whopper vs. big mac
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I can't believe this thread is hanging around. It persists.

I find it to be an excellent thread. Most informative.
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i voted Whopper in honor of all the closed Burger Kings around here

I'm surprised there's not more burger joint places closing than there are. When the first McDonald's started appearing in Canada around 1970 they were always packed. The one in the town I grew up in just outside of Toronto was packed all day. I imagine it was a combination of the huge, then young baby boom market, the novelty of it, and the fact there wasn't much competition .... only from independent places and A&W ( which was the only real burger chain at the time ) that made McDonald's as busy as it was. Back then they were constantly completely filling up the storage bins in advance as the burgers practically flew out of the place.

Now days, because of all the competition ( Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza chains, etc.) all of them suffer. Most McDonald's have only short busy periods at lunch and dinner time. They no longer do enough business to "assembly line" produce the burgers in advance like they used to ( a more cost efficient way to do things) and they've had to expand their menus with more burger types, salads and pizzas and fruit plates etc., giving them more inventory to deal with and again less efficiency. Also now days they are doing more individual custom orders than they did back then. Everybody just took the products they offered as is. On top of that, back in the 70's, the words transfats and cholesterol was never heard of. Healthy eating was something only thought about by a small minority of extreme health freaks.

I don't think owning a McDonald's or Burger King franchise today is the guaranteed gold mine it once was.
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i remember back in '92, when i was living in England and i stopped in a McDonald's in London...

i was highly amused that the condiment known stateside as "Hot Mustard Sauce" was, in England, called "Mild Mustard Sauce."
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Neither. Both Big Macs and Whoppers make me want to vomit. But McDonald's "food" is more edible than Burger King's "food" generally.
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A Double-Double from In N Out owns both the Whopper and the Big Mac.
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I like the Whopper over the Mac...but those are not that great...

On Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, there is a little place called "The Corral" that serves a pretty good burger called the Corral Burger....it gets a four and a half stars from me, on the five star scale.

They are famous for the "Tsunami Burger" though...it is a "Corral Burger" ...for sixteen Hungry eaters, eight College kids, or three or four ravenous folks. Uses Five pounds of beef, and goes from there...it is served on one of those ExtraLarge Pizza pans, or about twice as large as the large burger shown earlier in this thread! You can look it up on Google - I'm not spoofing you.

We bought it once for a kid that was having his birthday...his eighth...he was impressed!
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It's all about the Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger. :cool:

But of the two, Big Mac all the way.
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big mac... has way to much mayo or thousand island or w/e they use...but mcdonald's fries all the way

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