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why do not you like Window Media Player?

Discussion in 'Music' started by gurutech, Jul 28, 2010.
  1. E. Cavanaugh
    Generally, my songs doesnt sound that good with the WMP...i rather Foobar. 
  2. jjinh
    Like iTunes its too bloated for my liking.
  3. Vincent01
    Plus Foobar have support of all important formats, great extra components...etc...etc...
  4. Crowe09
    What about Mediamonkey? Its not bad at all...im using it. 
  5. CastanonY
    I use everything else that is not WMP. [​IMG]
    I dont have/listen enough music detail when i use it with headphones. 
  6. WC Annihilus


    Really?  I know foobar let's me do both of those things and I'd be surprised if Winamp didn't do the same.
  7. Moontan13
    I think the issue with WMP codecs was avoiding a lawsuit for including a full featured app for free. I can't say how it is for users of pre-built PCs, but for builders, we get drivers and apps with our hardware such that we're not stuck with what Windows "gives" us. My favorite media app was MusicMatch Jukebox 7 deluxe. I had to ditch it for iTunes, but no great loss as iTunes works pretty well too.
    In comparing any consumer product, I am reminded of the definition of marketing: Creating differences in the mind of the consumer between seemingly identical products.
  8. JamesChappell


    I remember using it when i started on this, it was a great media player. 
    Currently using mediamonkey. 

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