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Why are Sony DAP's so revered?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by AndroidVageta, Dec 26, 2018.
  1. AndroidVageta
    I see them for sale in the FS/FT section, often pretty pricey, yet their specs are hardly impressive often lacking power, known specs and parts used, and don't offer any more functionality over other cheaper more powerful DAP's.

    Just curious.
  2. LaughMoreDaily
    I guess you've never heard/owned a Sony Cassette Walkman. Your answer has been delivered. Nostalgia. A great company.
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  3. AndroidVageta
    So nostalgia = more money for less everything? I guess, seems kinda dumb. I've looked at the Sony DAPs extensively and can see any reason to buy one other than brand NAME. Oh well not my money just wanted to know if there was some reason that wasn't obvious.
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    If you go to your local department store most DAP's are either Fiio, Sony, Pono, or some other large brand name. Brands on Headfi are no where to be seen, so people buy what they know. Sony or Fiio.
  5. mysticstryk
    Let's get real here. These portable players are largely going to be used to drive iems, which do not need gobs of power. More power does not equal more quality. It never has. The Sony players sound GOOD. That is why people buy them.

    PS: Some of the Sony players have lots of power via their balanced ports.
  6. Music junky
    We buy Sony because of. great SQ and Quality bulid . easy ui.
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  7. Pewterlocks
    Sony DAPS are weak when it comes to driving full sized cans and the sound is the Sony sound which I find lacking in the mid/ highs. Over all I find them over priced a lot when others in the same price range are more powerful and better sounding, IMHO
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  8. god-bluff
    Err. Let me think

    Other than being nicely designed, great sounding, easy to use, reliable and energy efficient, can't think of anything really.

    The name Sony means years of innovation and quality

    It's not a 'Sony DAP' it's a WALKMAN. The original.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
  9. phower
    Logically, sound wise they don't offer anything more than FiiO. May be, better customer service.
    A rational man would buy a product that offers better value. But this is head fi. Hype and emotions drive what people choose.
  10. AndroidVageta
    Nicely designed is subjective...I've seen many questionable design choices (proprietary connections and awkward button placement for starts), great sounding maybe but again so are a lot of others and often have much better tech in them. Easy to use is true of many, reliable and energy efficient...you're listing several things that ring true of a lot of DAPs.

    Also, it is a Sony DAP...it's a digital audio player. The WALKMAN is a freakin' cassette player...not a digital music device. It's not the original, sorry.

    And all this goes for people HERE. I'm not talking about regular Joe Blow don't know any better hence me saying "I see them for sale in the FS/FT section". People that SHOULD know better still buy them over their cheaper and more feature packed counterparts.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
  11. god-bluff
    Then just buy something else, don't judge or berate people for having different (better?! :) taste. Be happy with your ChiFi. I do know better, having been there. Until you've sampled the delights of Sony you maybe haven't?

    Walkman is not one product but a lineage. The original of portable music players. No justification required for owning one, no apologies or excuses needed, there's no mystery why they are quite popular. Just are and hopefully always will be (although the love touch screens and removal of FM, added bulk and increased pricing don't help )
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
  12. god-bluff
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
  13. AndroidVageta
    You straight up contradict yourself in the same sentence...don't judge but your ChiFi stuff is worse. OK guy. You pay more for less because of "lineage" and I guess their lacking overpriced players will have a market. Unknowledgeable consumers and people that buy based on feelings.
  14. god-bluff
    you haven't a clue just how little I paid for my modest but perfect for me Walkman so why have an opinion
    part joking but in MY limited experience true in same price range

    Why do you keep calling me and others like me 'unknowledgable' this is Sony not Beats. Peddling your arrogance and superiority

    Your question was unworthy of reply but sorry and well done I took the bait - couldn't resist actually :)

    Ask a silly question...

  15. Music junky
    i think i bought the wm1a. out of nostalga . as there are lots of daps on the market today that are of better . i also have the QP1R. AK70MKII. KSE 1500. SHANLING MO.

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