why can't i get a lock on the hd595 or k271 of iems
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Oct 3, 2004
Hi folks,

I've been reading the forums, and gone through two iem's based on the impressions i got from these forums. I like the balance of the my hd 595's and my k271's. I've tried to get that sound, particularly that really deep bass that gives you that fuzzy feeling in your head from an in ear monitor. from reading opinions on the forum, it seems that hd 595's have less bass presense than the much loved 600 series. the k271's are reported to have much less bass than the mostly inflated bass of its competing full sized closed back cans. i came to the conclusion, and have always felt that my two full sizers were very balanced cans. both known for strong mids, good bass, in one case slightly recessed treble, but in the other case very clear clean treble.

This being the case, i set out to find an iem that was reported as "balanced" or slightly biased towards less bass (as that's what kind of reviews lead me to my akg's). i came to e4c and found it had practically NO bass presence. sure, if i cranked it, i could hear some of the lowest frequencies if i was in a really quiet place and concentrating hard on extracting that part of the music. i returned them and got the e5c's, reported as having nice bass impact. while i agree, there's more bass than the e4c's, it seems that the bass is quite a few notes higher than the bass of both my full sizers. that bottom range of frequencies is just missing. no vibrating of my brain at all. I don't understand why i can't seem to find anyone else with this concern. surely, I am missing something here because no one has mentioned this huge discrepancy in the way iems are discussed and the way full sizers are discussed. high bass on iems seems to be less than balanced bass on full sized cans and this is acceptable. I assume that i'm missing a part of the picture and hope that someone can clarify. I'd like to pick up the e500's when they come out, but i don't want to find them missing that low part of the bass. maybe someone can shed some light for me so i'll be able to translate iem reviews into full sized headphone speak. thanks for the help

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