turtle beach X41, as well as native Atmos vs DTS 7.1 converted to a Dolby format.

    tried lowercasing the .mp3 and it still didn’t work. Anyone got advice on what to do for audio sharing?
  3. alexzogh
    Just upload your files to google drive, and put a link in your thread. Question; How are we ever going to hear differences in headphone surround tracks if you upload crappy mp3 files?
  4. Slaphead
    There are 2 reasons I can think of as to why Head-Fi doesn't allow uploading of MP3s

    1. They're considerably larger than an average image file, and while a few MP3s isn't going to be an issue, the fact is that if everybody was uploading MP3s then it would a strain on the forums storage.
    2. Most importantly, I can imagine, is copyright infringement. As a HiFi and audio forum the last thing Head-Fi needs is to be under scrutiny for distribution of copyrighted works.

    While it may be considered that the examples you want to upload are in the realms of fair use, the forums software has no way of determining that, nor is there the manpower to police it.

    So, the best way to achieve what you want to do is, as @alexzogh has said, upload the MP3s to the cloud storage of your choice and then link to it.
  5. tripletopper
    First of all there are degrees of MP3 files. My MP3 recorder is designed as a voice recorder, where you can record many hour long lectures. But I use the highest quality mode, which can fit 500 5 minute song tracks on it. I can tell the difference when a recorded song was recorded part way in HD radio, and part way in analog FM radio. (that’s because I was in motion and on the fringe when I recorded it)

    Second for the purposes of directionalism, all you need is 2 tracks in properly decoded headphone sound.

    Third, I noticed a setting problem of double decoding which outputs gobbledygook, I figured out the right settings and I got Dolby Atmos Headphone accurately through my Turtle Beach. Just turn off Dolby decoding on the Turtle Beach and the pre-decoded sound sounds accurate on turtle beach.

    So that was a never mind. By the way I noticed literally no difference between a DTS 7.1 Master Track converted to Dolby 5.1 Headphone on Turtle Beach’s native conversion, and the Dolby Atmos track converted via the Turtle Beach, but the Headphone virtualizer sounds better on the Dobly Atmos Headphone app through the Xbox One S, assuming you don’t "double decode", even on DTS movies.

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