Why do so many ‘electronic’ and ‘ambient’ albums love to use static?
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Justin Uthadude

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May 26, 2009
For about the last 6 months I’ve been getting into what I call electronic music and ambient music. I don’t know all the sub-genres yet. Basically Amethystium, Tangerine Dream, etc, get lumped into ‘electronic’. Carbon based lifeforms, Eluvium, some Cochteau, Sigur Rós, Biosphere get called 'ambient', etc.
Anyway, it seems many of the songs make use of crackling noises and static sounding  stuff. It makes me think something is wrong with my equipment until I get used to the song. Anyone else notice this?
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Perhaps the idea of something being broken or lo-fi. Not your actual equipment. 

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It creates atmosphere, ''ambience'' 
 Some do exaggerate it which makes a would-be cool album go to waste. Tim Hecker is such an example. On the other hand we have the Xerrox Part 2 album by Alva Noto who uses it perfectly in my opinion.
Calling all ambient artists to go easy on the hiss!

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